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Rise of Hitler and The Nazi Party Rage of Hitler and His Nazis By: Michael Baker.

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1 Rise of Hitler and The Nazi Party Rage of Hitler and His Nazis By: Michael Baker

2 What is Hitler Known For? Adolf Hitler was known for his brutal dictatorship, and his rage of execution. Hitler became the leader of Germany, from 1933- 1945. His main goal as a leader was to have complete control, and to rebuild Germany. Adolf Hitlers dictatorship was backed by a large political party. This large party was known as the Nazis

3 Before Adolf Hitler Became a Leader Adolf Hitler was born on April 20,1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria. Hitler's parents names were, Alois (father) and Klara (mother) Adolf also had 2 siblings before he was born, but they died when they were infants. After he him his brother was born (Edmund) died at age 6. Also his sister (Paula) was born and out lived Hitler When age 13 Adolf decided that he wanted to be a artist, then his father died and around age 17 he had interest in politics. Hitler joined the first World War, he got in accepted into the 16 th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment.

4 Hitler Becomes Leader of Germany During the 1930’s was rebuilding, and built up a powerful army and air force. There were no leaders in Europe strong enough to stand up to Adolfs strong leadership. When Hitler realized that he was powerful, he started to take over other countries such as France, Austria, and Poland. After doing this, Adolf Hitler convinced the people of Germany that war is very necessary. After leading Germany for 12 years, Hitler committed suicide after noticing that he was going to be captured. He died April 30th, 1945 in a bomb shelter in Berlin.

5 The Brutality of The Nazi Party The Nazis ruled Germany by being brutal, and provoking violence. This large political group had a racial theory that valued certain ethnic groups more then other. Soon after WW2 Hitler and the Nazi party were convinced that it was time to apply what they called the “Final Solution”. Final solution was the complete annihilation of Jewish people. The Nazi party killed about 6 million Jewish people in the holocaust.

6 People Tried To Escape… If there were people caught trying to escape from Nazi guarded areas, They were tortured, or either killed. As the war continued it got harder and harder for people to escape. People lost their lives, property, freedom, and families. Some got sent to Ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps. There were people that had to disguise themselves, and make phony documents to smuggle themselves out of Nazi zones. People would hide in mountains, forests, and urban sewers for months and sometimes years at a time.

7 Adolf Hitler olfhitler.jpg

8 The Nazi Party http://www.military-steel-helmets-and- tler_01.jpg

9 The Significance to The War Hitler and the Nazi Party were a big part of this war. Germany didn’t like how WW1 ended, and how they were punished for everything that happened. This is part of the reason why WW2 started,Hitler decided to step up and show that Germany was a powerful country. Hitler was the most wanted leader during this time, for his cruel dictatorship and his Nazi party killing Jews.

10 Timeline of Hitler Early Days - 1889-1908 The Vagabond - 1909-1913 Munich and The Great War - 1913-1918 Early Politics - 1918-1919 The First Hofbrauhaus Speech - 1919-1920 Leader of the Nazi Party - 1921 The Beer Hall Putsch - 1923 Re-Building the Nazi Party - 1924-1932 Hitler Versus Hindenburg - 1932 Nazis Become the Largest Party – 1932 Hitler Becomes Chancellor - 1932-1933

11 MLA Format Taylor, Mike. Leaders of World War 2. Edina: Abdo publishing company, 1998. Currie, Stephen. Escapes From Nazi Persecution. Lucent Books. graphy-of-adolf-hitler graphy-of-adolf-hitler ml

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