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Questions Tell me about yourself.

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1 Questions Tell me about yourself.
On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate your passion to play your sport in college? Where are you in the recruiting process? What are your goals in the recruiting process? People would use us for one of two reasons (exposure and save money), what are your thoughts on each?

2 Who Are We? College Athletic Recruiting Marketing/Promotions/Consultation Established 2009 Founded by Tim Ryerson who spent 8 years as a college coach Home Office in Raleigh, NC


4 #1- Athletic Aid Only about 50% of colleges even offer athletic scholarships Almost always NOT a full-ride

5 #2- Academic Aid Based on GPA, SAT, and curriculum
Each college has different criteria Other Factors: Diversity, Religion, etc.

6 #3- Financial Need Based Aid
Based on family income, taxes, siblings, marital status, in/out of state, etc. Government sponsored (FAFSA) vs school sponsored.

7 #4- Leverage Aid Based on Competition!

8 Tyler, 3.2 GPA , 1000 SAT, Not FAFSA eligible
A Real World Example… Tyler, 3.2 GPA , 1000 SAT, Not FAFSA eligible

9 Competition = Savings! School Starting Price Initial Offer
Leverage Offer Tusculum (TN) $27,920 $11,500 Methodist (NC) $31,000 $15,637 $12,637 Wash&Jeff (PA) $32,495 $19,865 Marist (NY) $39,000 $20,071 Because our package is somewhat out of line with that offered by Tusculum, I was able to get Tyler an ADDITIONAL $3,000 Methodist University Scholarship! The out-of-pocket cost after financial aid at Methodist will now be approximately $12,637.  We're still about $1,000 more than Tusculum, but it's the best we can do.  If we are truly Tyler's #1 choice, it's worth the additional investment, in my opinion. I will have our financial aid office prepare an updated financial aid award for Tyler detailing the additional scholarship assistance. I'm hoping this additional assistance will help...he's a great fit for Methodist, in my opinion!!! -Director of Admissions

10 How Many Options Are There?
Sport sponsorships and maximum awards What are the odds?

11 No Athletic Scholarships.
Often times more aid available in academics, family need, and leverage to make up for athletic money you would get at a NCAA D2 or NAIA school. Many of the best academic and athletic schools in the country.

12 Emory, MIT, Johns Hopkins, U of Chicago, Wash U, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon, Williams, Amherst- and MANY more!

13 When do College Coaches BEGIN tracking prospects?
We asked 300 College Coaches…

14 13 year-old 7th grader David Sills verbally committed to USC in 2012
The Results… 30% Freshman year or earlier (Major D1’s) 45% Sophomore year (Scholarship Level) 25% Junior year (Smaller Schools) 0% Senior year 13 year-old 7th grader David Sills verbally committed to USC in 2012

15 A Real World Example… 2008 Men’s Basketball Recruiting Class at Methodist University (NC), NCAA D3 4 recruits made the Varsity team How many did they start with?

16 1,103

Are You Overlooked? You are not good enough (or) Coaches do not know about you Recruiting budgets Your coaches are unable to help you Someone advised you to ‘wait and see’ Rural or small school with no exposure Late bloomer BEST SOLUTION = MASSIVE EXPOSURE

18 WHY VOLUME MARKETING? 3 Ways Leverage Helps

19 Snowball Effect Validates you as a legitimate prospect 1st offer is the toughest Leverage offers 

20 Coaches Network College coaches know other college coaches College coaches talking about you is better than your parents talking about you

21 Practice Consider yourself an unemployed future college athlete Search for and obtain offers, don’t turn down interviews

22 The Recruiting Funnel Profile and Intro Received
Questionnaire or Camp Invite Measurables and Openings Full Video/ Schedule Phone Calls Scout Visit OFFER= Athletic scholarship or coach being involved in your financial aid package

After you have options then you are selective Educational reputation, academic majors Bottom line price Opportunity for playing time, level of play Size, location Coaches, teammates Tradition, success, facilities Overall fit, student life, housing, food

24 Your College Wish List Pepperdine (NCAA D1, CA) High Point (NCAA D1, NC) Vassar (NCAA D3, NY) Embry-Riddle (NAIA, FL) Birmingham Southern (NCAA D3, AL) Armstrong Atlantic (NCAA D2, GA) Augustana (NCAA D2, SD) Ave Maria University (NAIA, FL) Warren Wilson (USCAA, NC)

Video Scouting Evaluation College Match Marketing Consultation Transition Coaching

26 #1 Video Professional Video Crew Professional Editing
On-line Streaming

27 #2 Scouting College Coach Evaluation Double Blind and HONEST!

28 #3 College Match Match your goals, abilities, finances
Sort by division, region, state, enrollment, tuition, GPA/ACT/SAT

29 #4 Marketing Create and Update Your Profile Distribute to Colleges
Internet Database

30 #5 Consultation Monthly Webinars Unlimited Personal Consultation Book

31 #6 Transition Coaching Career/Personality Testing Goal Setting
‘Life Coaching’ (Parents and Athletes) Transition Expert Consultation

Strategic Focus/ Personal Touch Anyone can put your profile on a website. We get to know you, make your video, get you evaluated, match you with colleges, and guide you along the way. Reputation Founded by college coaches. We provide a realistic approach, we don’t make unrealistic promises and sell dreams. EVERYONE CLAIMS TO BE AN EXPERT IN RECRUITING!

33 See Where Our Clients Have Gone!
View our Success Stories Book

34 Our Promise Nobody can guarantee you a scholarship, in fact the NCAA makes it illegal (see below). However, we offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with our effort and services Guarantee is subject to proper communication (see next slide). What makes us legal> NCAA Bylaw Talent Evaluation Services and Agents. A prospect may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g., high-school academic and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospect in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid.

35 Your Part Show interest in every school.
Return all s and calls from coaches. Return all forms to us when asked. Keep a record of college contacts. Communicate with us, your parents, and your coaches.

36 Are you ready to be PRO-ACTIVE?

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