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Programmable Logic Device Devices and Applications.

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1 Programmable Logic Device Devices and Applications

2 Architecture and Characteristic of PLD FPGA Devices Development Boards FPGA Design Flow Application in Signal Processing T o p i c s

3 Architecture of MAX 7000 MacroCell

4 Architecture of MAX 7000

5 Architecture of CycloneIII LE

6 Architecture of CycloneIII LAB

7 Connection between LABs

8 Difference between CPLD & FPGA CPLDFPGA architectureProduct termLook up Table configurationinner EEPROMouter EEPROM resourceRich in combinationRich in Flip-Flops densityLowHigh Used FiledLogical controlComplex algorithms Other resource - EAB , PLL securitygoodSo so

9 Global PLD Providers – Inventor of CPLD , Best FPGA – Inventor of FPGA , Best FPGA – Inventor of ISP – For G.I. and Astrionics

10 40nm 、 65nm 、 90nm 、 130nm High Performance FPGAs 65nm 、 90nm 、 130nm Low Cost FPGAs CPLDs based on LUT General CPLDs Low Cost FPGAs with High Speed transceiver structured ASICs Better Performance Lower Cost

11 Virtex Series High Performance FPGAs Vitrex-5 for latest Vitrex-5 TXT , 120Gbps in a single chip ! Spartan Series Low Cost FPGAs Spartan-3E for latest CoolRunner Series CPLDs CoolRunner-II for latest

12 Anti-fuse FPGAs ( Radiation protection , perfect in security ) Flash Based FPGAs ( Inner configuration , perfect in security ) CPLDs (EEPROM) FPGAs with ViaLink ( Low power cost , perfect in security

13 Earliest access to 40-nm technology AND a low-risk path to production Highest density, highest performance, AND lowest power

14 Stratix IV E FPGAs Up to 680K high-performance logic elements(LEs) DSP blocks—with a parallel architecture and up to 1,360 embedded 18x18 multipliers running at 550 MHz, Stratix IV FPGAs deliver up to 748 GMACS of DSP performance, a level unmatched by competing devices TriMatrix memory—three memory block sizes with up to 22.4 Mbits of embedded memory running at 600 MHz An FPGA fabric that is two speed grades, or 35 percent, faster than that of the nearest competitor

15 Transceiver-based Stratix IV GX FPGAs Up to 48 high-speed transceivers supporting data rates of up to 8.5 Gbps, including hard intellectual property (IP) protocols and signal integrity optimization blocks Up to four hard IP blocks for PCI Express (PCIe) compliant with PCIe Base Specification 2.0, 1.1, or 1.0, supporting x1, x2, x4, and x8 configurations. You’ll also have support for end-port and root-port applications. LVDS support up to 1.6 Gbps Up to four 72-bit high-speed DDR3 interfaces at 1,067 Mbps (533 MHz)






21 256-bit key AES encryption with FIPS-197 certification



24 to 120,000 logic elements (LEs) and 4 Mbits embedded memory. 260-MHz multiplier performance with the highest multiplier-to-logic ratio in the industry. Robust clock management and synthesis with dynamically reconfigurable and flexible phase-locked loops (PLLs). Improved signal integrity with adjustable I/O slew rates. Support for high-speed external memory interfaces including DDR,DDR2, SDR SDRAM, and QDRII SRAM. Support for I/O standards including LVTTL, LVCMOS, SSTL, HSTL, PCI Express, LVPECL, LVDS, mini- LVDS, RSDS, PPDS.



27 Example—Software Defined Radio


29 New LUT & LE Based CPLD





34 DE2 Development and Education Board



37 DE1 Development and Education Board


39 DE2-70 Development and Education Board


41 Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit


43 Cyclone® III Development Kit


45 Spartan-3E Starter Kit

46 Xilinx XC3S500E FPGA Xilinx XCF04 Platform Flash for storing FPGA configurations St Microelectronics M25P16 16Mbit Serial Flash Intel TE28F128 (or JS28F128) 128Mbit StrataFlash Linear Technologies Power Supplies Texas Instruments TPS75003 Triple-Supply Power Management IC SMSC LAN83C185 Ethernet PHY Micron 256Mbit DDR SDRAM




50 Quartus II 设计流程

51 FPGA 提供了极强的灵活性,可 让设计者开发出满足多种标准 的产品。 FPGA 所固有的灵活性和性能也 可让设计者紧跟新标准的变化, 并能提供可行的方法来满足不 断变化的标准要求。

52 由于成本、系统功耗和面市时 间等原因,许多通讯、视频和 图像系统已无法简单地用现有 DSP 处理器来实现, FPGA 尤其 适合于乘法和累加 (MAC) 等重复 性的 DSP 任务,最典型的就是 FFT 。



55 复数乘法器 RTL 示意图

56 蝶形运算单元示意图

57 蝶形运算单元 RTL 示意图

58 1024 点 16 位字长 FFT 耗时 TI 公司 TMS320C62x: 66 μs ( 定点 ) TI 公司 TMS320C64x: 36 μs ( 定点 ) ADI 公司 TigerSharc TS101: 39 μs ( 浮点 ) Xilinx 公司的 FFT IP 核在 100M 外频时钟下达到 40.96 us,246MHz 外频时钟下,速度达到 25.49 μs ( 定点 ) Altera 公司的 FFT IP 核在 100M 外频时钟下达到 20.7us, 在 333MHz 外频时钟下仅需要 6.3 μs ( 定点 )

59 r-4 DIF FFT 算法在 100 MHz Virtex Ⅱ上以多 级串行同步流水方式 完成 1 024 点、 16 位复数点的块浮点 FFT 处理时间为 10. 2 μs SR DIF FFT 算法在 100MHz Virtex II Pro 上 以 6 级级联流水方式完成 1024 点、 16 位复 数点的块浮点 FFT 处理仅需要 2.56 μs 采用 16 块工作在 550MHz 的 Virtex-5 XC5VSX240T (片内 1056 个 DSP48E Slices ) 的全并行结构同时处理两路信号可在 1 个 时钟周期内完成 1024 点 16 位 SR-FFT ,单路 处理时间小于 2ns ,处理延时仅为十几 μs 。


61 谢谢! 2009.1.3

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