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100 GbE Network implementations, challenges and testing

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1 100 GbE Network implementations, challenges and testing
Joerg Packeiser Director Product Line Management Optical Transport JDSU Communications Test & Measurement Optical Expo 2007, Dallas

2 100 GbE Ethernet Activities
Ethernet Transport: Aggregate Bandwidth >> 100Gbit/s  Multi-Lane Connections  100 Gbit/s per Wavelength CPE: No 100Gbit/s NICs before 2015 Investigation Data center nx100G DWDM Cool Metro/Core HOT ! 4x25G CWDM <40km Short Range 100Gbit/s per port HOT ! IEEE HSSG Focus

3 100GbE is not always 100Gbit/s Serial
Approaches: optimized for area of implementation 100GbE MAC Data Centers Short Reach <100m MMF or <10m Copper Campus Networks Intermediate Reach 10km SMF Metro Long Reach 10-40km Long Haul 10x10G 10x10G MMF 10x10G 5x20G 4x25G 4x25G Serial 100G ODU2-11v ODU3-3v ODU4 100GbE MAC with 64/66 coding => 103Gbps of data Current Focus of IEEE HSSG

4 100 GbE Challenges Technology:
New modulation formats with high spectral efficiency (Duobinary Code, DQPSK,…) Compatibility with currently-installed optical line equipment (DWDM Grid, EDFAs, etc.) Compensation of transmission impairments (Noise, CD, PMD,…) Cost of 100GbE transceivers Processing of 100Gbit/s data streams Algorithms for parallel processing Standardized Interfaces between functional blocks, (cf. SFI-5 Interface, defined by IF for 40Gbit/s) Backplanes Common network structure for Ethernet and Transport (telecom & data) Networks:

5 How does Ethernet scale for Transport?
SONET/SDH/OTN scales by factor of 4 (2.5G, 10G, …) Ethernet scales by factor of 10 (100ME, 1GE, …) 100GbE: opportunity to combine both worlds SONET/SDH OTN Ethernet 100ME 1GbE 10GbE 100GbE x4 x4 x10 OC-3 155M OC M OC G OC G OC G OTU-1 2.7G OTU G OTU-3 43G OTN Overclock 11.1G 44.4G ? x4 Bitrate

6 Modulation formats for long haul transport
RZ/NRZ 100G elec. 100 QPSK 50G elec. RZ/NRZ 40G elec. Data Rate (Gbps) 40 e.g. POLMUX QPSK 25G elec. QPSK 20G elec. RZ/NRZ 10G elec. 10 1 2 4 bit/symbol Long haul transport of 100G serial will require multi-level modulation (X bits per symbol) to run over existing long-haul networks

7 Options for Ethernet Transport (Example)
critical factors: time to market, link managment Physical layer aggregation vs. modulation schemes CPE Device CPE Device ODU2-11v Gbit/s x11 aggregation ODU4 Serial I/F 110…130 Gbit/s modulation ODU3-3v 40Gbit/s x 3 aggregation (+modulation) 10 Lane 100m PMD 4 Lane 10km PMD Ethernet UNI Service Demarcation Point NE 1 NE 2 NE 3 NE 4

8 100G Test Applications – What’s different?
Test requirements Compare to 10GbE 100GbE MAC/PCS Layer Tests As 10GbE Frame /Block Generation / Analysis 100GbE End-to-End QoS As 10GbE Ethernet Frame Transmission Ethernet OAM Functions 100GbE /OTN Interworking Not standardized for 10GbE 100Gbit/s Interface/Signal Quality New standards - Stressed Eye/Jitter/Eye diagram t.b.d. Transmission Impairments New, dependent on implementation

9 JDUS T&M Technical Approach
Cooperation with Component and System Manufacturers Front ends Fast digital circuits Hooks“ for measurement applications in 100GbE components Participation in Research Programs Packet100 (planned) Active Participation in Standardization Tracking interface definition and system specification Definition and standardization of measurement methods and instruments

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