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Network Services and International Collaboration December 11 th 2014, Muscat Alexander van den Hil

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1 Network Services and International Collaboration December 11 th 2014, Muscat Alexander van den Hil

2 Topics Introduction of SURFnet The SURFnet network Open Exchanges & NetherLight ANA-200G Collaboration with other NRENs 2

3 What SURF can do: guarantees collaboration and involvement of management in higher education and research connects users and ICT services and creates new functional possibilities favourable conditions for ICT services, software, content high-performance computing and visualisation for science efficient management of results of collaboration projects 3

4 Connecting… State of the Art Hybrid end- to-end network Pioneering Collaboration Infrastructure 4

5 SURFnet7: Connecting HE&R Approx.11.000 km dark fiber, directly into ~170 institutions Congestion-free connectivity 1 Gbit/s - 100 Gbit/s IPv6 & IPv4 Dedicated lightpaths Cross Border Fibers, GEANT, NetherLight, AMS-IX, BNIX, LINX, etc. 5

6 Institution Optical Transport (Layer 0/1) Ethernet Service (Layer 2) Routed IP (Layer 3) Institution Bandwidth Service Bandwidth Service Application SURFnet7: Scalable Network 6

7 Goals of SURFnet7 No limitations in capacity -> Bandwidth upgrade Efficient use of resources -> Carrier Ethernet Availability -> Redundant PoP’s Accessibility -> Multi Service Ports Ready for cloud provider integration -> Open Lightpath Exchange 7

8 The MSP Single Service Port (SSP) -One service, one port Multi Service Port (MSP) -Multiple network services, one port -Efficient use of interfaces 8

9 The MSP Connected Institution No extra equipment No Patching No Invoice SURFnet7 Easy Access 9

10 Possible to all locations within the SURFnet network and beyond Institutions can activate OnDemand lightpaths to each other using an MSP Offers the same bandwidth, latency, availability etc. as static lightpaths 10 OnDemand Lightpaths

11 11

12 Examples of usecases Radio AstronomyClimate Modeling4K/8K Video Distribution Next Generation DNA SequencingJungle Computing and Multi-Model Multi- Kernel Simulations Centralized Imaging for Large Scale Population Imaging Studies 12


14 NetherLight is an… Lightpath Exchange Point International Networks & Exchanges Education, Research and Health No policies on connecting Marketplace Cloudservice Providers Suppliers and customers Independent Open market 14

15 15 SP SURFnet Open Lightpath Exchange CAMPUS Open Lightpath Exchange CAMPUS 15

16 Why cloudservices using lightpaths? Fixed, low latency Reserved bandwidth Separated from the Internet –Not vulnerable for DOS-attacks –Improved protection for ‘eavesdropping’ Layer 2 connection, –Able to integrate in own network –Flexibility 16

17 17

18 18 SURFnet Cloud A Cloud B Cloud C Accessible services using MSP & OnDemand Lightpaths MSP

19 Future plans Open Exchange / NetherLight Increase the number of parties connected Special focus on Service Providers and their attractive use-cases: –Storage –Computing –Unified Communications –4G campus network extension Collaborate with GÉANT Open to –broaden the adoption of the OCX concept –provide international redundancy 19

20 Academic North-Atlantic 200G London Amsterdam New York Washington ANA200G 20

21 Collaboration with other NRENs in our Region NORDUnet Jointly operating the dark fiber between Amsterdam and Londen Bringing OnDemand Lightpaths to production level Production services using Alien Waves over CBF PSNC Resilient ring Amsterdam, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris using Alien Waves over CBF Atomic clock synchronization over dark fiber CBF 21

22 Alien Wavelengths and CBF’s SURFnet using PSNC spectrum NORDUnet fiber SURFnet optical PSNC using SURFnet spectrum SURFnet using NORDUnet spectrum NORDUnet using SURFnet spectrum Currently Investigating: GEANT using SURFnet spectrum London Amsterdam Brussels Paris Geneva Poznan Copenhagen 22

23 PSNC Network (Poland) 23

24 NORDUnet Network (Scandinavia) NORDUnet Shared Operation Alien wave 24

25 Enlighten Your Research Research is global—especially science Data requirements are increasing and NRENs can help bridge this increasing gap Collaborations between international NRENs are becoming more important to serve our users Aimed at research proposals describing use of global e-infrastructure Benefits NRENs – PR opportunities Raise network awareness among researchers Better community engagement Good showcases to prove added value of (network) services Valuable coordination with global NREN partners – Improved communication and procedures 25

26 W @avdhil avdhil +31 30 2 305 305 Creative Commons “Attribution” license:

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