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A Possible New Dawn for the Future GÉANT Network Architecture

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1 A Possible New Dawn for the Future GÉANT Network Architecture
Tony Breach, NORDUnet A/S GN3 JRA1 Future Network Vilnius, Lithuania 31 May - 3 June 2010

2 Introduction

3 JRA1 T1 Status: Carrier Class Transport Network Technologies
Next step: Layer 2 routing Carrier Class Transport Network Technologies CCTNT Further study and testing - OAM. Protection & Restoration. Multi-domain implications. Cost-effectiveness. Ethernet over MPLS Synchronous Ethernet Ethernet Comprehensive study and demonstration MPLS-TP NG-IP PBB-TE NG-OTN NG-OTN Control Plane (GMPLS) Control Plane (GMPLS) Deliverable DJ1.1.1

4 JRA1 T2 Status: Photonic Switching & Experimental Photonic Facilities
Next Step 100G Data Centre ROADM WSS PIC Impairment aware Control Plane All Optical 10+ years if ever! Optical Components Optical amplification Optical add/drop Photonic fiber switches Wavelength channel spectrum Optical Packet and Burst Switches Forward Error Correction (FEC) Validate results through practical tests. Alien Wave

5 JRA1 T3 Status: Federated Network Architecture
Base Model – The building blocks Model A: Simple architecture Model B: Complex architecture Intra-federated Service A Tool A NOC A Operation Center NE Network Element Provide by end users Service Layer Operation Layer Infrastructure Layer End user Service Layer Federated Network Architecture Next step: Model A & B Prof of Concept NREN 1 NREN 5 Federated Operation CPE NREN 1 NREN 7 X X NREN 6 X X CPE X X NREN 5 X NREN 4 NREN 7

6 Status: JRA1 T4 - Current and Potential uses of Virtualisation
NAs SAs JRAs Proof of Concept and Prototype - Integrated virtualisation approach AutoBahn Requirement Analysis Implementation (Integration) Phosphorus Manticore Design and planning Federica JRA1 T4 4WARD Study and analysis AKARI GENI Deliverable DJ1.4.1 Deliverable DJ1.4.2 NEXT Step Virtualisation Services and Framework Study Virtualisation Services and Framework incl. PoC and Prototype studies

7 Current Common Network Technologies
Cost Power Technologies of Today IP MPLS Ethernet SDH OTN DWDM Photonics SOLUTION - Process traffic at the lowest possible layer

8 Current Common Network Architecture
Network Infrastructures NMS Manpower Communication X NMS “CLI” IP Department A C IP X NMS “GUI” Transmission Department PKT/ TDM NMS “GUI” B WDM Fragmentet Network Architecture Wasting ressources

9 Current Common Multi Domain Network Architecture
Client I/O Back to Back Virtual Circuits X X Passive Local access Domain 1 Domain 2 ODF Change = Truck roll Fiber Patch RFS = 12 to 16 Weeks

10 Optical Transport Network (OTN)
The advantages of OTN compared to SDH IP Transparent Client Signals Better Forward Error Correction Better scalability Increased number of Tandem Connection Monitoring points The next big thing Ethernet SDH Optical Channel Layer Optical Multiplex Section Layer Optical Transmission Section Layer OTN Physical Medium - Fibre

11 X X X     Next Generation OTN  and sub- networking
? Single Converged Transport System PKT Ethernet OTN X X SDH Digital Fibre Channel  and sub- networking Coarse granularity Switching Multiplexing Grooming Transparent pass through ESCON WDM Analogue X Well-suited to backbone environments

12 The New Dawn of Network Architectures
100% Packet IPT Peering X X X X PoP B NMS X X PoP A X X X X GMPLS Dynamic Adaptive Switching NMS IP/PKT/WDM IP/OTN/WDM IP/PKT off Loading 100% Circuit Metro/Regional 0 Gbps – 10 Gbps Core Backbone 1Gbps – 100Gbps

13 The New Dawn of network architectures - Federation
Federated Network Architecture Example NREN 1 NREN 5 X Federated Operation OTN Switch CPE NREN 7 NREN 1 X IP (P) Router X NREN 6 X IP Peering X X CPE X X NREN 5 X NREN 4 NREN 7 IP Transit Interconnections provided by individual domains e.g. wavelength or sub waves Demarcation Nodes (OTN and IP) provided by Virtual operator NOC handled by the Virtual operator

14 Summary OTN for Multi-Domain Interconnection
IP intelligence to the edge Use Federation where it make sense Centralized IP Core (IP-T and Peering) OTN Based Transport Layer IP Off Loading Vertical Control Plane Integration CCTNT for Metro and access networks DWDM Mesh Base Layer Uniform Network Architecture will not fit all

15 Thank you Questions... Presentation can be found at:
Report “The New Dawn of Network Architecture” can be found at: and here: JRA1 Deliverables can be found at:

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