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Innovative Group of Companies

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1 Innovative Group of Companies

2 The ADV Group is a holding of innovative companies operating in three areas: digital communications, innovative technologies and e-commerce. Konrad Pankiewicz Vice President and co-founder of the ADV Group

3 Areas of competence Digital communications Innovative technologies e-commerce Innovative marketing and sales solutions implemented in digital media. IT outsourcing, creating dedicated applications, solutions for mobile devices, web portals and GIS systems, IT solutions in the fields of business travel and telemedicine. Supporting sales through the Internet, developing strategies and implementing programs of online sales (outsourcing of online sales).

4 The ADV Group structure
Digital communications Innovative technologies e-commerce

5 Innovation ADV Group companies are well aware that the key to a competitive advantage is widely understood INNOVATION.

6 The potential of the ADV Group is best expressed by the fact that only 5 of 13 companies of the holding are currently building its consolidated result. The remaining eight companies will build the consolidated result starting from 2012.

7 Consolidation of financial results in the ADV Group
Companies that currently make up the ADV Group consolidated result Companies which in reached profitability (BEP) and will build the result of the Group starting 2012 Companies are anticipated to achieve profitability (BEP) in 2012

8 Companies included in the Group form a set of unique resources and competences. This unique combination enables, through synergy between them, an offering of complementary services. The ADV Group successfully expanded its market presence, meeting the most demanding customer expectations.

9 The ADV Group's investments are covered by their own resources and emission of bonds. The capital of the Company is not diluted by the new emissions. Therefore, the Group's shares may only be acquired on the WSE secondary market.

10 The aim of the ADV Group Board of Directors is to build value to the shareholders based on the development of subsidiaries and affiliates. Our strategy is to provide the shareholders a systematic increase in earnings per share of the Company. The ADV Group brings together innovative companies in its portfolio. The marketing and technology components comprise the major part of the portfolio.

11 Facts More than 410 persons employed
Group listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Offices in Poland, the Netherlands, France and Ireland Winner of over 40 awards in industry competitions Implementation of projects for the most demanding Clients from various industries The Group's revenue growth is not less than 70% per annum Innovative businesses compete in very promising economic sectors showing high growth potential Facts

12 ADV Group Digital communications division
Within the area of digital communications, the ADV Group offers products and services related to wide spectrum e-marketing In our activities, we utilize the Internet and modern media to achieve our Clients' marketing and sales objectives.

13 Based on extensive econometric models, supported by innovative technology, we can provide our Clients results in the form of achieving sales goals. Clients use our services and products because they want to sell faster, and more. And we can deliver.

14 TradeTracker Poland is a joint venture between Codemedia of ADV Group and TradeTracker International, an affiliate network company. We stand by the principle "If you do not earn - you do not pay", and we offer our Clients a unique opportunity to start activities within the area of performance marketing.

15 We introduce Augmeneted Reality solutions that intertwine real world with the computer-generated world. Solutions proposed by the ADV Group are used in every channel of marketing communication: points of sale, events, e-marketing, press advertising and other consumer contact points with the brand.

16 We create applications and games for all mobile platforms
We create applications and games for all mobile platforms. We distribute multimedia content through iTunes, App Store, Samsung Apps, Android Market, Nokia OVI, or BlackBerry AppWorld.

17 We develop advanced web solutions.
We build a strategy for the presence of brands in social media. We provide comprehensive e-marketing campaigns. Through our actions, Clients can sell more and faster.

18 Xantus animation studio also operates within the ADV Group.
Xantus specializes in creating high-quality special effects for feature and documentary films. Thanks to our experts and the technology we use, we give images real emotions.

19 Xantus has realized many award-winning animated series, dozens of television commercials, and animation for computer games. See at

20 ADV Group Technological division
The core competence of the company in the area of innovative technologies mainly consist of: IT outsourcing and dedicated applications, software for mobile devices, web portals and GIS systems.

21 SMT Software - ADV Group's technology branch employs skilled analysts, project managers and programmers. Therefore, the company is able to create even the most sophisticated software for clients from various sectors of the economy.

22 After a careful review, we have been selected by Microsoft as a sole partner dedicated to cooperation on the development of the search engine Bing (as the only company in the CEE region). One of the work areas will concern generating so-called dynamic search results and presenting the content in response to questions asked in the Bing search engine. Rafał -reference to the title of the previous slide 22

23 ADV Group The task of our specialists also includes an integration of a variety of Microsoft products in such a way that the Bing user, looking for a specific product on web, could see the commercial results in the whole process of the search. Rafał -reference to the title of the previous slide 23

24 In 2010, the Group began selling its own solution that supports a number of processes in logistics companies and transportation departments of manufacturing and distribution companies. The SATIS system - the solution in question - assists, among others, the uniformed services of Senegal, a emergency center Euro-helpline in Switzerland, a fleet of vehicles of the Saudi Aramco refinery, and a security agency in Kenya.

25 SATIS allows for: real time vehicle traffic management control of logistic parameters identify deviations from certain assumptions (such as delivery schedule, deviations from average fuel consumption), route optimization elimination of facts found undesirable by transport managers The SATIS system has an optimization module, based on genetic algorithms realizing a multi- criteria analysis of the transportation costs. This allows our Clients to plan their work better.

26 In France, the ADV Group has launched an on-line platform which is an agent in the implementation of hotel booking for business customers. The system is dedicated to corporate users and employees of travel agencies In addition to advanced search options of hotels by given criteria, iAlbatros includes tools for configuring business travel expense policy. For example, the standard of the hotel and accommodation limits depending on position at work and managing the business expenses approval process.

27 We have also been investing in the very rapidly growing area of​telecare and telemedicine.
MobiCare provides medical telemonitoring and telecare services based on software for monitoring of personal GPS devices.

28 ADV Group e-commerce division
The third area of activity of the ADV Group is the steadily growing e-commerce sector.

29 Our activities in the area of e-commerce are based on sales support through a unique multi-level platform for cash back. In Poland, our system is called poznajomoś By purchasing any product in your favorite store through the service, the user receives a cash bonus.

30 Users can also recommend products and purchases to their friends
Users can also recommend products and purchases to their friends. Then, they receive cash on their account for their friends' purchases. Currently, users of poznajomoś can make purchases in hundreds of online shops that include the following: electronics, home appliances, computers, personal finance, insurance, sporting goods, photographic equipment, clothing, products for children, and books. The platform also offers discount coupons on thousands of products and services available in retail outlets in major cities in Poland.

31 What allows the ADV Group to rapidly increase revenues is innovation that permeates through almost all business processes. INNOVATION is the driving force behind the whole Group, whose products and services have been appreciated by global companies in many industries. Our Clients

32 Clients / FMCG

33 Clients / Finance

34 Clients / Others

35 ADV Group Strategy and plans

36 Development Strategy | Innovative Technologies
Achieve BEP in Q3 of 2012 by iAlbatros S.A. - hotel reservations for corporate clients. Dynamic development of MobiCare company in the areas of telecare and telemedicine - BEP in Q2 of 2012. Achieve BEP in Q5 of 2012 by the company TrafficInfo. Dynamic development of the service department related to outsourcing of programming teams (international reach). Completion of the SATIS system development process and intensification of sales in Poland and abroad. Increase of sales of systems for the financial industry - MADELINE debt collection system. Acquisition of new projects in the field of GIS (Geographic Information System) within the framework of public procurement.

37 Development Strategy | Digital Communications
Increasing the range of products and services in the DRA (Direct Response Advertising) category - in response to the observed dynamic growth in demand among clients. Dynamic development of the company TradeTracker Poland. The development of a unique platform [dinfinit] by increasing sales in Poland. Introduction of innovative products and services to support sales and marketing processes. Development of the special projects department within the framework of animation and special projects studio - Xantus. Increase sales of own animated series on international markets. Conduct merger of Mediasense and Codemedia companies to enhance business competitiveness.

38 Development Strategy | e-commerce
Integration of and platforms. Increase the value of cash-back withdrawals as a significant value to users. Increase the number of partners offering their products and services through the platform. Dynamically increase the number of users through integration of the platform with the existing social networking sites and marketing activities. Platform development in mobile environments (iOS, Android).

39 Development Strategy | ADV Group
Create a separate team working at the ADV Group level to assist in the sale of products and services of all the companies in the holding. Open sales office in the United States. Start selling products and services that fit the needs of this market. Increase the profitability of sales of all business units in the ADV Group. Further enhance synergy between subsidiaries Design internal IT tools to automate and optimize selected processes, implement an integrated management and customer service (CRM) system and support controlling and management of the Group (ERP) Absorption of innovative business models to the ADV Group through the creation of new companies and acquisition processes.

40 "We at the ADV Group have great ambitions
"We at the ADV Group have great ambitions. We dream of a global business in which we create innovative products that are above all useful. Products that successfully compete on the global market. And so as is our standard, we change dreams into goals... and we just make the goals happen. Because the best way to predict the future is to create it. This is how we perceive our role.” Rafał Dziedzic – President of the Management Board Mariusz Sokołowski – Chairman of the Supervisory Board Konrad Pankiewicz - Vice President of the Management Board


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