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Case Study Presented by Remi Roy Intro to December 17, 2004.

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1 Case Study Presented by Remi Roy Intro to E-M@rketing December 17, 2004

2 Company Overview Employees :64,000 people Buildings :300 buildings Market cap : 26,2 billion Net Earning: 82 million Revenues :4,781 million Number of local access lines in service: 12,962,000 Total Cellular and PCS wireless subscribers: 4,708,000 Total High-Speed Internet subscribers: 1,766,000 Total Satellite TV subscribers: 1,460,000

3 Canada’s Leading Communication Company Provides: Residential and business customers Wireline and wireless telecommunications products, applications and services satellite communications Direct-to-home television services Systems Integration Expertise Electronic commerce solutions Internet access High-speed data services

4 Company’s Product Brands PCS and cellular Web browsing and data Two-way messaging Paging Airline passenger communications services. ExpressX: provides the highest quality Direct-to-Home (DTH) services, 300 digital channels and a full interactive TV services. Sympatico: is Canada's most popular Internet portal, it provides: an integrated collection of local, national and global Internet content Internet-based products and services for small-office/home office market

5 Performance and Improvisation  Setting standards to the IP Multi-Protocol Label System (MPLS) To implant new system, the company had two objectives: Migrate 100% of it core system to a persuasive national IP Multi- Protocol Label System by the next two years Provide 90% of customers with access to a full of IP services by the next two years

6 Marketing Strategies 1. Deliver integrated Communications to customers 2. Setting the IP Standard in the industry 3. Driving performance through the Innovation, Simplicity, and Productivity

7 Set New Standards  It developed and migrated all traffic onto a new national IP-based network. It aims to set those different standards: Innovation Simplicity and Service Efficiency

8 Innovation Provides: Expanding next generation network and value added services New IP-based products Digital video services IP Television New MSM Sympatico portal

9 The 2 last Standards Simplicity and Service: Popular and value added bundled services Speech activated assistance to customers Unified and one stop service channels Faster customer response and enhanced experience Efficiency: Increase productivity Financial discipline

10 Reports’ Stats

11 Primary Shareholders Existing and potential customers Employees Small and medium businesses Members of board of directors such as owners, the chairman, the chief executive officer and V-Ps.

12 Site Technology and Value Bubble Instances Maintains an online presence with more available products and new services Internet users can see the industry trends and innovations Inform people on new products, and coming up standards  As Microsoft does, this corporation informs people on new standard generations and make sure that new products will be successful.

13 Attracting Technologies The web site’s design is attractive, colors, pictures, animations, innovation trends, headlines… The web’site uses content metatags to provide search engine with the information that customer wants to seek After some tests on the search engine, the company has been found in most of the time Using metatags in a page’s HTML to give simplicity and information to Internet users

14 Engaging Technologies Whole set of information: Web site links (stock exchange) Industry trends Subcontracting Wireless Internet access Satellite television promotions  Internet users can access and mange the resources and relations with the company  Weakness The company does not offer any payment online option

15 Retaining Technologies Sending e-mail information to clients to inform about new products & services Customers use technology easily because company offers an advanced and up-to-date technology that everyone understands It was not possible: to know if company uses cookies on customers’ computer to indicate that the visitor is somehow special

16 Learning Technologies Databases from the potential and existing clients and promotions over the web site Customer services section Forum Page Suggestion box  The corporation does not use any registration to get an online customer behavior tracking  It was not possible to know if the web site uses JavaScript, ASP or JSP

17 Relating Technologies Good customer service 24/7 online technical support The company has all technologies to serve customers, build relationship, get databases, and finally, make its products and services attractive. The company is present for different sponsorships, public relations, and donations (for example, it is a proud sponsor of Canadian Olympic teams)

18 Summary Specific strategies and plans to introduce new standards to up date its web site and technologies It plans to be efficient in productivity and in all products and services offered Problem??? To introduce new standard and technology to much in advance (case study 8 presents this typical problem that companies could encounter).

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