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Podcasting Across the Curriculum MANACE AGM Presentation Presented by John Evans June 5, 2007.

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1 Podcasting Across the Curriculum MANACE AGM Presentation Presented by John Evans June 5, 2007

2 History of Podcasting from Kathy Schrock 2001 Adam Curry, Tristan Louis, Dave Winer Collaborated using RSS technology 2003 Stephen Downes used RSS to aggregate audio files 2004 Articles about podcasts available online Over 2 million Google searches on the word 2005 Apple creates a podcast directory in iTunes Many podcast aggregator sites and directories appear

3 Creating a Podcast Items you need for podcasting M icrophone Computer or digital recorder Audio-editing software Podsafe music or sounds

4 Microphones

5 Computer or Digital Recorder

6 Podsafe Music Sources CTC Music Mixer Jamendo Wikimedia

7 Audio Editing Software (PC and Mac) Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net

8 Steps in Creating a Podcast Record your podcast Move the audio file into an audio editor Add the introduction and endings Save file as an MP3 file Upload to a Web site* Create your podcast newsfeed (blog site)* Add your podcast to directories*

9 Why Use Podcasting in the K-12 Classroom

10 Promotes good writing, speaking, and communicating Good form of assessment Multi-sensory Another media to communicate with Students are using language Authentic activity going beyond the walls Good motivator Application of technology (Warlick) Why Podcasting?

11 Curriculum Applications of Podcasting: To develop reading fluency To develop reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills To acquire information To integrate/infuse technology To develop technology skills and applications

12 To learn new ways to communicate knowledge To develop positive academic self-concept To develop sense of audience and purpose when reading, writing, and speaking To develop a student ownership of language To encourage active participation and learner- centered focus Curriculum Applications of Podcasts:

13 K –12 Podcasting Ideas - Radio Stations

14 Podcasting in the Literacy with ICT Continuum

15 Podcatching in Education


17 Many Educational Podcasts can fit into your existing curricula Learn a language – French, Italian Listen to a story – Aesop’s Fables, Sherlock Holmes, StoryNory Ed Tech – SmartBoards Canadian Events – CBC Podcasts Current Events – 60 Minute Podcast, CNN Free Professional Development Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Wes Fryer Connect Learning – David Warlick – Ewan McIntosh



20 The Penny Pincher’s Podcasting Guide Take a summer ManACE Course to learn how. Purchase low cost interface tools to get started– microphones, etc. Use free tools from the Internet to create your podcast such as Audacity Use a free site such as Podomatic to host your podcast Spread the word about your podcast using a Blog or Wiki (both free)


22 In conclusion… Podcasting fits in many curricular areas at many levels. Podcasting is easy and requires minimum skills … learning the editing software is the most difficult part (and there’s a summer ManACE course to teach you that). Podcasting is fun, motivating and contagious. Once the students start they’ll want to do more. If its worth saying once, it’s worth saying again with podcasting.

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