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 Sandra Q. Larson, Iowa Department of Transportation.

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1  Sandra Q. Larson, Iowa Department of Transportation

2  1. Include implementers and technical experts in the early concepting of the research project.  2. Include the implementers and technical experts throughout the research project as members of the Technical Advisory Committee.  3. Throughout the project develop champions for the research solutions at multiple levels within the agency, and beyond (FHWA and industry).

3  4. If money will be needed to implement the research results, determine the funding source early in the research and plan for the actual implementation.  5. Include critics of the research ideas early in the research project.  6. Make sure whoever has the responsibility for action items, actually knows that they have that responsibility.

4  7. Get upper management support for the research solutions.  8. Develop technology transfer ideas early and follow through with them.  9. Keep the greater transportation audience informed about the project’s progress & results, and include throughout the project (esp FHWA and industry).  10. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

5  Non-Destructive Evaluation of Bridge Decks  Intelligent Compaction of HMA and soils/granular subbases  PCC Pavement Surface Characteristics Pooled Fund  Rumble Strips and Stripes  Triple Plow Blades  Teen Driver Safety

6  Bridge Office and Research Bureau representation at initial meeting with Rutgers University reps  Bridge Office and Research Bureau (along with Chief Engineer) determined that a project to test several different NDE technologies should be used to evaluate 9 bridge decks, 6 of which had bridge deck construction projects immediately following the evaluation, FHWA concurrence

7  Bridge Office and Research Bureau worked together throughout the contracting and research project with Rutgers  Champions for the project were in the Bridge Office, Research Bureau, and also included the Chief Engineer  Rutgers gave a project results presentation to DOT and FHWA staff, and also a shorter presentation to upper DOT management

8  The final report for the project is being reviewed  Several implementation and next step discussions were held between the Bridge Office, Engineering Bureau, Research Bureau and Chief Engineer  A second phase research project will soon begin to evaluate several key bridge decks; Bridge Office is lead, Wiss, Janney, Elstner (WJE) selected to do research and eventually we will establish an in-house testing and evaluation program with WJE guidance; FHWA concurrence

9 Impact echo (IE) & Ultrasonic Ground penetrating radar (GPR) – Ground Antenna Ground penetrating radar (GPR) – Air Antenna Half-cell corrosion potential Non Destructive Evaluation

10  Several Partnership for Geotechnical Advancement (PGA) meetings & research projects over several years between university researchers, DOT technical representatives and management, and FHWA resulted in the recent IC initiatives  2 workshops and a webinar in 2008, 2009 and 2010 on Intelligent Compaction (IA DOT hosted)  Three IA demo construction projects in 2009 were completed, IC technologies used on site but not for acceptance (subbase, subgrade, HMA overlay)

11  Three IA pilot HMA IC projects in 2010 utilizing developmental specifications  One possible IA clay soil IC grading project in fall 2010  Looking for a project for IC subbase  New pooled fund starting August 6, 2010 ◦ “Technology Transfer for Intelligent Compaction Consortium (TTICC)” ◦ Solicitation #1262; IA, KY, PA, OH, UT, VA, WI ◦ Conference Call/Webinar Aug 6 to launch pooled fund ◦ IC Workshop October 2010, including a field visit

12  The cover article in ENR Magazine was published in July 2009, focusing on this specific IC research project  for more info on the workshops/webinars/ IC efforts



15  Top 10 Ways to Ensure Research Results are Implemented  Are we making a difference through our efforts?  Successful implementation Measurements ◦ New practices adopted ◦ Spec developed or changed ◦ Demo/pilot construction projects ◦ Quality improved ◦ New law passed ◦ Safety improved ◦ Condition information improved

16  For more info on any of these projects/pooled funds/implementation efforts contact: ◦ Sandra Larson at ◦ look online at: http://

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