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Greenwood Primary School

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1 Greenwood Primary School

2 Linguistic Phonics - Stage 1
Recognise one sound to one symbol

3 Importance of vowels Knowledge of vowels is essential at every stage of linguistic phonics.

4 Linguistic Phonics – Stage 2 & 3
Stage 2 : sound words Stage 3 : Multisyllable words e.g. picnic

5 Linguistic Phonics – Stage 4
Sounds represented by more than 1 letter ll, ff, ss, zz endings ck ending ng ending ch, sh, th beginnings and endings wh beginning

6 Phonics Activities

7 Phonics Activities

8 Phonics activities

9 Linguistic Phonics – Stage 5
Sounds can be represented in various ways e.g. ow oa o oe o-e show boat no toe home oy/oi er/ir/ur ou/ow ee/ea/e/y Spelling homework

10 Reading Reading lesson

11 Reading

12 What we are looking for Decoding Use of strategies
Completing activities Independence

13 Homework Quality time Maximum 15 minutes at a time
Use of suggested follow up activities

14 Writing for a purpose Genre Progression in Writing Narrative Recount
Report Procedural Poems Progression in Writing Modelled Shared Independent

15 Writing Sample

16 Writing sample

17 Teacher’s Response Encourage Marking for a purpose
WILF – What I’m looking for

18 Writing Samples My balloon sworld up over the cam qwit ocean. It danced down to the busy noisy park. Then it popet on a tree. Penguins are found in Antartica. The Antartic is one of the coldist places on erth. A peguin has a brod pouch to ceep the egg warm.

19 Over To You Provide opportunities for literacy.
3Es- enjoy, explain and encourage. 3Ss- stimulate, share and support. You are one of the most influential partners in your child’s learning!!

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