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Grammar “One Night” Cornerstone Academy September 26 th, 2013.

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2 Grammar “One Night” Cornerstone Academy September 26 th, 2013


4 “ ” We are not teaching Math, we are teaching thinking through the medium of Math. Dr. Yeap Ban Har, Singapore Ministry of Education To assist you, parents, in providing an excellent math education we have chosen the Singapore Math method and curriculum.

5 Important components for success Understand Numbers Model Drawing Mental Math

6 Future Benefits Distributive Properties – Algebra, Calculus Standardize Testing – IOWA Test of Basic Skills, SAT, ACT Understand the WHYs of Math, not just the HOWs of getting an answer ITBS ®

7 Understand Numbers What to do all these numbers mean? Place value - students need to learn the names of the places and their values Use: Place Value Strips Expanded notation/form Standard notation/form

8 Place Value Chart Hundred thousands Ten thousandsThousandsHundredsTensOnes

9 Number Bonds


11 Model Drawing Read problem. Determine the variables: who and what. Draw unit bar or bars. Chunk information by rereading the problem one sentence at a time, and adjust the unit bar or bars to match the information. Place the question mark. Do the computation. Write a complete and grammatically correct sentence.

12 Mental Math Teach the strategies in the curriculum -They will help your student and YOU. “the FACTS, please, just the FACTS” Practice, practice, practice Flashcards: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (inexpensive at Dollar Tree, Target or homemade)

13 Encourage your kids to... Play with: Their food – count their carrots, group their cookies or grapes Chips, counters and cubes Cards - practice addition and multiplication facts Draw it out... All 7 steps for word problems Show their work... It is the window to their thoughts

14 Extra Resources – word problem, model drawing site Mr. Martini‘s Classroom - flash cards – variety of worksheets

15 They said it better than I could A PDF from consultant Cassandra Turner’s presentation to Aspen View Academy 13.pdf A letter to parents at Martin Elementary School, Martin, TN 11_parent_letter.pdf An article on CNN’s Schools of Thought Blog can-benefit-from-singapore-math/


17 Topics Introduction to Curriculum Jingles Question/Answer Flow Patterns 1-5 References Assessments

18 Introduction to Curriculum Sequentially oriented curriculum Use of rhythm, repetition, and student/teacher interaction Promotion of independent work with increased ability to assimilate new information rapidly Progressive building blocks

19 Jingles Definitions for parts of speech in jingle form Sung or chanted to remember important grammar concepts Use of rhythm, rhyme, and movement to retain new and old information

20 Example

21 Question and Answer Flow Systematic approach in asking questions to determine role of each word in sentence analyzed Oral classroom activity Definite pattern that makes perfect sense in determining part of speech

22 Patterns Basic structure of a sentence with specific core parts 5 patterns introduced in Grammar School First Grade: Pattern 1 Second Grade: Patterns 1-2 Third Grade: Patterns 1-3 Fourth Grade: Patterns 1-4 Fifth Grade: Patterns 1-5

23 Extras Skills apply to all patterns: Sentence types Prepositional phrases Conjunctions/Article adjectives Helping verbs Compounds Natural/inverted sentences Adverb exceptions Complete subjects/predicates Possessive noun adjectives Possessive pronoun adjectives

24 Pattern 1 A Pattern 1 sentence has only two main parts as its core Subject noun (SN) Verb (V) The extremely hot fire burned amazingly fast through the dry forest during the night. SN V P1 AADVADJ SNVADV P AADJOPPA SN V P1 D /( )( )

25 Pattern 2 Pattern 2 Core: Subject noun, verb-transitive (V-t), and direct object (DO) Two nouns in core: subject noun and direct object Yesterday, my aunt found a recipe for peach preserves on the Internet. SN V-t DO P2 ADVPPA SN V ADOP ADJ OP P A D SN V-t DO P2 () )( / -t

26 Pattern 3 Pattern 3 Core: Subject noun, verb-transitive, indirect object (IO), direct object Three nouns in core: subject noun, indirect object, direct object My grandmother made me a delicious cake on my birthday ! SN V-t_ IO DO P3 SNVDOIOADJAPPPA OP PPA SN V-t_ IO DO P3 ( ) E / -t

27 Pattern 4 Pattern 4 Core: Subject noun, linking verb (LV), and predicate noun (PrN) Two noun jobs in core: subject noun and predicate noun My uncle is a steamboat captain on the Mississippi River. SN LV PrN P4 SNVPrNLADJAPOPAPPA () D SN LV PrN P4 /

28 Pattern 5 Pattern 5 Core: Subject noun, linking verb, predicate adjective (PA) One noun job and one adjective job in core My mother’s antique china was chipped during the move to our house. SN LV PA P5 SNVPALP OP A PPPAOP ADJPNAPPA SN LV PA P5 ( )() D /

29 References Develop mechanics and usage skills in grammar Break down thought processes for understanding through rules, examples, and practice Reinforced in verbal and written practice

30 Example

31 Practice and Assessments Lesson Practice Sentences Classroom Practices Chapter Check-Ups Chapter Tests

32 Grammar Latin

33 Scope & Sequence of Grammar Latin (leading to First Form) Prima Latina (3 rd Grade) – Practical Latin, Prayers/Songs, Grammar, Vocabulary Latina Christiana 1 (Incoming Grammar Latin Students; 4 th Grade 2014.15) - Latin Sayings, Prayers/Songs, Grammar Forms (Conjugations 1 and 2, Declension 1, 2, and begin 3 rd ), Vocabulary, History, Derivatives, Latin Sentence Structure

34 Scope & Sequence of Grammar Latin (continued) Latina Christiana 2a (4 th and 5 th Grade 2013.14) Lessons 1 - 13 - Latin Sayings, Prayers/Songs, Grammar Forms (Conjugations 1 and 2, Declension 1, 2, and 3rd), Vocabulary, History, Derivatives, Latin Sentence Structure Latina Christiana 2b Lessons 14 – 25 (5 th Grade 2013.14)- Latin Sayings, Prayers/Songs, Grammar Forms (Conjugations 1 and 2, Declension 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), Vocabulary, History, Derivatives, Latin Sentence Structure

35 Please Note: Memoria Press’ Latin Curriculum changed in recent years. Cornerstone Academy Latin Department researched and concluded: Prima Latina in 3 rd Grade and Latina Christiana 1 in 4 th and 5 th grades (including Latin and Greek Roots as well as a comprehensive Latin History program.) First Form would begin in 6 th Grade.

36 Quizzes Almost weekly and include: English to Latin Latin to English Grammar forms Latin Sayings Oral assessments on prayers, songs, and miscellaneous recitations occur with unit reviews

37 Review- Test Send home for homeschool days as homework for parents to assess their child’s comprehension and success This will be counted as a homework grade NOT a cumulative test.

38 How parents can help at home: Flash cards: English to Latin; Latin to English Write and review Latin sayings, grammar forms, and vocabulary in composition book Practice spelling Latin and English Derivatives Detectives (enrichment)

39 Order the Teacher Book at Borrow DVDs from the Parent Resource Center


41 Thank you for coming!


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