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Solutions for Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Structures

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1 Solutions for Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Structures
The state-of-the-art technology for the civil engineering world


3 Prestressing Material Library
When selecting a material from the library all properties are automatically defined Any property used for prestressing loss calculation can be easily modified

4 Prestressed Concrete Structures Model Creation
The first step in the use of the Advanced Prestressed Concrete module is the model creation. The prestressing forces are applied later on in each one of these kinds of models: Beam element model Shell element model Solid element model

5 Prestressed concrete structures checking
ANSYS®+CivilFEM® includes the Checking and Design of hyperstatic prestressed concrete structures, taking into account shear and torsion effects, conforming to the following codes: Eurocode 2 ACI EHE

6 Prestressed structures
The calculation of prestressing losses distinguishes between Pre-tension and Post-tension structures. Therefore, for the Pre-stressed structures, CivilFEM incorporates, for example, the reinforced thermal expansion due to the heating process, in addition to the pull-in losses and elastic concrete deformation, long-term losses (creep and shrinkage, etc)

7 3D Tendon Geometry Editor
It allows the definition and edition of the geometric and strength properties of all tendons of a structure. The geometry may be shown and edited either graphically or by coordinates Tool Bar Elevation View Object Tree Info/Edit Window Plan View

8 3D Tendon Geometry Editor
It is possible to visualize the corresponding cross section and the location of the tendons along the structure.

9 3D Tendon Geometry Editor
Graphical visualization of all prestressing losses for each tendon along the structure.

10 Prestressed Concrete Module
From this version v12, it is possible to define tendons with complex geometry without using the support beam

11 Prestressing Losses The prestressing loss calculation allows to obtain the instantaneous and the long-term prestressing losses for the tendons defined within the CivilFEM tendon editor. Instant losses: P1, P2, P3, Px Friction losses (P1)

12 Prestressing Losses Pull-in Losses (P2)
Elastic concrete deformation (P3) Others (Px)

13 Prestressing Losses Apart from the instantaneous losses, the program also calculates the following long-term losses: Concrete shrinkage (P4) Concrete creep (P5) Steel relaxation (P6)

14 Prestressing Losses The tendon properties and the calculated losses can be listed in an HTML document. List Calculate losses View Results

15 Reads the prestressing losses from a file
User Defined Prestressing Losses Reads the prestressing losses from a file

16 2D/3D Deviation Forces CivilFEM calculates the deviation forces produced by the prestressing tendons on any 2D or 3D solid or beam structure defined in ANSYS®. The deviation forces are defined as a specific load set automatically located on nodes and/or distributed on the elements.

17 Prestressed Forces and Moments
Both isostatic and hyperstatic effects corresponding to Prestressing actions are calculated

18 Prestressed Forces & Moments
Stresses in the support and in the middle of span.

19 Checking of Prestressed Structures
Serviceability Limit State Checking of cracking according to codes taking into account the prestressing cables

20 Checking of Prestressed Structures
Ultimate Limit State (Axial+Bending checking)

21 Other Utilities Although the prestressed utilities are mostly focused on bridge calculation, it’s also possible to make use of them in other kind of structures such as prestressed slabs, silos, etc

22 Prestressed Concrete Structures Other Projects
A group of loads, equivalent to the effect of the prestressing tendons will be created on the model and transferred to its nodes. This method can be applied to any kind of model or mesh (even on a model made up of beam elements)

23 Prestressed Concrete Structures Other Projects

24 Prestressed Concrete Module

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