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Copyrights © 2014 anupalan 2728 Secretarial Management System.

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1 Copyrights © 2014 anupalan 2728 Secretarial Management System

2 A BOUT anupalan The idea of anupalan 2728 was conceived immediately with the enactment of the Companies Act, 2013 and took several months to develop and implement in a group with a listed company and more than 20 other companies, including subsidiary companies. anupalan has been created to meet the stringent requirements thrown upon the corporate world by the Companies Act, 2013. anupalan is an initiative of Coral Soff'wares Ltd, engaged in development of business software products since 1988 which has to its credit, ACE - Business Accounting Software, X-ise - India's first Central Excise Software and CORALerp - a comprehensive and well integrated ERP for the Indian business.

3 anupalan S ERVICES A. anupalan 2728 - Secretarial Management System B. Company Web Site Audit C. e-filing Assistance D. Managed Secretarial Services

4 A. anupalan 2728 - S ECRETARIAL M ANAGEMENT S YSTEM B ASIC F UNCTIONALITIES A1. Electronic maintenance of secretarial records A2. Filing & retrieval System A3. Compliance management A4. Legal notices tracking anupalan 2728 is a cloud based application software.

5 Maintenance of all secretarial records in electronic form as per the Companies Act The data captured is activity / events based which integrates various relevant data and generates multi-fold secretarial reports, registers & documents Secured system with automatic scheduled backup to meet the stiff requirements of the Rule 28 the Companies (Mgt. & Admin.) Rules, 2014 Facilitates various disclosures, filings and enforcement of secretarial standards Facilitates electronic inspection of records Provision for digitisation of even past records Flexibility to maintain records of multiple group companies Related-party list & disclosures A1. E LECTRONIC M AINTENANCE OF S ECRETARIAL R ECORDS

6 ... E LECTRONIC M AINTENANCE OF S ECRETARIAL R ECORDS Master Creation Bodies / Committees Business, or Resolution templates Company Designations Document Group KMPs Statutes Secretarial Setup Relatives Statutory Registration Nos Classification of Task Country Department States of a Country Classification for Analysis Grouping of Contacts Work Flow Entry Screens Company Announcements Certificates / Legal Documents Key Appointments & Cessation Legal Notices / SCN / Incidence Meeting – Secretarial Notice & Agenda Legal Notice - Status update Compliance Filling Bank Receipt Bank Payment Credit Note Debit Note Journal Proper Charge – Registration Charge - Satisfaction The data captured is activity / events based


8 Reports & Registers available List of Directors Body/Committee Activity Summary Body / Committee - Attendance Register Certificates & Renewals Report Duty Payment Monitoring Report Covering letter for Form MBP.1 List of Office Bearers Minute extract from Notice Minute extract Notice of Interest - Form MBP.1 Register of Directors & Secretaries Register of Business Transacted... E LECTRONIC M AINTENANCE OF S ECRETARIAL R ECORDS Register of Corporate Announcements Register of Common Seal Return filing Monitoring Report Register of Directors Shareholding Register of Returns filed Register of Notices Related Party List Related Party Transaction Register Related Party Summary Register of Charges

9 A2. F ILING & R ETRIEVAL OF D OCUMENTS [Digital repository of documents – filing & retrieval System] Digitally capture key documents / certificates of each group company, like Certificate of Incorporation, etc. Digitally capture all returns filed (MCA & for other compliances) along with pdf files, SRN, etc. Digitise entire flow of Notice to Minute procedure leading to many benefits as per Secretarial Standard Digitise Corporate Announcements Access rights could be defined for Filing (attachment) of documents and can be independent of the access to respective compliance filing entry screens. Comply-on-the-fly: retrieve documents just by sending e-mail.

10 … F ILING & R ETRIEVAL OF D OCUMENTS (Document Creation & Document Filing Tool)

11 … F ILING & R ETRIEVAL OF D OCUMENTS Comply-on-the fly: retrieve documents by sending e-mail (Extract of the e-mail received)

12 A3. C OMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT Statutes / Regulations Specify statutes as may be applicable for an entity (create new ones, statutes can be country or state specific) Specify person responsible for compliance of each statutes (for each entity) Specify compliances (like returns & statutory payments required to be filed under each statutes (along with attributes such as, periodicity, due date, penalties, etc.) This sets up the ground for a pro-active compliance regime (Statute Creation)

13 … C OMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT... Statutes / Regulations (Compliance Creation)

14 … C OMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT Compliance filings Compliance filings by respective compliance in-charge to be done, for each statute – entity – and period Documentary evidence of compliance filings can also be digitized in the system, like scanned images of challans,.pdf files of e-filings or any other binary file Pro-active e-mail & sms alerts to respective compliance in-charge about the forthcoming compliances falling due Comply-on-the-fly: check compliance status simply by sending e-mail (Compliance Filing)

15 … C OMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT Comply-on-the fly: check compliance due/status just by sending e-mail (Extract of the e-mail received)

16 A4. L EGAL N OTICE T RACKING Record legal notices received Assign Task to attend it Record progress of hearings, etc Update status of legal notices / cases periodically for disclosure in Corporate Governance report Reports Litigation tracker History of each notice / case Task status pending with various employees / consultants

17 … L EGAL N OTICE T RACKING (Legal Notice & its status update)

18 B. C OMPANY W EB S ITE A UDIT The Companies Act, 2013 and the Listing Agreement mandates more than 30 disclosures to be made on a company website. anuplan offers diagnostic audit to find out non-disclosure and also suggests improvement in overall visibility of existing disclosures.

19 C. E - FILING A SSISTANCE anupalan assists companies in e-filing of various returns and disclosures on SEBI, NSE, BSE & MCA platform.

20 D. M ANAGED S ECRETARIAL S ERVICES anupalan’s Managed Secretarial Services endeavours to take away the burden of secretarial compliances and help top management to focus on their business in the increasingly competitive business environment. In this package, we completely manage the onerous Secretarial function by providing trained manpower together with anupalan 2728 setting appropriate processes in place for interface between the client and our team.

21 GRC System & Services l +91 70440 83101 Suite # A307 l 157c Lenin Sarani l Kolkata 700013 l INDIA Thank you!

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