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Enterprise Software for Indirect Taxes Built on CORALerp platform.

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1 Enterprise Software for Indirect Taxes Built on CORALerp platform

2 Coral Soff'wares 2006 - CORAL erp - Enterprise Software for Indian Business launched Product-focussed company 1988 - Incorporated at Kolkata 1990 - ACE - Business Accounting Software launched 1991 - OMEGA - Personal Information management System launched 1996 - X-ise - India's first Central Excise Software launched

3 What is InDyrekt?

4 Central Excise (Registered Dealers) Central Excise (Manufacturer) Service Tax VAT Upcoming GST What is InDyrekt?

5 Central Excise (Registered Dealers)

6 Central Excise (Registered Dealer) Entry Screens For Purchases from 1st / 2nd Stage dealer, captures particulars of Manufacturer / Importer and its Invoice / Bill of Entry along such as Invoice / BOE No, Assessable Value & Duties involved Purchase Invoice With facility to pass respective duties charged at the time of procurement whether imported or locally procured Sales Invoice Stock Transfer

7 Central Excise (Registered Dealer) Document Printing With details of Manufacturer / Importer, their Invoice / BOE, Assessable value & Duties involved Click on the reports to view them Purchase Invoice (Voucher) Excise Invoice Commercial Invoice

8 Central Excise (Registered Dealer) Reports Details of Duties passed during a period - date wise (akin to RG23D register)RG23D register Quarterly Return - Form 2 Quarterly Return - e-filing Defacement Report Statement of Removals - Date-wiseStatement of Removals Statement of Removals - Party-wise Inward Register Purchase Register - Date-wise Purchase Register in.xls format for VAT related compliance Contd.. Click on the reports to view them

9 Central Excise (Registered Dealer) Reports Outward Register Sales Register - Date-wise Sales Register in.xls format for VAT related compliance Summary Sales Register - Customer-wise Stock Ledger Stock Summary

10 VAT & Service Tax

11 VAT & Service Tax Purchase/Sales Registers in various formats Other Reports to facilitate filing of statutory returns

12 Advantage Coral & CORALerp

13 Advantage Coral & CORALerp InDyrekt uses RDBMS database (MS SQL server) as back-end and also manage huge number of Part masters (Products) InDyrekt has been built on CORALerp platform which provides these advantages  enormous flexibility for customisation  smooth integration with any other Enterprise solution  technology based solutions like SMS, auto- emailing, weighbridge integration etc  critical security features such as Access Rights allocation and Audit Trail Contd..

14 Advantage Coral & CORALerp As far as Indian Indirect Taxation is concerned, Coral is credited to have come up with first ever off-the-shelf Central Excise software: X-ise, way back in 1996 under the guidance of Late Shri D V Shidhaye and Shri V S Datey

15 Esteemed Customers

16 Esteemed Customers

17 THANK YOU! | Coral Soff'wares Ltd A307 # Deluxe Centre 157c Lenin Sarani Kolkata 700 013 INDIA

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