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WORKCENTER 7755 – 7765 - 7775 Walk-Up Training COPY Cheat Sheets.

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1 WORKCENTER 7755 – Walk-Up Training COPY Cheat Sheets

2 WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775 Start all at [SERVICES HOME]
Select Color or Black & White Select [Copy] Select “Output Color” Select “Auto Detect” – to have the WorkCentre copy Color originals in Color and Black & White originals in Black & White or Select “Black & White” Select “More” Select “Auto Detect, Black & White, Color, or Single Color” Select [Start] Automatically Reduce an item Select “Reduce/Enlarge” Select “Auto %”; Select [Save] Select appropriate Paper Tray Copy/Print onto Special Paper Select [Copy] Open the necessary Paper Tray, input the special paper, close the paper guides up next to the paper stack. Do not go over the MAX fill line. Close the paper tray. When the message appears on the User Interface, select the correct paper Size, Type and Color if it is not displayed correctly on the screen. Once identified the WorkCentre will know where your special paper is. Select that paper for your Copy job as needed. Then make other Copy selections and press [Start]. IF printing, make sure to identify the paper in the paper tray correctly, and be sure to select the same paper tray size, type or color for your print job from your PC. NOTE: Your paper selection should match a paper tray already set up. Copy Double Sided Select [Copy] Under “2-Sided Copying” Select as appropriate: Single Sided originals copied to Double sided; select 1->2 Sided Double Sided originals copied double sided; select 2->2 Sided Staple Options Select “Paper Supply” Under “Copy Output” Select the desired Staple Option or Select “More” Select All options as shown on one screen to include “Collating, Hole Punch, Staple Options and/or Original Orientation”, as needed. COPY TAB

3 WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775 Image Enhancement Copy Photographs
Select [Copy] Select “Image Quality” Select “Image Enhancement” Select “Background Suppression” to control the background or a second side bleed through. or Select “Contrast Manual/Auto” Copy Photographs Select [Copy] Select “Image Quality” Select “Original Type” Select “Photo” Select “How Original was Produced” Color Balance – This feature allows you to adjust the balance between Colors and the Overall amount of color on the Output copies. Select [Copy] Select “Image Quality” “Normal” is the default Select “Basic Color” This adjusts the levels of all four process colors of: Yellow Magenta Cyan Black or Select “Advanced Color” This will adjust the: Highlights Mid-tones Shadows density levels in each of the four process Colors. Color Optimization - This feature optimizes the Image Quality features for Sharpness, Saturation, Color Balance, Lighten/Darken, and Contrast. Select [Copy] Select “Image Quality” Select “Color Presets” Select from the following for differences in background and/or foreground as needed: “Lively”, “Bright”, “Warm”, “Cool” Lighten/Darken Select [Copy] Select “Image Quality” Select “Image Options” Select “Lighten/Darken”, “Sharpness” and/or “Saturation” IMAGE QUALITY TAB

4 WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775 Mixed Size Originals
Select [Copy] Select “Layout Adjustment” Select “Original Size” Select “Mixed Size Originals” Set Paper Tray to “Auto” Review the screen of Valid pairs/page sizes that can be processed at the same time. Then place originals in the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder with the smallest paper size on the top of the stack. Copying Books/Bound Originals Select “Book Copying” Select “Both Pages, Left Page Only or Right Page Only” Select “Binding Edge Erase” amount as needed to white out the binding edge. Original Orientation Select [Copy] Select “Layout Adjustment” Select “Original Orientation” Select “Upright Images” Select “Sideways Images” Select “Portrait” or Select “Landscape” Auto Center/Image Shift Select [Copy] Select “Layout Adjustment” Select “Image Shift” Select “Auto Center” or Select “Shift” amounts Measure Original Size Select [Copy] Select “Layout Adjustment” Select “Original Size” Select “Preset Scan Areas” or Select “Custom Scan Areas” Input the Width [X] & Height [Y] measurements in (inches) by selecting the desired number. Margin Shift Select [Copy] Select “Layout Adjustment” Select “Image Shift” Select “Margin Shift” Enter amount of shift needed for Side 1 and/or Side 2 Edge Erase Select [Copy] Select “Layout Adjustment” Select “Edge Erase” Select “All Edges” or Select “Individual Edges” Select desired edges, Erase necessary amount up to 2.0 inches on each edge for Side 1 and/or Side 2. LAYOUT ADJUSTMENT TAB Mirror Image/Positive Image Select [Copy] Select “Layout Adjustment” Select “Invert Image” Select “Mirror Image” or Select “ Positive Image“

5 WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775 Booklet Creation/Fold & Staple (Optional)
Covers Select [Copy] Select “Output Format” Select “Special Pages” Select “Covers” Select “Front and Back Same”, “Front and Back Different” or “Front Cover Only” or “Back Cover Only” Select “Printing Options” Select “Blank, Print on Side 1, Print on Side 2, or Print on Both Sides” Booklet Creation/Fold & Staple (Optional) Select [Copy] Select “Output Format” Select “Booklet Creation” Select “On” Select “Fold & Staple” (optional) Select “Paper Supply”-Landscape Under “Original Input” column, select “1-Sided Originals” or “2-Sided Originals” -Use 60 originals MAX; Ensure Paper Supply is Landscape Transparency Separators Select [Copy] Select “Output Format” Select “Transparency Separators” Select “ON” Select “Separator Supply” Select “Transparency Supply” Annotations – This feature allows additional headers and/or footers to be added to Copies. Select [Copy] Select “Output Format” Select “Annotations” Select “Page Numbers”, “Comment”, “Date”, or “Bates Stamp” to the copies. Select “Apply to Page” Select “Location” on the Pages Special Pages Select [Copy] Select “Output Format” Select “Special Pages” Select “Covers”, “Chapter Starts”, “Inserts”, or “Exceptions” Select [Copy] Tab Select “Paper Supply” Multiple Pages on one Sheet or Multi-Up Select [Copy] Select “Output Format” Select “Page Layout” Select “Pages per Side” Select “2-up, 4-up, 6-up or 9-up, or Specify ”Rows & Columns” NOTE: Be sure to have the same number of originals as number selected to display on one sheet. OUTPUT FORMAT TAB Repeat Image Select [Copy] Select “Output Format” Select “Page Layout” Select “Repeat Image” Select “2, 4, 6, or 9 or Specify “Rows & Columns” Specify “Auto Repeat”

6 WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775 Build Job – This feature will allow scanning of all pages with different settings to be setup as one Copy job. Select [Copy] Select “Job Assembly” Select “Build Job” Select “ON” Select “Display window available between Segments” – window will display number of pages scanned in per segment Window displays [Segment Pages] Select “Quantity for Final Job” – total amount of copies to be completed Select “Sample Last Segment” or Select “Delete Last Segment” Select “Delete All Segments” as needed When you are finished scanning in the segments, press End Build Job to END programming and the job will print out Sample Job – This feature will print one complete sample reflecting your selections and the completed job. Select [Copy] Select “Job Assembly” Select “Sample Job” Select “ON” Select [Save] REVIEW the output job. Select to process or delete the job Store Programming – This feature will save settings from one job, to use the same settings for future jobs; just the settings not the entire document. Program the Features for the copy job, check the output, and before the machine resets all selections to defaults Select [Copy] Select “Job Assembly” Select “Save Current Settings” to save the settings Enter the Name of the Settings Retrieve Saved Settings Select “Retrieve Saved Settings” Select “Load Settings” JOB ASSEMBLY TAB

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