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Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcast Television System Collaboration

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1 Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcast Television System Collaboration
NERC-DTV, China JSC MNITI, Russia November, Moscow, Russia

2 Outline Brief Introduction to NERC-DTV R&D and Deployment of DTMB 1.0
R&D Status of DTMB 2.0 Media Delivery System: SMT Cooperation between MNITI and NERC-DTV Chinese Contribution to Russia Broadcast TV 1)工程中心基本介绍; 2)一代DTMB的研制和推广; 3)二代DTMB的研制; 4)协议层应用研究及终端方案; 5)NERC和MNITI的合作展望; 6)强大的中国制造;

3 Founding of NERC-DTV Approved by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

4 Founding Members: Chinese Top TV and TX Manufacturers, Broadcasters
Founding of NERC-DTV Founding Members: Chinese Top TV and TX Manufacturers, Broadcasters Common Technology Breakthrough Provide Public Services Promote Industry Development Goals

5 8 Major Tasks Next Generation Core Tech Research Exclusive DTV Patent Management Market Survey and Industry Research Standard Promotion and Service Demonstration New Tech Verification DTV Talent Training International Cooperation Undertake R&D Projects Leading of Chinese 863 Next Gen. Broadcasting System Key Project Global Future of Broadcast Television Initiative

6 National Level R&D Platforms
Next Generation Broadcast Research Lab 4K Profession Full Chain System Image Evaluation System High Speed Computing System Terrestrial Mobile Lab

7 3 Stages of Standardization
Global Digital Media Standard 2nd( ) China 1st Gen. DTV Standard DTMB GB CMMB GY/T ABS-S GY/T 2 ITU-R Standards ITU-R BT.1306 DTMB 2.0/ NGB-W 1st Stage( ) 1st HDTV System DTMB 2.0/ NGB-W GB/T 2011 GY-T GY-T GD-J 2011 ……

8 DTMB Standard Deployment
Broadcast 3-Step plan By 2015, starts prefecture level HD/SD simulcast coverage By 2018, analogue switch off in all big and medium cities By 2020, analogue switch off in whole country Receiver must carry policy By , all the TV sets sold in China must carry DTMB receiving feature Totals terrestrial TV tower 30082 TV transmitters 地面广播的3步走计划: 2015年高标清同播,2018年大中城市关闭模拟,2020年全国模拟关闭 接收机标配政策: 2015年1月1日 Analog switch off by 2020, deployment in 20+ provinces 337 cities and 2000 counties, 410 million subscribers

9 DTMB Standard Deployment
0.8 Billion USD Terrestrial 12 CCTVs 1 Provincial 1 City 1 County 2562 TV Stations 6293 TXs 1 KW/300W/County 2年的全国地面广播覆盖工程 CCTV

10 Terrestrial + Satellite Design and Deployment
Digital Satellite ABS-S System and Standard Design GPRS User Identification ChinaSat 9 National Coverage Terrestrial Local Coverage 地面+卫星户户通工程

11 Evolution of Terrestrial TV
B/W TV Color TV SDTV HDTV 4K UHDTV 8K UHDTV Holographic TV Hybrid TV United States NTSC ATSC1.0 ATSC2.0 ATSC3.0 Europe DVB-NGH DVB-T2 HbbTV DVB-T PAL DTMB PAL China DTMB2.0 (NGB-W) 未来地面广播的演进路线 Next Generation Broadcasting: Immersive + Interactive + Ubiquitous

12 Evolution of Terrestrial TV
# UHD # Multi-view/i-Screen, 3D # Immersive Audio # High Dynamic Rage Image Immersive Experience # Flexible Spectrum # Robust Reception # Mobile Reception # PLPs # Hybrid Broadcast # Personalization # Targeted Ad Ubiqitous Access Interactive Demand 在全球调研基础上形成的三个未来地面广播的发展方向 # Emergence # Public Service

13 UHDTV Terrestrial Full Link System
National High Tech 863 Project named ‘Developing the key technology of next generation DTV’ based on CRUISE issued in June The task of the project is to finish the draft standard of China next generation DTTB Standard. The Project is supported by MOST, NDRC, MII, SAC and SARFT. 在此基础上,中国启动了下一代地面广播业务 National High Tech 863 Project issued in June 2012

14 Targets of DTMB 2.0 / NGB-W System
Efficient, flexible, smart and interactive system with IP based open system Much higher and more robust spectrum efficiency Smart broadcasting transmission Broadcast, multicast and unicast to support more services Cost efficient and adaption to large scale deployment 中国下一代地面广播的业务目标 IP基础上更加高效、灵活和智能的交互系统 更高的频谱效率和更鲁棒的接收性能 智能广播传送 支持多播、单播模式的广播模式 适用于大规模应用的低成本方案

15 Targets of DTMB 2.0 / NGB-W System
High Tower Broadcast Long Range, High Frequency High Tower Wireless Narrowband Uplink Long Range, Less Investment Cell Tower Broadband Uplink Mid Range, Medium Investment Node Wifi Access Near Range, More Terminals Terrestrial Broadcast Uplink Network Service Platform Wireless Broadband Uplink Wireless Narrowband Uplink Broadcast Baseband Fiber Cell Tower Radius 2~10km Cable TX Node 下一代地面广播的网络结构,大塔、小塔、节点,实现广播单向、窄带双向、宽带双向应用 Node Cable/wifi Access High Tower Radius 10~50km

16 UHDTV Terrestrial Full Link System
Channel Transmission Sourcing Capture Editing and Production HEVC Encoding Leading UHDTV System in the world 40% Spectrum Efficiency Enhanced 超高清地面广播全链路系统 Display Presentation HEVC Decoding

17 Unidirectional Broadcasting Service
Support UHDTV Band width: 6/8MHz, 1.4/3/5/10/20MHz (option) Bit rate: >70Mbits/s in a single 8MHz channel Spectrum efficiency: >8bit/s/Hz C/N: -5dB~20dB Support SISO, MISO, 2*2 MIMO Support 256 Pipes Support frequency aggregation

18 Uplink Requirements Data Rate Cell Range Cell Capacity Mobility
Instantaneous minimum data rate of 1.2kbit/s in a 8MHz for every user Cell Range Up to 100 km cell sizes supported with reasonable performance Cell Capacity Up to 1000 active users per cell(8 MHz) (i.e., 200 active data clients) Mobility Optimized for low mobility(0-15km/h) but supports high speed Latency User plane < 10ms

19 UHDTV Terrestrial Interactive System
Macro Station Micro Station Fiber CRAN Center DTMB Transmitter Hybrid Interactive Heterogeneous Network

20 Media Delivery System: SMT
Multimedia Contents Multimedia Contents Streaming IP Files Broadband USA—ATSC EU—DVB JPN—ISDB CHN—DTMB Connective DLNA, UPnP AirPlay, Miracast TCP:MPEG-DASH, HLS UDP:FLUTE TS Broadcasting 广播网、互联网原来拥有各自独立的系统

21 Media Delivery System: SMT
Smart Media Transport Presentation Engine NGB Network convergence IP based for broadcasting Traffic sharing cooperative network Push and pull combined delivery IP Broadband 未来通过新的媒体传送技术实现了统一的IP基础上的网络融合,实现流量分担及推拉结合

22 ATSC3.0 standards System Proposal Technology Module
DVB(DVB-T2 and DVB-NGH) LG / Harris / Zenith(OFDM with optional MIMO technology) NERC / SJTU / SARI(OFDM with distributed MIMO,Uplink) Qualcomm / Ericsson(3GPP LTE eMBMS) Sinclair Broadcasting / Coherent Logix Samsung / Sony(Enhanced DVB-T2) Technicolor(DVB-T2 DVB-T2 Lite DVB-NGH features) Technology Module NHK CRC / ETRI(Cloud transmission technology) Allen Limberg Guarneri Communcations 参与美国ATSC3.0竞标

23 Collaboration Milestones
MNITI与工程中心的合作历程 FOBTV Initiative Joint Establishment Use Cases Joint Research Protocol Stack System Discussion Next Generation Television Project

24 MNITI Technology 2D + Depth Coding for Transmitting 3D TV
3 D camera L & R frames 2D+Depth images Example real 2D image & Depth map

25 MNITI and NERC-DTV Joint Project
Name: Russia-China Digital Television Key Technology Verification and Industrialization Partner: MNITI (Moscow Research Television Institute,Russia) NERC-DTV (National Engineering Research Center of DTV, China) Objective: Based on the two countries leading technologies, jointly develop the system technology for digital television system and establish the trial networks and new system verification, fasten the commercialization of the technologies, to leverage the digital television industry and services in two countries 双方合作项目:新一代技术验证与产业化

26 Project Items The joint development in Russia the experimental zone terrestrial 4K UHDTV broadcasting for a joint test of essential technology 4K DVB-T2 on the basis technology 4K UHDTV/DTMB, developed NERC DTV in the framework of the project 863. The purpose: experimental testing the possibility of creating universal system 4K UHDTV DVB-T2/DTMB for terrestrial 4K broadcasting in Russia and China and experimental testing TV sets for both systems in real conditions of reception. Russian Side: Source Codec System Chinese Side: Channel Codec System, Smart Delivery System 共同开展超高清基础上的下一代广播网络示范及技术验证

27 Project Impacts Russia and China has much similarities in broadcast industry such as the large TV users, the big and essential public terrestrial coverage network and the dual structure of the geographical status of the broadcast requirement. The project will help Fasten the Russia and China to adapt to the UHDTV and Hybrid service of the terrestrial network and promote the public broadcast network development Make complementary industry and leverage the television, set top box, pad etc consumer electronic industry and transmitter, exciter and encoder broadcast industry, and leverage more investment of Chinese manufacturers and operators in Russia To better coordinate the spectrum between the two countries 中俄在广播电视领域具有诸多共同点,比如大量的电视用户,大规模的公共覆盖任务及由于幅员辽阔而需要实现城乡二元广播结构 1. 加快推动中俄广播电视向超高清、混合广播等业务演进,提升更有竞争力的电视节目服务;2. 实现产业资源的互补及互促;3,开展两国的频谱的联合协调及规划

28 Chinese Manufacturing
China is the biggest manufacturer in the world. In 2013, China made 1.46 billion phones ( 80% of the world), 140 million TV shipment (54% of the world), 158 million STB shipment (80% of the world). Unit: Million Sets 中国制造的力量,手机年产14.6亿台,占全球产量的80%,彩电年产1.4亿台,占全球54%,机顶盒产量1.58亿台,占全球80% 2013年全球手机出货量达到18亿部,同比增长7.3%。其中,我国手机产量达到14.6亿部,增长23.2%,占全球出货量的81.1%。2013年我国彩电产量1.3亿台,已占全球出货量的54%。其中彩电国内销量4781万台,同比增长12.6%,液晶平板彩电内销4554万台,同比增长16.2%;外销5960万台,同比下降3.1%。

29 Comprehensive Broadcast Industry Chain
Verificatiion ISO Production Standards IP, Patents TV Sets Network IP Core SOC Head Ends Operation 媒体网络产业链 中国拥有完整的从标准、到IP到SoC,TV,节目制作系统、播出设备、网络设备等

30 Audio and Video Technology Innovation Exchange
HEVC Analyzer Streaming WIFI TV Cross Platform 4K Player Transmitters Exciters Transcoders ……

31 E-mail:
Thank You ! 7A, Golianovskaya 105094, Moscow, Russia Fax: +7 (499) 1018, East Sanliqiao 200125, Shanghai, China Fax: +86 (21)

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