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Night Vision Transfer of Technology (TOT(. Services: Supply the knowledge of the Night Vision Equipment Supply full set of manufacturing documents (drawings)

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1 Night Vision Transfer of Technology (TOT(


3 Services: Supply the knowledge of the Night Vision Equipment Supply full set of manufacturing documents (drawings) Supervise upgrade of current facilities according to plans Provide all manufacturing and testing equipments, and their installation instructions The professional personnel (Optics engineers, system engineers, Optical personnel) will supervise the construction of the production lines from the early start until it is fully functional– not on a daily basis – periodically as per understanding between the involved sides Definition and identification of sub-contractors and qualified vendors for optics, composite, metal material etc. Provision of a complete Bill of Material for the selected devices (BOM).p()

4 Deliverables: Selection of the desired Night Vision Equipment.  Night Vision Monocular  Night Vision Goggle  Night Vision Weapon Sight Survey in your country and infrastructure design. Production line, testing tools and machinery requirements and BOM (to be purchased only from recommended suppliers and / or delivered by us) Full set of production Files BOM For each device On the Job Training (OJT) Pre-Series Production System’s Qualification Series Production

5 Key Features:  Standard US Military System  Hand held spotting scope  Hands free mono-goggle (optional helmet mount)  Day/Night weapon sight (attached to an existing rifle scope with the optional universal adapter)  Surveillance and night-time photography (with the use of the optional camera adapter) 5

6 Specifications: Magnification1x (3x or 5x optional) Lens System26 mm f1.2 FOV40° Range of Focus25 cm to infinity Diopter Adjustment+6 to -4 IR IlluminatorYes Battery Type/Life AA (x1) / 20 hours CR123 / 40 hours Dimensions107mm x 50mm x 64mm Operating Temperature-40°C to +50°C 6 There is a variety of scopes. Final selection shall be made jointly

7 7 Key Features: Standard US Military System Gen II, SuperGen, Gen II+ or Gen III + or Internal Low Battery and IR Indicators Optional 3x & 5x Lenses Light Weight Combat Proven There is a variety of Sights. Final selection shall be made jointly

8 Specifications: Magnification1x Lens System26mm f1.2 Field of View40° Range of Focus20 Cm to infinity Diopter Adjustment+ 2 / - 6 Weather ResistantWaterproof up to 3' up to 30 min IR IlluminatorYes Battery Type / LifeAA (x2) / 40 hours (Min) Weight744g 8

9 Key Features: Water Proof Rugged Military Design Light Weight Weaver Style Mounting Base Red Mil-Dot reticle Top Mounted Objective Focus 9 There is a variety of Sights. Final selection shall be made jointly be made jointly

10 Specifications: Magnification -X4 Field of View -8.3° Objective Lens Focus - 25mm to infinity Eyepiece Focus - +2 to –5 dioptres Eye Relief - 30mm Entrance Pupil - 70mm Exit Pupil -7.5mm Reticle Adjustment - +/- 17mrad Reticle Type - injected Ballistic (design optional) Power Supply -AA Alkaline batteries (2 x 1.5v) Battery Life - 40 hours (nominal) at 20°C 12 hours (nominal) at 0 to -40°C 10

11 To Set Up Full Tot And Manufacturing Capability With In 24 Month ARO

12 FunctionDescriptionRequired Space Management - CEO - CFO - CTO - VP Marketing - Marketing 100sqm Production Management - Production Manager - Procurement Manager 20sqm Production Floor - Technicians - Elctroptic - Electronic - Mechanical 300sqm QAOptical & Electro- Mechanical 50sqm Final product storage and deliveriesTechnician 50sqm Technical DocumentationTechnician 30sqm Repair laboratory (after sale services)Technician 30sqm

13 Survey, Design and Planning of the Core Facilities & Capabilities: In this stage we will produce a full SOW (statement of work) book that will cover all aspect of the projects, will define the work that will need to be carried in your country. The SOW will include comprehensive Planning of the assembly floor

14 New Facility Establishment: In this stage will prepare the local facility in your country according to our plan and will finish the assembly floor plan. The basic assembly facility will be installed by us. We will supply the infrastructure. ** 600 square meter Facility will be able to produce 400-500 devices in a month.

15 Finishing the local facility in your country: In this stage we will finish to supply & install all the necessary equipment that will be needed in order to produce the 3 NVD's in your country. We will supply the Test equipments, QA alignment, bore sighting equipment and Other Tools



18 Electro-Optical Equipment for Night Goggles Resolution Test Electronics and Opto-mechanical Hot Mock-Up Test Equipment for Night Vision Binocular Electro-Optical Equipment for Night Goggles Amplification Test

19 Complete Production and testing files: We will complete the production and the testing files Configuration of the specified devices, including breakdown of the designed components  3D Design  2D Production DWG We will provide a full manufacturing book for the three (3) types of NVG Based Devices. The manufacturing book will include:

20 Engineering Documentation. (a) Parts List. (b) Part Electrical Lists. (c) Part Drawings. (d) Assembly drawings. (e) Details of vendor items specifically developed by the OEM for the Licensed Product. (f) Engineering Change proposals covering details of modifications. (g) List of components where trace-ability records are important. (h) Details of environment tests. (i) Bill of materials and Ordering Specifications (j) Full technical details of proprietary items. (k) Material data sheets-chemical composition/mechanical-properties -for all metallic/non-metallic materials/consumables.

21 Manufacturing Documentation (a) Process Sheets including details of special processes and finishes. (b) Complete set of drawings for tooling, jigs and fixtures.. (c) List of shop consumables with details of specifications; source of procurements data on shelf life. (d) Assembly tree/sequence, assembly process sheets including assembly settings and checks, assessments to be made, matching sub assemblies, markings. (e) Any special manufacturing facilities to be set up indicating plant and machinery. (f) Test equipment (h) Inspection stages, quality plan, details of inspection equipment, gauges. (i) Calibration procedures for inspection equipment, gauges, heal treatment & process equipment (j) Operation Sequence Sheets.

22 Test Documentation (a) Factory Test specification, procedure and acceptance test specification, (b)Complete set of drawings for manufacture of test jigs including fixtures. (c) Special category test details (recertification, production series testing, quality assurance Testing.

23 Technical Manuals Documentation (a) User handbook detailing operational use of equipment (b) Installation and commissioning manual (c) Maintenance Manual covering. (d) Periodic maintenance. (e) Trouble shooting and fault diagnosis manual. (f) Recommended Spares List.

24 General Documentation (a) Standard inspection method (inward goods in-process and final acceptance). (b) Process standards/procedures. (c) Workmanship standards/procedures. (d) Quality standards/procedures including incoming inspection procedures, quality manuals. (e) General procedures (f) Qualified Vendor Lists. (g) Standard tools, jigs and fixtures.

25 On the Job Training (OJT): Our professionals will carry on a local training During this time our staff will train professional people to assemble and to support the 3 types NVD. We will provide 10 kits of any kind at the end of the construction of the plant

26 ARO +10ARO+12ARO+14ARO+18ARO+20ARO+24 1Establish of contract 2 Establish SOW 3 Site survey 4approval of production floor plan 5 shipment of production floor hardware & tools 6completion of the production floor 7approval of Specification 8complete of 3D Design 9manufacturing of samples. 10 submitting the manufacturing book and 10 samples of each NVD 11Training in your country 12 full project manager support: ARO+16ARO+22ARO+2 +8 +6 Contract Signing: NV Systems Definition: Assembly, Test, QA alignment / bore sighting Equipment and Other Tools: SOW On the Job Training A top management support: ARO+4


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