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2015-16 Student/Parent Class Registration Oneonta High School.

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1 2015-16 Student/Parent Class Registration Oneonta High School

2 Rising Seniors Diploma Options for Class of 2016

3 Rising Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors OCS Diploma Options Beginning with 2017 Graduation Cohort UNITS OF CREDITAlabama State DiplomaAlabama State Diploma with Oneonta City Academic Endorsement Alabama State Diploma with Oneonta City Advanced Academic Endorsement English444 Math444 Science444 Social Studies444 Physical Education 111 Health.5 Career Preparedness 111 CTE and/or Foreign Lang and/or Art 333 Electives2.5 Requirements-1 Foreign Language -Complete PreCalculus -One (1) AP Course -2 Foreign Languages (same language) -Additional math above PreCalculus -Three (3) AP Courses Total Credits24

4 OHS Electives Elective Courses9 th Grade Electives10 th Grade Electives11 th Grade Electives12 th Grade Electives Foreign Language (all 1 credit each) Spanish ISpanish I or II ArtVocals (.5) Varsity Band I (1) Vocals (.5) and Theatre (.5) Varsity Band II (1) Vocals and Theatre Varsity Band III Vocals and Theatre Varsity Band IV Career Tech (all 1 credit each) Foundation Courses - Ag I -Business Tech -FACS -Ag I or Ag II -Business Tech or Finance/Accounting - FACS or Family Studies Y1 (Courses are sequenced) -Ag I or Ag II or Ag III -Business Tech or Finance/Accounting -FACS or Family Studies Y1 or Family Studies Y2 (Courses are sequenced) -Blount County Career Tech Center -Ag I or Ag II or Ag III -Business Tech or Finance/Accounting -FACS or Family Studies Y1 or Family Studies Y2 (Courses are sequenced) -Blount County Career Tech Center Physical Education (all 1 credit each) -LIFE PE or -Varsity Band -LIFE PE -Advanced PE -LIFE PE -Advanced PE -LIFE PE -Advanced PE Driver’s EducationNA-Driver’s Ed (.5) Yearbook (all 1 credit each) NA-Journalism I (application/interview process) -Journalism II (application/interview process) -Journalism III (application/interview process) Broadcasting (all 1 credit each) NA -WOHS (application/interview process) -WOHS (application/interview process) ACCESS – Web Based Courses Counselor Approval

5 Math Pathways Path8 th Grade9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade A1Algebra AAlgebra BGeometryAlgebra with Finance or Algebra II w/Trig A2Algebra 1PreAP GeometryAlgebra II with TrigPreCalculus A3Algebra IPreAP Geometry PreAP Algebra II w/Trig PreCalculusAP Calculus OHS Student Handbook statement : “Students who complete Algebra I in the eighth grade will be required to take four (4) additional math credits at Oneonta High School.”

6 ACCESS Distance Learning Web-Based (Online) Courses – Counselor Approval Additional Foreign Languages – French I, German I, Latin I Web Design I (full year; prerequisite computer application or keyboarding) Creative Writing (½ credit) & Journalism (½ credit) Psychology (½ credit) & Sociology (½ credit) (11 th and 12 th grade students who are reading on grade level) *ACCESS course requests will be processed. Courses may or may not be offered according if funding is available. Please check with the counselor about dual enrollment.

7 Dual Enrollment OHS partners with Snead State Community College and Wallace State Community College. This program is available to 10 th -12 th grade (ALSDE requirement) students who have received approval from their high school and meet requirements to receive both college credit and high school credit. All tuition, books, and fees are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Dual Enrollment packets are available in the high school counselor’s office on a quarterly basis for completion and returned to the high school counselor by the deadline listed on the packet. Please check website for availability and deadline under Counselor’s Corner Calendar. *MTH125 and MTH126 – Principal approval High School CoursesCollege Course Timeline 11 th Grade US HistoryHIS201HIS202Summer after completing 10 th Gr US HistoryDuring junior year PreCalculusMTH112MTH113Summer after completing Algebra II with TrigDuring school year after completing Algebra II with Trig 12 th Grade EnglishENG101ENG102Summer after completing 11 th Gr EnglishDuring senior year

8 Dual Enrollment Elective Course Offerings Snead State Community CollegeWallace State Community College ART100 Art AppreciationPSY200 General Psychology MUS101 Music AppreciationSOC200 Introduction to Sociology THR120 Theatre AppreciationSPH106 Fund. of Oral Communication PSY200 General PsychologySPH107 Fund. of Public Speaking SOC200 Introduction to Sociology SPH106 Fund. of Oral Communication SPH107 Fund. of Public Speaking FRN101 Introductory French I FRN102 Introductory French II FRN201 Intermediate French I FRN202 Intermediate French II

9 High School Credit Classes High School Credit classes will go on a High School Transcript. A high school transcript will impact the rest of your educational career. GPA (Grade Point Average) Class rank Colleges first snapshot of you

10 A+ College Readiness Implementation Beginning the 2015-2016, Oneonta City Schools System will be offering a more rigorous course pathway for our students. AP Potential Studies have shown that the rigor of a student's high school curriculum is the single best predictor of success in college. It has also been proven that students who take rigorous course work obtain higher college entrance exam scores such as the ACT and SAT.

11 Survey Study The National Association for College Admission Counseling's (NACAC) annual State of College Admissions survey consistently finds that student performance in college preparatory classes is the most important factor in the admission decision. With this in mind, students should take advantage and enrollment in PreAP and AP courses even if the student has the impression that only "top" students should take these courses or the fear that taking a challenging course might result in a lower GPA. Advanced-level courses are worth the extra effort.

12 CollegeBoard release: “Admission officers are not impressed by straight As when they are all earned in easy courses. Many colleges recalculate applicants’ GPAs, giving extra points for PreAP or AP courses.” “Students should take a balanced load, one that allows them to devote the necessary time to each course. Colleges look for quality, not quantity.” CollegeBoard

13 AP and PreAP Grade Weights per OHS Handbook Statement “Averages will be computed on a 4.0 scale: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. Advanced Placement courses (AP American History, AP English, AP Science, and AP Math) will be awarded one extra point: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2. PreAP Classes will be awarded 0.5: A=4.5, B=3.5, C=2.5, and D=1.5. If a student falls below a D in an AP or PreAP class, the extra point for class rank will not be awarded. Grade Point Averages (GPA) equal the number of grade points earned divided by the number of semester classes. AP classes will be awarded 8 points (4 points per semester) and PreAP classes will be awarded 4 points (2 points per semester). Transfer students’ weighted courses will follow the criteria approved for AP and Honors classes by the Oneonta Board of Education in 2011-2012.” OHS Student Handbook

14 Cost of AP Exams A+ College Readiness Program will cover part of the cost of AP exams for English, math, and science. For those AP courses, your cost will be $40 per exam. For those students taking AP US History, you will pay the full cost of the AP US History Exam of $91.00.

15 PreAP and AP Course Offerings PreAP Courses9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade EnglishPreAP English 9PreAP English 10 MathPreAP GeometryPreAP Algebra II with Trig SciencePreAP BiologyPreAP Chemistry Social Studies/HistoryPreAP US History AP Courses11 th Grade12 th Grade EnglishAP English LanguageAP English Literature MathAP Calculus ScienceAP Biology AP Chemistry AP Biology AP Chemistry Social Studies/HistoryAP US History

16 PreAP and AP English Considerations PreAP Courses9 th Grade PreAP English 9 PreAP English 10Honors English 9 PreAP English 9 AP Courses9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade AP English Language Honors English 9 or PreAP English 9 Honors English 10 or PreAP English 10 AP English Literature Honors English 9 or PreAP English 9 Honors English 10 or PreAP English 10 AP English Language

17 PreAP and AP Science Considerations PreAP Courses9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade PreAP Biology-Algebra I or -PreAP Geometry PreAP Chemistry-PreAP Algebra II w/Trigonometry -Algebra II w/Trigonometry PreAP Courses are designed to prepare students to take future AP courses but not a requirement. AP Courses9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade AP Biology -PreAP Geometry -PreAP Biology AP Chemistry -PreAP Algebra II w/Trig -PreAP Chemistry -Algebra II w/ Trig -PreAP Chemistry

18 AP History Considerations AP History9 th Grade10 th Grade AP US HistoryPreAP US History

19 Counselor Contact: Rhonda Gibbs (205) 625-3802 Thank you!

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