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Presented by Chad Schaedler, National Sales Director, ConnectEDU.

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1 Presented by Chad Schaedler, National Sales Director, ConnectEDU

2 Who We Are 2 Founded, in 2002, to address the inefficiencies students face in college and career transitions Industry leader in: First with SIS (K12/Post-Secondary) integration College-to-college transition solutions Electronic student records Largest and fastest growing Going-to-College/Career Network Developer of award-winning, proprietary technology (Connect!, Prep HeadQuarters), four patents/pending

3 3 The ConnectEDU National Network™ 2,000+ high schools & 300+ colleges 1.9 million students Anticipated growth in ‘09 of 1,000 high schools and 300 additional colleges

4 4 Network Projections Year # 18-24 # College Students# Projected C! # Projected C! year olds (63% of 18-24) Colleges College Students 2009 30,342 19,115 3002,315 (12%) 2010 30,565 19,255 6004,630 (24%) 2011 30,692 19,335 8506,559 (34%) 2012 30,739 19,365 1,1008,488 (44%) 2013 30,671 19,322 1,35010,417 (54%) 2014 30,478 19,201 1,60012,346 (62%) Numbers in thousands Demographic CDU Projections

5 Vision 5 Employers interact with students and their supporters throughout their education lifecycle to actively participate in college and career planning.

6 6 TalentConnect starts now with existing functionality already built into the Connect! and PrepHQ platforms. Over the summer of 2009, extend the TalentConnect functionality and enhance it on the ConnectEDU platform giving it its own identity and "branding". For the start of the 2009/2010 school year include TalentConnect with the launch of C!Next. Over the 2009/2010 school year enhance TalentConnect to include 4 year college student populations. TalentConnect Overview

7 7 Data Integration TalentConnect integrates with the college SIS to better inform the process eTranscripts Verified gpa’s

8 8 Informed Major - Career Pathways Connect! utilizes “tag cloud” development to help inform a student’s major(s) and career correlation based on the student’s curriculum plan, academic performance, and “out-of-classroom” interests … ANSWERING THE AGE OLD QUESTION – “JUST WHAT DOES STATISTICS HAVE TO DO WITH MY FUTURE, ANYWAY?”

9 9 Connect! exposes students to career information and the training / skill sets required to follow specific career paths Information and Employer Launch-Pad PRIMARY GOAL OF TalentConnect – TO LINK EMPLOYER PROFILES TO THE DESCRIPTIONS OF CAREERS THEY OFFER

10 10 Connect! helps students develop and publish robust portfolios / student profiles: - Academic Record - Extracurricular Activities - Recognitions, Areas of Interest Robust, Published Student Profiles CREATING AN INTEGRATED COLLEGE AND CAREER COMMUNITY – AND A LAUNCHPAD FOR COLLEGE AND EMPLOYER RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT

11 11 Career Exploration Tools Connect! allows students to search employer profiles based on their interests and skill sets CREATING A SELF- SELECTING DATA POINT BASED ON STUDENT ACTIVITY– A LAUNCHPAD FOR INFORMED EMPLOYER ENGAGEMENT AND INTERACTIONS

12 12 Student Outreach Brand the Company to young people as they are making career decisions Mentor and guide students to the education and training decisions that will help them succeed in the workforce Sponsor / scholarship students as they complete college Offer internships / employment opportunities to targeted candidates

13 13 TalentConnect Partner Outreach Connect! lets users explore robust employer profiles for TalentConnect partners Students can: -engage in corporate initiatives -review career tracks -view employee profiles

14 14 TalentConnect Employer Partner Role Identify and search for students with skills, backgrounds, and career interests that are a good match for the organization Identify and interact with students that are still forming their career interests and goals Build meaningful relationships with students early and through the collegiate experience

15 Privacy Related Issues FERPA & PPRA: “ConnectEDU operates on behalf of educational institutions in full compliance with all federal and state school privacy laws, including the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The Company maintains an advanced, managed security perimeter for Connect!, within auditable SAS 70 Level II security standards.” Privacy Policy: ConnectEDU's Privacy Policy

16 Demonstration 16

17 Testimonial 17

18 Questions 18

19 19 TalentConnect Pricing Grid Greater than 2500 employees (U.S.)MHTC PartnerNetwork Partner 4 yr. contract 3 yr. contract TalentConnect! Network - Annual Subscription Y1$50,000$75,000 Founding Partner TalentConnect! Discount for Year 1**25% Year 1 Subscription$37,500$56,250 TalentConnect! Network - Subsequent Annual Cost$50,000$75,000 Y1 TOTAL$37,500$56,250 Y2 TOTAL$50,000$75,000 Y3 TOTAL$50,000$75,000 Y4 TOTAL$50,000(est.) $100,000 Y1+Y2+Y3+Y4 TOTAL$187,500$306,250 301 to 2500 employees (U.S)MHTC PartnerNetwork Partner 4 yr. contract 3 yr. contract TalentConnect! Network - Annual Subscription Y1$35,000$60,000 Founding Partner TalentConnect! Discount for Year 1**25% Year 1 Subscription$26,250$45,000 TalentConnect! Network - Subsequent Annual Cost$35,000$60,000 Y1 TOTAL$26,250$45,000 Y2 TOTAL$35,000$60,000 Y3 TOTAL$35,000$60,000 Y4 TOTAL$35,000(est.) $75,000 Y1+Y2+Y3+Y4 TOTAL$131,250$240,000 Network PartnerMHTC PartnerFewer than 300 employees (U.S) 3 yr. contract 4 yr. contract $25,000$15,000TalentConnect! Network - Annual Subscription Y1 ______________$25,000____________$20,000TalentConnect! Network - Subsequent Annual Cost___________________________ $25,000 $15,000 Y1 TOTAL $25,000$20,000Y2 TOTAL $25,000$20,000Y3 TOTAL __________(est.) $40,000____________$20,000_____________________________________________________________Y4 TOTAL _____________$115,000____________$75,000Y1+Y2+Y3+Y4 TOTAL

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