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Assuring students are college and/or career ready.

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1 Assuring students are college and/or career ready

2  Mandated by P.A. 11-135  To begin 2012-13 school year and each school year thereafter  For ALL students, Grades 6-12  Must include career and academic choices  Must be in an electronic format  Should be updated at least annually  Should travel with the student if school changes

3  Promote regular communication between school and parent/guardian, and among school personnel  Develop 21st Century Skills  Connect school program to “real life”  Identification of students who need proactive support and intervention  Involve student in a meaningful way in goal setting, reflection, and thoughtful planning

4  Student program results in some sort of demonstration of student accomplishments  Could be compilation of student best work examples (portfolio)  Could be some project, demonstration, performance, or experience  Demonstrates “most important components of K- 12 learning”  Increases engagement  Assures students meet SSP goals  Aligns with NEASC standards for core values and 21 st century learning expectations

5  Academic Development  Career Development  Social, Emotional, and Physical Development  Aligned with Connecticut Secondary School Reform Plan, CT Comprehensive School Counseling Program Guide/Frameworks, and Perkins Career planning

6  Map of planned academic choices over time  Selection of rigorous courses linked to interest, skills and career pathways  Selection of courses for the attainment of education and/or career goals  Progress toward successful completion of Portfolio/Capstone Project  Ongoing support and assessment of progress with mentor/advisor  Provision of timely intervention

7  Interest and ability inventories  Career exploration activities and elective courses  Postsecondary education and career pathway development  Provides some real experience such as a job shadow, internship, or work-experience

8  Effective decision-making skills  Empathic interactions and community service  Utilizing supportive resources  Healthy and safe life skills/choices  Broadened awareness of self within a global context

9  Adults are expected to mentor and support students in a more formal way  Adults need to be more cognizant of what students are interested in doing and how to get to the target  Adults need to be aware of requirements and options for students  Adults need to “keep doors open” for students by exploring possibilities and opportunities

10  Expanded 6-12 focus because students start on some course trajectories early in their academic careers  Exploring interests and skills and matching them to relevant and rigorous coursework will make school more relevant and engaging  SSPs depend on developing relationships between students and adults  SSPs are enhanced by experiences beyond the school walls

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