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NWPCSS Review Meeting Jason Gallagher. Attendees Jason Gallagher HE/FE Sales Manager Alistair KuhnbaumSupplies Manager.

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1 NWPCSS Review Meeting Jason Gallagher

2 Attendees Jason Gallagher HE/FE Sales Manager Alistair KuhnbaumSupplies Manager

3 HE/FE Structure Jason Gallagher Business Unit Manager Higher and Further Education Higher Education Hardware Further Education Hardware Bruce Morley- Newman HE South Peter Hueck FE South Lee Hayes HE North Marie-Louise Hitt HE/FE Wales Paul Lewis FE North Jacqui Garton FE External Consumables Tammy White NWPCSS/NWUPC Internal Leanne Smith NWPCSS/NWUPC Internal Deb Wallis NWPCSS/NWUPC Internal David Warren Scotland External Marie-Louise Hitt Wales External Chris Hepworth-Bourne England External

4 Sales Growth SalesCustomersOrders Q1 2012£799,549793350 Q1 2013£1,185,156986550 Q2 2012£1074139834346 Q2 2013£122945967080 Sales growth form Q1 to Q2 -Q1 2012 – Q1 2013 sales growth of 48% -Q1 2012 – Q1 2013 order growth of 95% -Q1 2012 – Q1 2013 customer growth of 24% -Q2 2012 – Q2 2013 sales growth of 13% -Q2 2012 – Q2 2013 order growth of 63% -Q2 2012 – Q2 2013 customer growth of 16%

5 Top Spending Accounts Quarter 1Quarter 2 AccountSales (£)AccountSales (£) Cardiff University 98,559.69Cardiff University 118,348.85 University of Sheffield 72,802.94University College London 66,867.68 Newcastle University 64,633.21University Of Cambridge64,951.37 University College London (UOL) 62,530.67University of Warwick 57,099.12 University of Warwick 60,032.10University of Sheffield 56,758.41 University of Oxford 55,783.91Newcastle University 53,804.32 University Of Cambridge 50,938.05De Montfort University 47,806.19 University Of Leicester 48,371.49University of Oxford 46,501.18 University of the West of England 42,188.97University of Hertfordshire 43,949.69 University of Hertfordshire 40,633.47University Of Leicester42,842.22 University of Hull 40,500.66Kings College London (LUPC/SUPC) 40,063.34 De Montfort University 37,355.40University of Leeds 39,108.66 King's College London (UOL) 36,978.95University of Hull 34,125.29 Oxford Brookes University 33,933.27University Of Greenwich 32,691.16 University of Brighton 29,631.64University of the West of England 32,529.18 City University 29,471.10University of Huddersfield 30,627.57 University of Huddersfield 22,436.97City University28,294.58 University of Leeds 21,394.72University of Brighton27,726.32 University of Sussex 18,662.82University of Sussex 26,880.88 University of York 17,388.67Oxford Brookes University 24,484.64

6 Management Information CriteriaUnit of MeasureSupplier Response Total mass of waste collected from HEIs which is sent to landfill KG0 Carbon footprint output in respect of top ten selling (by unit volume) toners CO2e kg6936 Carbon footprint saving achieved by consolidation of deliveries CO2e kg Number of orders consolidated as a percentage of total number of orders received %2 Number of product lines supplied to the agreement#2914 Total efficiency savings passed on to institutions as a result of product rationalisation £0 Number of contracted suppliers to service the agreement #2 Total efficiency savings passed on to institutions as a result of supplier rationalisation £0

7 New Customers New Web Customers – - Cranfield University, University of Warwick, University of Reading, University of Leicester, University of Oxford, University of Bath, University of Liverpool, University of Teeside New E-Procurement Customers - University of Bath

8 Marketing Activity Exhibitions: HEPCW, COUP, IntoUniversity Marketing – NWPCSS branded e-shots Joined up Approach with rest of XMA Accreditations brochure Weekly e-shots focusing on HE frameworks Exhibition banners Framework related direct mail

9 E-procurement XMA Web: Usage up 100% with Warwick, BCU & Leicester Sci Quest: Nottingham, Warwick, Oxford, Bath Parabalis: Newcastle, Brunel, Greenwich Science Warehouse: Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Cambridge, Oxford Brookes, Kings College, York, Royal Holloway Pecos: APUC, Open University @UK: Huddersfield, Reading Proactis: Hull New E-Catalogue Co-ordinator: Mike Watson

10 Sustainability Environmental Cartridge Sales - Numbers up from £1325 to £2059 Qtr on Qtr – 84% Increase One of few partners in UK now working with HP on ‘Supplies Take Back Program.’ Program is unique in that the reseller returns & processes supplies Ensures empties go to a reputable recycler SBD Efficiencies -Consistently working with HP to maximise breadth and depth of support for NWPCSS -Early adoption of C-Sku and processes in place to maximise C-Sku migration -£50K saving (5%) maximum saving achievable over Q1/Q2 with existing C-Sku portfolio

11 Customer Feedback

12 Areas for improvement Agreement benchmarking service Suppliers promotion and marketing of the agreement Quality of suppliers brochure/catalogue Quality of service from suppliers representatives Response to mini competitions Value of money for the agreement

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