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© Landis+Gyr Author 12.04.2015 / 1 Product Updates/Overviews and Training – 2004 C.B. Associates and Landis + Gyr.

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1 © Landis+Gyr Author / 1 Product Updates/Overviews and Training – 2004 C.B. Associates and Landis + Gyr

2 © Landis+Gyr Author / 2

3 © Landis+Gyr Author / 3 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering

4 © Landis+Gyr Author / 4 Landis + Gyr Residential Metering Altimus Family AL Kwh Only AXL Kwh only/Upgradeable AX Demand/Tou RX Reactive Service Disconnect

5 © Landis+Gyr Author / 5 Landis + Gyr Residential Metering Altimus Communications Optical Port Modem DCSI

6 © Landis+Gyr Author / 6 Altimus with DCSI Altimus Kwh Only, Demand, TOU Altimus Disconnect with DCSI Amp BLP Switch - Remote Arming with Onsite Activation - Load Side Sensing - Current Limiting Landis+Gyr Residential Metering

7 © Landis+Gyr Author / 7 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering The FOCUS Family of Residential Meters

8 © Landis+Gyr Author / 8 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS Family Objective “To provide the utility industry with a reliable, quality, low cost solid state kWh meter platform that is easily adaptable to various AMR technologies.”

9 © Landis+Gyr Author / 9 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS Family Vision “To be the supplier of choice for solid state residential AMR metering products.”

10 © Landis+Gyr Author / 10 FOCUS kWh Technology Digital Multiplication Measurement Single Circuit Board Design Landis+Gyr ASIC Supports NET metering Non-volatile Memory Designed for 15+ Year Life Landis+Gyr Residential Metering

11 © Landis+Gyr Author / 11 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS Available Meter Forms 2S, 2SE, 4S and 2K 240V 1S 120V 3S 120V and 240V 12S and 25S 120/208V

12 © Landis+Gyr Author / 12 FOCUS Meter Specifications Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C Load Performance Accuracy Class.2% Starting Load 50 mA or 12 Watts (2S) Burden < 1.8 Watts (2S) Meets ANSI Standards ANSI protocol Landis+Gyr Residential Metering

13 © Landis+Gyr Author / 13 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS kWh Meter Features Selectable Metrics Flexible Display Functionality Optional KYZ Output Configuration Port Factory Programming Available Polycarbonate and Glass Covers available Sealed using T-seal and wire seal methods

14 © Landis+Gyr Author / 14 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS kWh Meter Displayable Metrics (any or all) + kWh - kWh Net kWh Added kWh (Security) Line Voltage Diagnostic Flags

15 © Landis+Gyr Author / 15 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS kWh Flexible Display Functionality Easily Readable 8-digit LCD Power Consumption Indicator (DRI, DPI) 4x1, 4x10, 5x1 and 6x1 metric display Selectable Meter Multiplier up to 240 (1200:5 CT) Scroll sequence can include Diagnostic Flags and Line Voltage Display scroll - Programmable from 1 to 15 seconds

16 © Landis+Gyr Author / 16 FOCUS kWh Configuration Port Capabilities Designed for meter shop environment Configuration can be done without removing cover Set or reconfigure display metrics, multipliers etc. Reset register to zero (also preset specific value) KYZ Output selectable (1/12 increment of Kh) +kWh, -kWh or Added kWh Landis+Gyr Residential Metering

17 © Landis+Gyr Author / 17 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS Road Map kWh  AMR  Dem/TOU/LP

18 © Landis+Gyr Author / 18 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS kWh Only Availability Forms 1S, 2S, 2SE, 3S (120 & 240 volts) and 4S - Available Now Forms 12S and 25S (Network) - Available Now Form 2K - Available by June ’04 KYZ Output - Available by March ’04 Forms 2s, 2se and 12s - Available with and without external potential link

19 © Landis+Gyr Author / 19 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS Planned AMR Technologies Focus SL-1 (StatSignal) KWH Only+ 2-way RF (900 MHz Mesh Technology) Integrated AMR Enhanced feature capabilities Available by May ‘04

20 © Landis+Gyr Author / 20 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering FOCUS Planned AMR Technologies Focus TS-1 (Hunt Technologies) KWH Only 1-way PLC Modular Design (Plug & Play) Available by July ‘04

21 © Landis+Gyr Author / 21 FOCUS Planned AMR Technologies FOCUS TS-2 (Hunt Technologies) kWh Only+ 2-way PLC Integrated Design Available by Sept ‘04 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering

22 © Landis+Gyr Author / 22 FOCUS Planned AMR Technologies FOCUS DCSI (TWACS) kWh Only+ 2-way PLC Integrated AMR Enhanced Feature Set Available June ‘04 Landis+Gyr Residential Metering

23 © Landis+Gyr Author / 23 Landis+Gyr S4 Family News

24 © Landis+Gyr Author / 24 Landis+Gyr C&I Metering: S4 Features Build a meter concept - Software upgrade: AXL to AX to RX -Output relay flexibility - 4 out, 2 in -Up to 128k ram with 15 programmable channels of load profile and up to 6 Self- Reads -Modem, RS232, RS485, AMR module High sampling rate - 3 MHz for V and I pairs Simultaneous utilization of modem, LP, KYZ, TOU Real-time Rate activation Largest space “under cover” for AMR applications

25 © Landis+Gyr Author / 25 Enhancements To S4 – S4e CCustomer’s investment protected -Flash memory *Allows upgrades and feature enhancements -128k ram – On board (15 LP channels) -Firmware versions available for ANSI tables or DGCOM protocols -Transformer Loss Compensation (available in ANSI version)

26 © Landis+Gyr Author / 26 ServiceScan tm Displays NOTE: Continuous Display GyrPye tm Power Quad Indicator NOTE: Electronic Disk Emulator NOTE: Continuous Display of Nominal Voltage and Service

27 © Landis+Gyr Author / 27 S4 and S4e New Hybrid Cover

28 © Landis+Gyr Author / 28 New Hybrid Cover Features Superior Design Improved reset switch – easier to use Non-yellowing automotive headlamp grade acrylic window molded into polycarbonate cover. Window strength superior to competition cover Existing optical port design Keylock available In production now

29 © Landis+Gyr Author / 29 Landis+Gyr - C&I Metering S4 AMR Technologies DCSI (“under-the-cover) – Now PLC SIMS (“under-the-cover”) - Now Skytel pager network Envoy (“under-the-cover”) – Now Skytel pager network Innovatech (External) – Now RS232 output from meter Comverge CDMA cellular (External) – Now RS232 output from meter Hunt (External) – Now Pulse output from meter

30 © Landis+Gyr Author / 30 Communicating S4 Meter Status CDMA/GPRS (undercover) June 04 S4-Pager (ENVOY) – Released to Production (Offers Ultracap/No Btry) IP module (undercover) Development in works 1- Field BETA test site now DCSI CMT-S4 Module Released 1-port, 3-port and 480V Versions Landis+Gyr S4 Family News

31 © Landis+Gyr Author / 31 Additional S4 Communication Options Under Development StatSignal two-way 900 Mhz RF mesh technology – April 04 Smart Synch Telephone Modem – Sample Stage Now Hunt Technologies TS2 two-way module Landis+Gyr S4 Family News

32 © Landis+Gyr Author / 32 AGENDA Prog and 1132 Com - ProPak - ProView - Focus Config Tool

33 © Landis+Gyr Author / Prog & 1132Com Landis + Gyr Program and Read Windows based Software

34 © Landis+Gyr Author / 34 Training Agenda This Presentation Load Software Demo 1132Prog Demo 1132Com

35 © Landis+Gyr Author / 35 Products Supported? DGCOM Protocol -DXS2 Meters -RDS3 Meters -AX/RX S4 & AX/RX Altimus Meters -DXMX Meters ANSI Protocol -AX/RXS4 Meters

36 © Landis+Gyr Author / 36 Products Not Supported Optocom Protocol (Early to Mid 80’s) CTR Registers DD Registers DG-100 Recorders DC/DCR PDR Family (Early 80’s)

37 © Landis+Gyr Author / 37 Cables Supported Siemens Optical Probe PM-500 Series Probes GE Smartcoupler Ametek Probe being investigated

38 © Landis+Gyr Author / 38 Operating Systems We are committed to the following: -Windows ’98 – Second Addition -Windows NT -Windows ME -Windows Windows XP

39 © Landis+Gyr Author / 39 Database MS Office Access Can use existing Access We provide RT MS Office Access 2000

40 © Landis+Gyr Author / Prog Functional Differences 1132Prog is built as a project on an MS Access database You can have multiple databases Each database can have multiple field packages Meter Upgrades are NOT part of 1132Prog/1132Com Done with a utility called ProPak Communication setup done within 1132Com Field packages only for program availability and menu choices

41 © Landis+Gyr Author / 41 More 1132Prog Functional Differences Two levels of Users in 1132Prog Programmer Cannot Edit Users or Security Administrator Can Edit everything Sample programs never lost

42 © Landis+Gyr Author / Com Features Probe/Protocol independent (you do not need to specify, but you can set which to try first) PC serial port and modem setup within 1132Com -Does not affect Operating System settings -Uses ‘normal’ Windows GUI Retains more device information More extensive On Line information

43 © Landis+Gyr Author / Com Features Cont’d Retains Communications Log and Trace Log Can see Load Profile via View Data More information available during comm sessions Task Bar can be customized V & A can be displayed & printed as vectoral diagram Much more complete on-line help Wizard tool for programming

44 © Landis+Gyr Author / Installation There are two down loads: 1132Prog and 1132Com 1132Prog installation - Do not have Access at all and need Access 2000 RT (70MB) - Have Access ’97 and need Access 2000 RT (10MB)

45 © Landis+Gyr Author / Com Installation Can be loaded independent of 1132Prog It is a separate install Requires about 15MB (plus ‘room’ for data)

46 © Landis+Gyr Author / Prog to 1132Com If on same PC, run 1132Com from 1132Prog If on a different PC, load 1132Com and then simply copy needed Access databases (*.mdb) to 1132Com Source directory (default) C:\Program Files\Siemens\1132Prog\Meter Files Default destination directory is the same

47 © Landis+Gyr Author / 47 Reporting ProView, with a ‘new’ LPFILES, will support DGCOM files MAXtrac, when updated, will support both ANSI and DGCOM MV-90 is able to handle DGCOM now Working with MV-90 on the ANSI support

48 © Landis+Gyr Author / 48 Migration from DG1100 Programs built in DG1100 cannot be migrated! Too many differences in the data structures Good opportunity to clean them up

49 © Landis+Gyr Author / 49 Support Call your local Salesperson Call the Siemens Metering Help Desk (800)

50 © Landis+Gyr Author / 50 Problem Reporting Call the help desk (800) Be prepared to provide: Good problem description Operating system Version in question Meter type & firmware Database and data directory on request

51 © Landis+Gyr Author / 51 Problem Resolution Priorities: Identified and verified issues (broken) ‘New work’ items (including new firmware releases)

52 © Landis+Gyr Author / 52

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