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The 411 on CSU Transfer Karen Simpson-Alisca California State University Office of the Chancellor.

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1 The 411 on CSU Transfer Karen Simpson-Alisca California State University Office of the Chancellor

2 Transfer BasicsUpdate on STAR Act/SB 1440Tools & Resources for CounselorsCCC/CSU Partnerships Programs

3 Transfer Basics In the beginning The Master Plan for Higher Education in California (Donahoe Higher Education Act 1960) defined the roles of the California Public Post- secondary Institutions to the university eligible graduates of a California pubic high schools O UC provide enrollment access to the top 1/8 O CSU provide enrollment access to the top 1/3 O CCC provide enrollment access to ”all others” The role of the CSU to transfer students as outlined in the Master Plan: O California Community College (CCC) Transfer Students have the highest admission priority over all other students (ED Code 66202) O CSU shall maintain an undergraduate student population composed of a ratio of upper-division to lower-division students of at least 60 to 40 percent (Section ).

4 * Cumulative GPA O Minimum GPA of 2.00 or better in all * transferable college units attempted O Completion of the “Golden Four” course requirements with a grade of “C” or better O Up to 70 transferable semester units (or 105 qt. units) accepted for transfer O Full or Partial GE certification recommended The Basics CSU Minimum Admission Requirements

5 O Upper-Division Transfer O 60 semester units (90 qt. units) units upper-division transfer (major) coursework O 30 semester units of General Education (Golden Four) coursework O Lower-Division Transfer O Less than 60 semester units (90 qt. units) units O Meet the eligibility index for first-time freshman O “a-g” H.S. college-preparatory coursework requirements  Missing H.S. requirement can be met at the Community College Transfer Basics Transfer Preparation

6 Special Related Advising Note O PELL changes including: Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) |Max # of FT semesters from 18 to 12 sem. O Cal Grant B : Increase in qualifying GPA (2.0 to 2.4) | Satisfactory academic progress (SAP)

7 Did you know? California Community College (CCC) transfer students have the same rate of graduation as CSU direct entry students

8 Enrollment management Impaction O Campuses or programs that receive more eligible application in the initial admission cycle than there are spaces available are considered impacted. O Procedural Requirements to Implement Impaction Status (AB 2402 ) O Changes that affects applicants within the local admission area of the affected campus shall become effective only after a period of at least one year O Campuses must submit an application for approval to the CSU Chancellors office after, public disclosure, public notification to all stakeholder groups and public hearings O The supplementary applicant pool generally determines the characteristics of admission offers

9 O Program Impaction O Open to all CSU eligible applicants O Supplementary admission criteria used to screen all applicants for admission O Campus Impaction (Local Admission Area) O Open to specified local area based on geographic and historical transfer trends Enrollment management Categories of Impaction

10 Enrollment Management Impaction Status O 14 CSU campuses are campus impacted for Transfer Admission O 23 impacted by program O 8 of those campuses have 5 or more programs impacted O 5 of those campus are impacted in all programs

11 Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act AKA STAR Act SB 1440 ADT AA-T/AS-T

12 Associate Degrees for Transfer (STAR Act) O Associate Degree Development O org O O CSU Admission Priority Consideration O CSU Mentor Modifications O Student Verification Process O Redirection



15 ADT enrollment census SB1440 Admission Basis Code Fall 2012Fall 2013 CSU Applications 1021,034 CSU Admitted 1021,034 CSU Enrolled 104Not Yet Available California Community College Associate in Science for Transfer (A.S.-T) Degree 1,700 Associate in Arts for Transfer (A.A.-T) Degree 3,379 mes/Program_Awards.aspx CSU Analytic Studies Preliminary Enrollment Report



18 Campus Local Admission Areas By FTF-Transfer Campus Local Admission Areas By FTF-Transfer Impacted Majors Matrix by campus Campus Impaction Information



21 CASPER Campus Admission Specific Practices & Enrollment Resources  Published annually  Official Transcript Deadline  Double Counting Major Req.  Enrollment Confirmation (SIR)  Repeated Courses  High Unit Majors Exceptions  Military Credit and Transcripts  ETC;

22 CSU Mentor  ADT (STAR Act) Enhanced programming logic to restrict false selection by students of CCC AA-T/AS-T degree completed.  Campus enhance tools to facilitate application redirection

23 CCC/CSU Partnerships to Enhance Student Preparation & Increase Transfer

24 CCC/CSU Partnerships O Give Students a Compass O Pilot programs offered at CCC that are intended to make general education more meaningful and impactful by integrating high-impact practices into the curriculum, (

25 STATWAY The Statway pilot project offers a two-semester, statistics-based alternative to the existing developmental math pathway Meets CSU GE-Breadth Area B4 Quantitative Reasoning Participating Colleges 1.Contra Costa Community College District 2.Foothill-DeAnza Community College District 3.Los Angeles Community College District 4.Mount San Antonio Community College District 5.Los Rios Community College District 6.San Diego Community College District 7.San Francisco Community College District

26 HSI STEM CSU/CCC Hispanic Serving Institution (HIS) awarded grants to expand and support the development of articulation between two and four year institutions or enhance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) components at HSIs. \ Participating CSU Campuses: Bakersfield Channel Islands Fullerton Health Professions Pathways professions/work-plan.shtml

27 Recommended Bookmarks O Student Academic Support Webpage O O CASPER, Admission Handbook O O Impaction Information O O General CSU Transfer Topics O www, www, O Transfer Counselors Website ( O Download copies of the Counselor Conference Presentations O

28 Tools to Support Your Work with Transfer Advising O Similar Degree Search O CSU Degree Search O ASSIST Next Gen O CSU Impaction Information O CSU Mentor –

29 Thank You For Your time! Now it’s Your Turn

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