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How Do Students Transfer?

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1 How Do Students Transfer?
Mariana Moreno, Transfer Center Coordinator, Crafton Hills College Khanh Hoang, Transfer Center Coordinator, College of the Desert How Do Students Transfer? This presentation demonstrates the new capabilities of PowerPoint and it is best viewed in Slide Show. These slides are designed to give you great ideas for the presentations you’ll create in PowerPoint 2010! For more sample templates, click the File tab, and then on the New tab, click Sample Templates.

2 Transfer Basics

3 CA Grand Master Plan for Higher Ed
Goal of 40% of entering freshman at both UC & CSU University of California (UC) – top 15% California State University (CSU) – top 1/3 Goal of 60% Junior Standing Transfer Students are given Priority Entering Freshmen Junior Standing

4 Freshman/Transfer Comparison*
Fall 2013 Applicants Avg. GPA Admits Admit Rate UC Irvine Freshman 59,051 4.03 24,852 42% Transfer 15,448 3.28 6,180 40% UC Berkeley 67,665 4.37 14,209 21% 15,985 3.77 3,836 24% UC Davis 55,872 22,013 39.4% 13,780 8,323 60.4% UC Merced 15,883 3.597 10,481 65.9% 2,232 3.17 916 41.04% UC Riverside 30,833 (CA residents) 3.76 18,554 60.2% 7,898 (CA residents) 3.25 4,936 62.5% UC San Diego 67,396 4.11 24,937 37% 15,017 3.61 7,959 53% *University of California 2013 Counselor Conference Materials

5 Minimum Transfer Admission Requirements
Private/Out of State Univ. of California (UC) California State Univ. (CSU) Minimum Transferrable Units Usually units (sophomore) 60 units (Junior) 60 Units Minimum GPA to apply Varies Widely 2.4/2.8 (non-resident) 2.0 SAT or ACT required No Associate degree required

6 California Community College (CCC)
college level courses Major Electives General Education 60 L.D + 60 U.P = BA/S: 120+ units General Ed completed at CCC will be honored at CSU and UC and colleges with an agreement.

7 General Education Breadth Patterns
IGETC UC (9 campuses) CSU (23 Campuses) Many CA Privates and some out-of-states accept IGETC and CSUGE Breadth CSU GE Breadth accepted at all 23 CSU

8 Articulation to CSU/UC
ASSIST.ORG Articulation to CSU/UC How one course earns credit or applied at another institution

9 An articulation agreement defines how course credit earned at one college can be applied when transferred to another Most CCCs have articulation agreements with local private and some out-of-state colleges Check your local CCC

10 Advanced Placement (AP)and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit is honored at CCC and applied towards transfer

11 Becoming a competitive Transfer Applicant

12 Transfer 101 Taking the right courses and in a timely manner
UC/CSU – Focus is on completion of major Programs change every year, check in with CCC counselor, univ rep,, etc. Applying during priority application period.

13 TAG is not required for admission, but beneficial
Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) FREE, pre-application for UC-bound transfer students. If the applicant meets campus specific TAG criteria, she is guaranteed a spot at the UC Campus. Apply Sept TAG is not required for admission, but beneficial

14 Example, UC Santa Barbara’s average GPA for admitted transfer students for Fall 2013 was a The TAG GPA was and still is 3.2 for most majors.

15 Which campuses participate in TAG?
There are 6 participating UC campuses: UC Davis UC Santa Cruz UC Irvine UC Santa Barbara UC Riverside UC Merced Students may only choose one campus to “TAG”! Each campus has specific criteria for TAG!

16 Associate Degree – Transfer (AD-T): What is it?
Sometimes referred to as “Transfer Degree” An option that allows students to complete an Associate degree while also completing CSU transfer requirements. Associate of Arts Transfer in Sociology (AA-T Sociology) Associate of Science Transfer in Mathematics (AS-T Mathematics) Guaranteed admission to the CSU system This PPT was developed by a counseling materials workgroup in August 2012 to help counselors as they do orientation sessions for students. It is intended to provide the basic information regarding the new associate degrees for transfer. Please feel free to customize this presentation to suit your local needs.

17 Services for Students at most CCCs
Transfer Services Programs for First-Generation College Students (EOPS, PUENTE) Services for students with physical and learning disabilities Honors Programs And many more….

18 Cross-Enrollment Allows community college students to enroll as nonmatriculated students in regular CSU or UC university courses on a space available basis, usually one course per term. Course fees are usually comparable with community college fees.

19 Preparing your students for CA community college
3 Preparing your students for CA community college Where Will You Go From Here?

20 Advice for your Future Transfer Student!
Help students explore careers Walk them thru ASSIST.ORG Explore with them the Transfer Center Website at the local CCC Know the student services at the local CCC. Encourage participation in Honors programs, UC TAG, Transfer Degrees, etc. Enroll in a Career Planning course Develop a Student Educational Plan immediately See a counselor every term Visit Transfer Center early and often! Stay on top of your own transfer path! Add and remove as it pertains to your college PLAN EARLY…SEE A COUNSELOR…PLAN EARLY…SEE A COUNSELOR…PLAN EARLY Advice for HS Counselors Advice for CCC-bound Students

21 T hank YOU Mariana Moreno, Transfer Center Coordinator, Crafton Hills College Khanh Hoang, Career & Transfer Center Coordinator, College of the Desert

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