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Chief Information Officers (CIO)

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1 Chief Information Officers (CIO)

2 IT Project Management Prince 2 Framework
Module 6 IT Project Management Prince 2 Framework

3 To present and provide basic concepts and techniques of IT Project Management using PRINCE 2 Framework Objectives of Module 6

4 IT Project Management Prince 2 Process Model
Pre Project Initiation Stage Subsequent Stages Final Stage Directing a Project P3 Directing Start Up P1 Managing a Stage Boundary P6 Managing a Stage Boundary P6 Closing a Project P7 Managing Initiating a Project P2 Controlling a Stage P4 Controlling a Stage P4 Manage Product Delivery P 5 Manage Product Delivery P 5 Delivering

Th1: Business Case (why) Th2: Organization (who) Th3: Planning (where, how, when and how much) Th4: Progress Assessment Th5: Risk Management (what if ) Th6: Quality Th7: Change Management

6 The PRINCE2 principles Pr1: Business Case Pr2: Continuous learning
Pr3: Roles and responsibilities Pr4: Manage by stages Pr5: Management by Exception Pr6: Product-based focus Pr7: Tailor

7 PRINCE 2: Project Documents
D1: Mandate D2: Business Case D3: Project Brief D4: Project Initiation Document (PID) D5: Work Package D6: Status Report (or Project Board Report) D7: Project End Report (closure document) D8: Exceptions Report D9: Lessons Report D10: Issue Register D11: Risk Register D12: Lessons Learned Register

leadership skills; to be open to conviction; to be able to deal with conflict; negotiation skills; ability to motivate; ability to solve problems

9 Related Building Blocks
Relationship between PRINCE2 themes and building blocks Themes No. Related Building Blocks Business Case Th1 B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 Organisation Th2 B1, B2, B12, B15, B22, B24 Planning Th3 B13, B22 Progress Assessment Th4 B5, B6, B16, B22, B23, B25 Risk Management Th5 B2, B5, B14, B22, B25, B30, B31 Quality in projects Th6 B11, B17, B21, B22 Change Management Th7 B1, B22, B23, B30, B31

Product-Based Planning (T1) Product Breakdown (B10) analyses the products in terms of product parts. If you then determine the quality requirements for these products, you have the basis for the planning. A plan that is based on the Product Breakdown shows the sequence of the project activities

11 Other Project Planning Techniques
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES Other Project Planning Techniques PERT: Project Evaluation and Review Techniques CPM: Critical Path Method

12 Other Techniques Quality Check (T2) Configuration Management (T3)
Lessons Learned and Customer Satisfaction (T4)

13 Project and portfolio management systems
Oracle SAP Planisware CA Clarity HP PPM Plan View Primavera Systems Compuware Microsoft Project Daptiv EPK Group Atlantic Global Cardinis Solutions Augeo Software Serena Software Power Steering Instantis Innotas Sciforma ITM Software Ability to Execute Completeness of Vision

14 Document Management (B1)
Revision History Approvals Distribution This building block shows the versions of a document and the most important changes in successive versions. In ‘Revision History’ the ‘status’ field provides the opportunity to indicate the stages that the document has passed through

15 Mandate - <number> <project name> (B2)
Reasons for acting Objectives/benefits Most important results Scope Limitations Relations with Other Projects

16 Project background <project name> B3
Context of project <<why is it needed, what is the preceding history, how does it fit into the programme?

17 Scope - <project name> (B4)
Geography Customer Processes Involved System Involved Departments Involves Products Involved

18 Business Case risk analysis - <project name> (B5)
Corporate risk Operational risk … Infrastructural risk … Supplier risk

19 Cost benefit cash flow - <project name>(B6)
Budget Profit and Loss Statement NPV Pay Back Period Internal Rate of Return

20 Project Approach- <project name> (B7)
In house Development Based on Specific Technology Big Bang Implementation Step by Step Alternatives A, B, C

21 Resources - <project name> (B12)
Resource Name Input Product Name Tasks Indicative Time frame

22 Planning <date> - <project name> (B13)
Product name Activities Start Date Completion Date Planned Vs Actual

23 Project Evaluation and Review Technique PERT / CPM

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