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CR ST CREST Center of Excellence in Formal Methods in Programming Ralph-Johan Back Director.

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1 CR ST CREST Center of Excellence in Formal Methods in Programming Ralph-Johan Back Director

2 CR ST IT in Turku University of Turku /Math Turku School of Economics/ IS Åbo Akademi University / IT University of Turku / IT Turku Polytechnic /IT TUCS ICT-house

3 CR ST IT-department  New Faculty of Technology at Åbo Akademi  Two departments  IT (Information technology)  KT (Chemical engineering)  IT previously spread out over three different faculties  MNF, KTF, ESF  Present personnel  Teaching appr. 30  Administration, technical support 9  Research 60 – 80 persons

4 CR ST IT-department (cont.)  Students and Degrees  Approx. 600 (masters and Ph.D. students)  new students and  new doctoral students enrolled each year  Financial volume 2007  Internal funding : 2 Meuros  External funding : 3.5 Meuros  Degrees  8 Ph.D theses in 2006, 5 Ph.D theses 2007  53 MSc theses in 2006, 56 MSc thesis 2007

5 CR ST IT at Å bo Akademi Åbo Akademi Faculty of Technology IT department Department of Chemical Engineering CREST IAMSR Other groups

6 CR ST Ph.D. theses  Linas Laibinis (J. von Wright)  Martin Büchi (R.Back)  Elena Troubitsyna (K.Sere)  Shuhua Liu (C.Carlsson)  Ivan Porres (R.Back)  Mauno Rönkkö (K.Sere)  Rainer Jansson (C.Carlsson)  Vladimir Kvassov (C.Carlsson)  Franck Tétard (C.Carlsson)  Bill Anckar (P. Walden)  Antonina Kloptchenko (B.Back)  Eija Koskivaara, TSE (B.Back)  Péter Majlender (C.Carlsson)  Otieno Mbare (C.Carlsson)  Mikael Collan (C.Carlsson)  Tomas Eklund (B.Back)  Aapo Länsiluoto, TSE (B.Back)  Rimvydas Ruksenas (K.Sere)  Seppo Wirtanen, UTU (J.Lilius)  Dag Björklund (J.Lilius)  Cristina Seceleanu (R.Back)  Luigia Petre ((K.Sere, R.Back)  Lu Yan (K.Sere)  Shengnan Han (P. Walden)  Jukka Arvo, UTU, (J. Westerholm)  Irina Georgescu (C.Carlsson)  Adrian Costea (B.Back)  Orieta Celiku (A. Mciver,K. Sere)  Viorel Preoteasa (R.Back)  Luka Milanov (R.Back)  Ville Harkke (C.Carlsson)  Chihab BenMoussa (C.Carlsson)  Kaj-Mikael Björk (C.Carlsson)  Francisco Augusto Alcaraz Garcia (C.Carlsson)  Erkki Patokorpi (P. Walden)  Dragos Truscan (J.Lilius)  Markus Alanen (I.Porres, R. Back)  Dubravka Ilic (Troubitsyna, K.Sere)  Kim Solin (R. Back, B. Möller)

7 CR ST Programming Methods Group - CREST  Programming Methods Research Group at Abo Akademi 1984 –  Ralph Back, founder  Kaisa Sere  Joakim von Wright  Johan Lilius  Large number of Ph.D.s and post docs during the years  Decided to divide research group into five research labs 2002 –  Programming Methods Group continues as CREST: Centre for Reliable Software Technology

8 CR ST CREST  Center for Reliable Software Technology  Director: Ralph-Johan Back, vice director: Kaisa Sere  Focus: how to model, construct and analyze large reliable software intensive systems  ~50 researchers + a number of M.Sc students  CREST labs  Distributed systems lab: Kaisa Sere, Marina Walden, Elena Troubitsyna, Juha Plosila (UTU) (~ 20 res.)  Embedded systems lab: Johan Lilius (~ 10 res.)  Software construction lab: Ralph Back, Ivan Porres (~10 res)  Learning and reasoning lab: Ralph Back, Tapio Salakoski (UTU) (~ 10 res.)  Crest Center of Excellence in Research 2002 – 2007  Crest was on shortlist for CoE , but not selected  Reviews were excellent, but competition very strong

9 CR ST Main research directions  theoretical foundations of programming languages and programming methods  extending formal methods to new application areas  building computer supported tools for formal methods  studying the use of formal methods in the software construction process as a whole, and  case studies on how to apply formal methods

10 CR ST CREST  Research has essentially followed the original research plan, focusing on formal methods and their applications  Emphasis on practial applications and industrial cooperation has grown stronger  The four laboratories have grown strong and each now has its own clear profile and identity  The Mechanized Reasoning lab was reorganized after von Wright left, became Learning and Reasoning lab, which has worked out well  A new generation of senior researchers has stepped forward and are now actively carrying out research projects  External cooperation has become more extensive  External funding has grown considerably in , with TEKES, AoF and EU funding

11 CR ST CREST in numbers  Ph.D students (13 Ph.D. students)  Distributed Systems lab: 4 Ph.D  Petre, Ruksenas, Yan, Ilic  Embedded Systems lab: 3 Ph.D.  Virtanen, Björklund, Truscan  Learning and Reasoning lab: 2 Ph.D  Celiku, Solin  Software Construction lag: 5 Ph.D  Petre, Seceleanu, Milovanov, Preoteasa, Alanen

12 CR ST New research directions  teaching formal methods  systems biology  energy aware systems  model based testing  systems engineering  network oriented languages

13 CR ST Presentations of CREST research labs  Distributed systems lab: Kaisa Sere  Embedded systems lab: Johan Lilius  Software construction lab: Ralph Back  Learning and reasoning lab: Ralph Back

14 CR ST

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