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Horison Ladies Residence

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1 Horison Ladies Residence

2 Management Ms Christina Sishi This wonderful lady is our Matron, our mother figure. Rank: Admiral of The Fleet

3 “Trendsetters in excellence”
Dear Seaman We as the House Committee (HK) of 2014/2015, would like to welcome you to our humble and well respected home known as Horison Ladies Residence. We are known to be “Trendsetters in excellence.“ We are excited about your arrival next year and we look forward to watching you grow and flourish on a sporting, cultural and academic level. You will have numerous opportunities to show off your talents or discover talents that you never knew you had! Your first year at University, especially being away from home, can be overwhelming for both you and your parents. We assure you, you are in good hands. On the CD are documents explaining our residence’s Navy culture and information and pictures about our vibrant residence life. We hope that this will be able to answer any queries that you might have, as well as make the transition easier. PLEASE NOTE: On your day of arrival you will be requested to pay a compulsory fee of R1200 for the uniform and house activities. Your cooperation on this matter would be greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to meeting you next year and I hope that you’ve started packing! I am sure that we will both find 2015 a successful and enjoyable year! I would also like to wish you a happy holiday with a safe return! See you on the 17th of January at 07:00! Horison House Committee 2014/2015 “Trendsetters in excellence”

4 Welcome to Horison “Trendsetters in excellence”
A horizon is where the sky meets the earth. Our logo depicts the dawn of a glowing vibrant new era. Wednesday is Horison day and we represent our house by wearing red, the official colour of the house. At the University of Johannesburg different residences have different cultures that they adhere to. At Horison, we adhere to “The Navy” culture. You will learn more about our culture as you enjoy your stay here. As a junior in the house, you will be referred to as “Seaman” the lowest rank in a submarine. You will refer to the House committee as “ Rear Admiral”, mentors as “Captains” and seniors as “Laterals.” Please note it is important to know the Ranks of the different officers, as it is an important aspects of our culture. Slogan: Trendsetters in Excellence Vision: To create a residence which will produce educated ladies and to provide a healthy living environment. Mission: To equip all the Horison Ladies with necessary tools that will enable them to be better women, to succeed in the future and be excellent. Values: Respect Discipline Honour Unity Integrity Diversity “Trendsetters in excellence”

5 The House Committee Primeria: Siyasisanda Makhwenkwe
Good day ladies. First and foremost I would like to welcome you to the Horison family. I am your Chairperson for I’m here to ensure that you excel in your academics, we are after all trendsetters in excellence. We take our culture very seriously in Horison and I hope you too will participate and help uphold the Horison name. Bring along a positive attitude. I look forward to our journey together. Deputy Chairperson: Tlholohelo Hlaele Greetings. I'm Deputy Chairperson of Horison Ladies Residence. I'm really excited to meet you all and I trust that your stay and experience at Horison Ladies’ Residence will be an unforgettable one. I, as well as the other HKs and Mentors will do our best to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your time here with us by helping you balance out your academic and social life. We'll be here to remind you that there's no harm in partaking in a few festivities, but academics always come first. With all that said, let's make this a great year ladies. “Trendsetters in excellence”

6 Treasurer: Nthabiseng Kekana
Hello Ladies. I am your Treasurer, I would like to congratulate you for making it to university and most of all being chosen to share the house with us during your university years. I really cant wait to meet all of you. Secretary: Siphosethu Mhlauli Dear Seaman It is a pleasure to welcome you to our humble home, Horison. I am sure that you will soon feel the sense of pride we share in belonging to this well respected house. I hope that you will take advantage of the many benefits that come with being a member and that you will be able to use your stay here as both a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for your personal and academic development. Excellence is the standard that each member performs, it is the foundation by which we reach every goal, and I encourage you to become actively involved and be a “trendsetter in excellence”. I look forward to seeing you Your Secretary “Trendsetters in excellence”

7 Sports Officer: Jabulile Mdluli
Hey ladies! I am the Sports Officer of Horison Ladies’ Residence. I would like to congratulate you for making it to university and I look forward to your arrival. I request that you bring with you a positive attitude and lots energy because we are going to be doing a lot of fun sport activities next year, so please don’t forget to bring all your comfortable clothes. ” A healthy body produces a healthy mind” I challenge you all to think positively , exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, build faith, worry less, read more and be happy. Enjoy your last few days at home… I can’t wait to see you all. Prepare to have fun Social Officer: Rebecca Ndlovu Hello Seaman of Horison Residence. I am your social and culture officer. I am responsible for organizing socials with other houses. I believe that there should be a balance between academics, having fun and making friends. I hope that you come with a positive attitude. OFF with High school mind an ON with University lifestyle. Horison Ladies Residence welcomes you. Looking forward to meeting you all. “Trendsetters in excellence”

8 Mentors From the left Captain Chikita Captain Modjadji
Captain Gimme-gimme Captain Vernacular Captain Flimpy Captain E-Toll Captain Twerk Captain Dade Captain Student Representative Council Captain Groupie

9 RAG Committee The RAG committee members work hard and play hard. They work on the RAG float and invest a lot of time making sure the float is ready for the procession. Members work with the RAG HK and the first years to build a winning float for the day of RAG Procession. RAG Committee members also work to raise funds for the underprivileged, as well as go out into the community on visits. These visits take place in a variety of places with different goals. These ladies focus on reaching out and serving those who are less fortunate. Being part of the Horison Ladies Residence means you will be part of a house that takes pride in giving back and making a difference.

10 WHAT YOU SHOULD PACK “Trendsetters in excellence”
You don’t have to buy brand new items, if you have some of the stuff and they are in perfect working order, pack what you have and add on the rest. All stationary that you will need for once your classes start which includes: 1. A diary 2. Pens & pencils 3. Prestick 4. Pritt 5. Scissors 6. A paper punch 7. A stapler 8. A permanent marker 9. Coloured pens 10. Examination pads and files It is also advisable to bring a desk lamp with you as there will be adequate space for it on your desk. Toiletries that you are accustomed to using including the following necessities: 1. shampoo & conditioner, soap or body wash, a toothbrush & toothpaste, razor, tissues, sanitary ware. As well as any extravagances you afford yourself. Bring with you hairdryers or hair straighteners if you usually use these. I would advise you to bring a portable toiletry bag with you that you can carry between your room and the bathrooms. Don’t forget your towels! Groceries are concerned, you should bring: Please pack in food that is easy to prepare and that can be made quickly (2 minute noodles, cup a snack, etc.) and fruits are always best. NB: Our residence, just like any other residence on campus, is self-catering, so you need to bring food. “Trendsetters in excellence”

11 “Trendsetters in excellence”
For your room, please bring a: 1. Fridge, kettle, iron, microwave (optional), cutlery, pots and pans, bedding, glasses, mugs, plates 2. Clothing, cloth hangers, towel, laundry bag (washing basket) towel, toiletries showering shoes (flip flops) 4. Extension cord, padlock (2), torch 5. Cleaning aid (washing powder, fabric softer, dishwashing liquid, broom, mop, cloth etc.) You may also bring a radio, television, a heater (NB: No bar heaters are allowed) and anything else you will need to make your room lively and make you feel at home) There is compulsory clothing (our uniform) that you will need to buy on your day of arrival however you should bring: 1. R1200 for uniform 2. 3 x v-neck or round-neck T-shirts (red, plain with no printing on it) 4. a pair of plain black jeans 7. Black jerseys 8. A pair of black Takkies (Tomy, Masantas, Gogo takkies) 9. Running shoes for sports Please remember to pack in other necessities that you might have. Please ensure to bring money with you or food which you can make for the 2 weeks on your day of arrival, as each resident caters for themselves. Many of the below mentioned items will be used during socials with other residences or in team building activities with your new peers, therefore, it is important for you to bring them with Sports - 500 ml water bottle - Sporting equipment that you might have (e.g. racquets; hockey sticks etc..) -Running shoes “Trendsetters in excellence”

12 “Trendsetters in excellence”
Horison Outreach Remember and Give (RAG) Please bring the following with you: - 3 x box of staples (5000 each) - 1 x stapler - pair of very sharp scissors (for cutting “blommetjies”) - 10 tins of food (beans, fish, tuna, etc., this is for RAG fun) Community Service As part of our community service project, it is a request from the University of Johannesburg that each first year bring items to the equivalent of 100 points. The more items you bring with you, the better chance Horison Ladies Residence – your new residence- has of winning the Community Service Trophy. Please note, the items must be in their original packaging and labeling (e.g. Koo beans must have and be in its original tin and label). REMEMBER, YOU MUST BRING A MINIMUM OF 100 POINTS WITH YOU! ITEMS POINTS Food 10 points- Tea (50bags+),Coffee(500g+) , Sugar(1kg+), Soup, 15 points- Box of Cereal, Spaghetti(1kg), Flour , Rice, Purity 10, Oats Rice Old clothing 15 points- Jersey, Jacket, Pair of shoes, Trousers, Long sleeve shirt ,T-shirt, Skirts, 10 points-Scarfs, Socks(2pairs), Dress, Shorts, Gloves(2pairs), Beanie(2) Toiletries 10 points- New toothbrush, Hairbrush , 2 Bars of soap, Tube of toothpaste 15 points- Shampoo, Conditioner,, Shoe polish, Deodorant Others 20 points- Old blanket , Toys (e.g. puzzles), Sports equipment , School bag , Table cloth Please note: You receive points for EACH item you bring. “Trendsetters in excellence”

13 VC-UJ official opening
 Main Events at Horison RAG week 1st years concert Serrie Horison day Inter-res VC-UJ official opening

14 Pledge Horison House Song
We as the seamen of Horison residence pledge to show respect to our officers at all times. ANNND To defend and to Protect our house, by maintaining and providing our full support to all our house activities. We will wear our uniform with Pride, Honour and Dignity in a manner which makes it clear who we are and what we stand for…. WHAT DO WE STAND FOR? Respect Discipline Honour Unity Integrity Diversity Horison House Song Our War Cry! We are Horison See our light from afar x2 We are trend setters in excellence We are focused and we know what we want (Clap) x14 HORISON! (clap) x14 HORISON!!!!!!! 10

15 Why is Horison so AMAZING?
Academics RAG

16 FUN ,LOVE and Sisterhood
Serrie FUN ,LOVE and Sisterhood

17 We can’t wait to meet you.

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