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3 INTRODUCTION: This is an information point which will provide you with information on ‘Olympic values’ and how promote these. It will also give you some suggestions on how to eat well and how to get active in some fun and exciting ways to join in with the Olympics 2012 atmosphere! It will also show you how to enjoy yourself and feel good! Menu

4 OLYMPIC VALUES: An Olympic/Paralympic value which is supported by is Excellence. Excellence is giving the best of yourself in all aspects. promote the idea through giving opportunities like this to encourage younger generations to achieve their best and to improve their well-being and their state of mind so that they are ready for the tasks ahead and they are ready to try their best and test their excellence. As an Olympian, they need an aspect of excellence so they can try their best at their sport and show progression according to their own objectives Menu

5 EAT WELL: Eating is something many of us enjoy, but how do we know were eating the right things? Well, we need to make sure that we eat lots of vitamins and minerals and lots of greens in order to keep ourselves healthy! Menu As we can see from the graph, only 5% of respondents eat their five a day, everyday with most people eating their five a day at a low rate of twice a week. It is said that eating five portions of fruit or veg per day it reduces a persons risk of a stroke by a third. This shows that there are not only short term advantages of eating well but long term too! Great Olympians must have a healthy balanced diet as this keeps them fit and in good shape for competitions!

6 GET ACTIVE: Menu Getting active is a very important topic. It not only helps our bodies get healthier but it makes us feel better too! You never know! You might enjoy something and even better, be great at it! If we look at the graph we notice that a vast number of people only get active once per week and twice per week. This shows that not enough people get active regularly as professionals recommend doing at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. This is definitely a long term advantage as it gives you a lesser chance of health problems in the future. Olympians are constantly training to uphold and greatly develop their skills in order to increase their performance.

7 FEEL GOOD: Menu Feeling good not only makes us feel a lot better but is also very good for our health! But unfortunately we can’t feel great all the time, we usually get stressed, sad, worried, anxious, nervous and angry at times but if we take the time to think about each dilemma we realise that we will eventually feel happy and is very much something to encourage! It is important that we look after ourselves and maintain a steady balance of our emotions. In this case the majority of respondents from the graph only take action on their well-being twice per week. In order to increase action on your well-being without it being time consuming here are some tips.... 1)Get rest 2)Talk to a friend 3)Don’t worry too much 4)Stay in control of the situation

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