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Using the clues infer what is being described

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1 Using the clues infer what is being described
INFERENCE RIDDLES Using the clues infer what is being described

2 WHAT AM I? I can be dangerous I might blow my top
I am part of the Earth Mount Fuji is one of me I can be hot I can be Explosive I can be found in Hawaii I can erupt suddenly I create lava

3 Answer: VOLCANO

4 WHAT AM I? Humans and animals have me I’m your body’s hardest part
You see me when you smile You get 2 sets of me Sometimes I wear braces You use me to chew food Kids have 20, adults have 32 I am in your mouth I’m a molar, canine or incisor

5 Answer: TEETH

6 WHAT AM I? I like to float around I am very flexible
A clown turns me into animals Kids fill me with water I can be puffed up with air I am very flexible I like to go to parties I come in many colors I come with strings attached

7 Answer: BALLOONS

8 WHAT AM I? I have lots of animals I travel with elephants
My people fly in the air I often have three rings I have a ringmaster I am home to clowns I am the greatest show on earth I can come with a trapeze

9 Answer: CIRCUS

10 WHAT AM I? I am round I am made by the government I am made of copper
A president’s face is on me I am lucky if you find me head’s up I am a kind of money People make a wish on me I get thrown in fountains

11 Answer: Penny

12 WHAT AM I? My mother is a queen I am an insect I live in a colony
I help flowers reproduce I live in a hive I can sting I like pollen and nectar I hatch from an egg I am black with yellow markings

13 Answer: BEES

14 WHAT AM I? I have bristles You put paste on me
You can hold me in your hand I am made of plastic I hang around bathrooms I see the inside of your mouth Dentists give me away I have a handle Use me so you won’t get cavities


16 WHAT AM I? I come in many colors I’m faster than a bicycle
You can buy me new or used I have a trunk Henry Ford helped invent me I have four wheels I have an engine and a muffler I need gas to go I have a license plate

17 Answer: CAR

18 WHAT AM I? I am smaller than the earth I reflect light from the sun
I have craters Cows jump over me in rhymes I am miles from the earth I orbit around the earth My pull effects ocean tides Humans visited me by spaceship Neil Armstrong visited me

19 Answer: MOON

20 WHAT AM I? I am a mammal I am a wild animal I am a meat eater
I travel in a pack I am native to North America My genus-species is Canis Lupis I can run 20 miles per hour I live in a den I look like a German Shepard

21 Answer: WOLF

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