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PLANETS. How many planets are in the Solar System? 8.

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2 How many planets are in the Solar System? 8

3 Name the eight planets in the correct order as they gofrom the sun. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Clue: My Very Eager Mother Just Sold Us Nine Pizzas

4 What are the four inner planets? Mercury Venus Earth Mars

5 What are the four outer planets? Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

6 What splits the four inner planets from the four outer planets? Asteroid Belt

7 What is the farthest planet from the sun? Neptune

8 What is the sun? Average-size star that gives off light

9 What two things are the sun composed of? Hydrogen and Helium

10 What are stars? Huge balls of gas

11 What is an orbit? A path that planets follow around the sun!

12 What orbits around the Sun? Planets

13 What does the Earth orbit? Sun

14 What does the moon orbit? Earth

15 What two things keep the planets in orbit and how? Gravity: Force that pulls the planets toward the Sun Inertia: A moving object that tends to keep moving in a straight line

16 What would happen to the planets if gravity were only working? Pulled into the Sun

17 What would happen to the planets if inertia was only working? Go in a straight line and fly off into space

18 Why does life exist on Earth and not on other planets in our solar system? 1.Right Temperature 2.Air 3.Water 4.Resources

19 What is a day? What is the reason for night and day? A day is the amount of time it takes a planet to complete one spin. When the Earth spins, then only one side can be facing the Sun.

20 Name some characteristics of the moon. 1.No water 2.No air 3.No weather 4.Temperature changes greatly 5.Rocky Surfaces 6.Many craters

21 How long does it take for the moon to complete all of its phases? One Month

22 What is Earths nearest neighbor? Moon

23 What are constellations? Patterns formed by groups of stars in the night sky

24 Why do constellations appear to move across the sky? Because Earth rotates

25 Describe the inner planets. 1.Solid, rocky crusts 2.Have atmospheres 3.Do not have rings 4.Warmer Temperatures 5.Slow rotation time

26 What planet is the only one that can support life? Earth

27 Describe the outer planets. 1.Gaseous 2.Has rings 3.Cooler Temperatures 4.Many moons 5.Slow revolution time

28 What is an asteroid belt? Region between Mars and Jupiter where most asteroids are found.

29 What are asteroids? Minor Planet Small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun.

30 What are meteors? A chunk of rock from space that burns up as it travels through Earths atmosphere. A shooting star

31 What are meteorites? A chunk of rock from space that strikes the surface of Earth or the Moon.

32 What are comets? A dirty snowball orbiting the Sun- a mixture of ices, frozen gases, rock, and dust left over from the formation of the solar system.

33 What is a galaxy? A collection of billions of stars.

34 What is the Milky Way? Our galaxy

35 What is our solar system? The Sun and the objects that are traveling around it.

36 What is a planet? Any of the eight major objects that travel around the Sun and shine by reflecting its light.

37 What is gravity? The force of attraction between any two objects due to their mass.

38 What does revolve mean? To move around, or orbit, another object.

39 What is an orbit? The path a planet travels in as it goes around the Sun.

40 What are phases? As the moon travels around Earth, we see different amounts of its lighted half.

41 What effect is there because of the Earths tilt? Suns light shines differently throughout the year

42 What is an atmosphere? The blanket of gases surrounding the Earth

43 What is rotation time? Time it takes for a planet to turn on its axis (24 hours)

44 What is revolution time? Time it takes for a planet to orbit the Sun (One Year)

45 What is a light year? Distance light travels in a year 5.8 trillion miles

46 MERCURY 1.Closest planet to the Sun 2.Extremely hot and cold temperatures

47 VENUS Hottest planet

48 EARTH 1.Water Planet 2.Right temperature and resources for life 3.Revolution time: 1 year 4.Rotation time: 1 day

49 MARS 1.Largest volcano in our solar system 2.Red Planet

50 JUPITER 1.Largest planet 2.Gas Giant

51 SATURN Has most visible rings

52 URANUS Tilted Planet

53 NEPTUNE Twin Planet

54 PLUTO No longer a planet- dwarf planet

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