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What is a UPAR? 108 PA DET South Carolina National Guard.

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1 What is a UPAR? 108 PA DET South Carolina National Guard

2 Someone appointed by the commander to handle Public Affairs duties within the unit Someone familiar with the unit and very dependable Someone with above average communication skills Someone organized who can manage time extremely well A UPAR IS…

3 Things you need to accomplish your UPAR mission:  Time – Commanders need to allow you time to learn and handle UPAR duties in order for you to be an effective UPAR.  Materials – If you want to publish a unit newsletter or post a unit web site, you will need some sort of computer, software, copying machine and a camera to accomplish that mission.  Support – Your commander must support the UPAR mission for it to be effective for your unit. You should be “plugged in” on all unit activities and “in the loop” with on-going and potential missions. You need to know about any unit events that would reflect well with the public so you can “get the word out” about them.

4 UPAR Duties  Meet with unit commander and establish a unit Public Affairs plan.  Establish liaison with local news media - newspapers, television, cable television and radio.  Make news releases to local media on unit personnel and activities.  Work with your recruiters to publicize local Guard enlistments.  Tell the South Carolina National Guard story.  Invite news reporters to visit your armory or local training sites.  Recommend items of interest/need to the commander for presentation to troops during weekend training.

5  Keep an inventory of command information items available from the Departments of the Army and Air Force, and from your State Headquarters.  Maintain a bulletin board with command information items.  Assist in planning a unit open house or family day.  Publicize unit participation in community projects or activities.  With permission and proper presentation, serve as a spokesperson for your unit commander.  Serve as the Public Affairs point of contact for your unit.  Keep your full-time state Public Affairs officer advised on Public Affairs matters in your unit. UPAR Duties

6  Determine your resources and ask for assistance from your chain of command.  Provide reference material for speeches or presentations.  Keep your commander advised of your activities.  Monitor the Soldiers in your unit to ensure information they may publish on their own through blogs, e-mails, or websites does not violate OPSEC. UPAR Duties

7 o Annual Training – particularly if it is in an unusual location with a local impact. o Changes of command. o Officer and NCO academy graduations. o Award ceremonies – both individual and unit. o Participation in events, competitions, etc. o Involvement in Youth programs. Potential UPAR Missions

8 o New recruits to unit. o New construction or improvements to unit facilities. o Any community involvement activities. o Any story that might reflect well on your unit and the South Carolina National Guard. Potential UPAR Missions

9  Basic News Writing – Who did what, when, where, why and how? 5 W’s and H)  Basic photography – How to take a good photo, how to capture the information of a picture and how to get it published  Interview techniques – What to say, what not to say, staying “in your lane,” being “on the record”, on-camera interviews  Freedom of Information – What is publishable, what is not, unit web sites, blogs  Telling your unit’s story – getting the story out, developing relationships with your local newspaper, radio  Media interaction – Media “on the battlefield”, embedding media Some of the things you will learn….

10  FM 3-61.1 – Public Affairs Tactics, Techniques and Procedures  AR 360-1 – The Army Public Affairs Program  Army Public Affairs Handbook – Version 1.0  AR 25-55, The Department of the Army Freedom of Information Act Program  AR 340-21, The Army Privacy Program  AP Styleguide Public Affairs Reference Materials

11 Questions?

12 POC is SFC Joe Cashion 108 PAD NCOIC 803-299-2697

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