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Dealing with the Media Effectively 1LT Ray K. Ragan 123 rd MPAD Arizona Army National Guard.

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1 Dealing with the Media Effectively 1LT Ray K. Ragan 123 rd MPAD Arizona Army National Guard

2 Administration Safety Emergencies Terminal Learning Objectives – Who is the media – Understand how to speak with the media – Understand how the media works – Understand the importance of the media – Understand your rights Resources

3 About the MPAD Gather and distribute media to both internal and external audiences of all nations Produce newspaper, magazine, and/or a newscast Our last tour – Expeditionary Times – 24 page theater weekly newspaper – Balad & Beyond – 22 minute news journal on the Pentagon Channel – ESC Journal – Press & Photo Releases – Interviews – Sport events… even the Super Bowl

4 Bios 1LT Ragan – IT Project Manager with the State Bar of Arizona – Digital Media Platform Strategist Consultant – Combat deployed – 3 Years Army PA experience – 10 Years digital communications experience SGT Reidy – Drug Free AZ Community Affairs Officer with Maricopa County Attorney's Office – Combat deployed – 9 Years Army PA experience

5 Who is the Media What is media – Media are civilians – Treat as Civilians on the Battlefield – Could be reporters, cameramen, security, etc. All media are guests of the Army – Ask for identification and credentials – Immediately communicate higher if without Protect and secure civilians as mission permits Do your job first

6 Speaking with the Media Different types of interview – Impromptu/Battlefield – Telephone – On-camera – Press conference All responses are on the record

7 Speaking with the Media Talk about what you know – Your job – Your past missions (as OPSEC permits) – Your home – Your personal opinions about issues at home Not your unit Not the Army

8 Speaking with the Media What not to talk about – Future missions – Casualties – Vulnerabilities – Speculation – Your personal opinions On the mission On the unit The Army

9 Techniques for Speaking with Media You are in control of the interview You may end the interview when you want You DO NOT have to answer any question(s) Relax Be yourself Tell the truth Avoid Army & technical terms – Use the grandma test

10 Techniques for Speaking with Media Think before you answer Keep answers short – dont ramble Answer one question at a time Never say no comment If uncomfortable, stop the interview

11 Leaders Dealing with the Media Take the time to meet the post PAO Use the PAO to help get your units story out The PAO only helps with newsworthy events Ask the PAO for a Media smart card – Command messages – Statistics – Points of contact

12 Effective Response Information Command Message

13 Effective Response Give some information – We haul 36,000 gallons of fuel… Communicate command message – which assists us in training the Iraqi people for self-governance.

14 Blocking & Bridging BlockBridge Command Message

15 Blocking & Bridging Blocking – I cant answer that because of security reasons… – I dont know the answer to that… – Im sorry, thats not my units mission… Bridging – but what I can tell you… – you may be interested to know… Bridge into command messages

16 How the Media Works Looking for sound bites – 5 to 8 second attention catching statements Feed the news cycle Shapes public opinion Feeds to global news outlets – Could feed enemy propaganda

17 The Importance of the Media Shapes public opinion Re-tells the Army story Conduit between American people and the Army

18 Your Rights Youre in control of the interview Answer truthfully on what you know You answer what you want If uncomfortable, end the interview

19 Requesting PA Resources Through State PA Located @ State HQ Coordinate early 1LT Castillo – 602-267-2550 SGT Wesolek – 602-629-4638 SGT Balaban – 602-267-2590 McDowell Rd 52 nd St State PA

20 PA Resources for you Arizona National Guard State Public Affairs – Website m m – Facebook – Twitter

21 Questions 1LT Ray K. Ragan Resources AR 360-1 Army Public Affairs Program JP 3-61 Public Affairs FM 46-1 Public Affairs Operations

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