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Subject- science Class -10th Topic-control and co-ordination Subtopic-Human brain duration -35 minutes.

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1 Subject- science Class -10th Topic-control and co-ordination Subtopic-Human brain duration -35 minutes

2 General objectives To develop a scientific attitude in children To arouse curiosity and interest in children about the structure and function of human body. To enable them to appreciate the uniqueness of human body.

3 Specific objectives Students will be able to understand the structure of the human brain. Name its various parts. Understand the functions of each part. Describe the function of each part. Draw a well labelled diagram of human brain.

4 Motivation Who controls a bus ? Answer – a driver Who controls an aeroplane ? answer-A pilot Now we will ask one student to get up move his hands, lift his right leg,think about his favourite movie,try to remember its songs, actors etc. who is helping you to do all this? Answer- my brain

5 ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE TOPIC So today we will study about the human brain, its structure and functions. Q – before we start, tell me which is the largest cell of our body? Ans-neuron Where is it found ? Ans –in brain Q- do you remember its structure? It has a long,branched, thread like cell.


7 Now we will do an activity will that help you to remember the structure of neuron Open out your any hand. The palm of your hand represents the cyton or cell body The fingers are like the dendrites and the arm represents the axon


9 The brain is made up of 100 billions of these cells. neurons carry information to the brain and from brain to the various parts of the body.


11 Brain is a very soft, delicate and sensitiv organ.It is situated inside the skull. The skull protects it from shock and injury. Human brain weighs about 1.2 to 1.4 kg. It is covered by three membranes called meninges. Inside and outside the brain is a fluid called cerebrospinal fluid.

12 Human brain Fore brain Mid brain Hind brain

13 Fore brain Hind brain

14 Hind brin Fore brain Hind brain Mid brain

15 Fore Brain it is mainly composed of cerebrum. It covers almost 85% of the brain It is the largest part of the brain Its whole surface is highly folded and wrinkled. Cerebrum is divided into to parts : the right and left cerebral hemisheres.

16 Cerebrum


18 cerebrum Frontal lobe Temporal lobe Parietal lobe Occipital lobe



21 Functions of cerebrum It control speech, intelligence,thoughts memory,reasoning,decision making, skill,creativity, analysis learning, emotions, sense of smell, vision,hearing, touch and volountary actions.

22 . Mid brain It is very small region of the brain. It control the reflexes of iris and eyelids. It acts as relay center for auditory impuses to cerebrum.

23 Hind brain Cerebellum Pons Medulla oblongata

24 PONS cerebellum

25 CEREBELLUM Cerebellum is also called the Llittle brain It is the second largest part of the brain after cerebrum It lies below the cerebrum It is has a solid structure It is also divided into two hemispheres

26 Functions of cerebellum It maintains balance, posture, equillibrium and controls the voluntary movements of the body.

27 Pons Pons means a bridge it is a oval shaped structure and lies above medulla It connects the medulla with higher regions of the brain

28 Medulla oblongata it is a conical structure It is the lowermost part of the brain

29 Functions of the medulla It controls breathing movements heart rate, blood presssure and swallowing,coughing,sneezing vomiting,hicoughing.

30 Recapitulation Thus human brain has three main parts. Fore brain mid brain and hind brain cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla are its main sub parts Cerebrum controls the voluntary actions and intellectual functions. Cerebellum maintains the balance and posture Medulla controls the breathing and heart rate.

31 Group formation Group 1- will be aked to go through the structure of neuron and its parts. Group2 – will be asked to study the main parts of fore brain and its functions. Group 3-will remember the names parts of hind brain. Group 4- will draw a rough diagram of the whole brain and label it.

32 Home assignment Draw a well labelled diagram of human brain. Decribe the structure and function of brain.

33 Group Members Smt.Tara TGT (Med) GSSS Sainj Smt. Reena TGT (Med) GSSS Bhrain Smt. Kamlesh TGT (Med) GSSS Kungush Sh. Ranjeet Singh TGT (Med) GSSS Kungush Smt. Anjali Negi TGT (Med) GSSS Bajaura

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