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User Profiles: I Didn’t Know I Could Do That? Stacy L. Deere-Strole Focal Point Solutions, LLC.

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1 User Profiles: I Didn’t Know I Could Do That? Stacy L. Deere-Strole Focal Point Solutions, LLC

2 Raffle

3 SharePint 1001 W Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75039 Come Get Social!!


5  What is a User Profile  User Profile vs. MySite  Where Do I Start  Demo  The Cool Stuff  The Rewards  Corporate Directory

6 A user profile is a visual display of personal data associated with a specific user, or a customized desktop environment. A profile refers therefore to the explicit digital representation of a person's identity.

7 User Profile vs. MySites Can you have one without the other? Why would you not have MySites? Any reason you would not use User Profiles?

8 Moral of the Story… User Profiles and MySites may seem like the same thing and look like they are the same thing but in reality…. Are two totally different creatures.

9 Where Do I Start

10 Links on User Profile Permissions & Planning User Profile Properties: Managed Metadata:

11 Self-Service Whose Who Meeting Preparation Corporate Directory Quick Information Learn About Your Company Builds Company Bonding Integration to Other Systems Customizable to Suit YOUR Needs!!

12 Search Managed Metadata Work Management Workflows Custom Development Exchange Lync

13 Import Capabilities Export Capabilities Force Active Directory to get Updated Automation not Manualization Is Your AD Up to Date? Does it pull from another system? Does it push to another system? Is there always an ongoing project for AD?

14 How can I build a User Profile Service Application?

15 User Profile Service Application

16 Step #1

17 Step #2

18 Step #3

19 Step #4

20 Step #5

21 Step #6

22 Step #7

23 Almost There… Step #8

24 User Profile Service Application

25 Active Directory Synchronization

26 Active Directory Connection

27 Active Directory Users

28 Synchronization Filters

29 Completed Disabled User Filter

30 Start Profile Synchronization

31 Starting Profile Synchronization

32 Search – Almost There!!


34 The Cool Stuff!!  Skill Searching  Corporate Directory  Custom User Properties  Managed Metadata Integration  Pictures Integration  Active Directory Import & Export Synchronization Decrease Manual Inputting

35 The Cool Stuff

36 Custom User Properties

37 Managed Metadata

38 Manage User Properties

39 New Property Name Display Name Type (Single, Multi, etc…) Length Multivalue Separator (Comma or Semicolon) Pick a Term Set (If Using) Enter Description Policy Information Display Information Search Information Active Directory Connection

40 Manage User Properties


42 Manage User Properties – Active Directory Mapping

43 Manage User Profiles - Verification

44 User Profile: Custom Properties

45 Manage User Properties


47 Not displayed here but it can be…

48 Cheat Sheet User Profile Properties:





53 Quick Corporate Directory

54 Providing the Layout  Site Settings  Look & Feel  Page Layouts & Site Template  (Welcome Page) Search People in the Page Layouts section.

55 Adding the Page  Search Center  Select Files  New Document  Select Page

56 Create Page

57  Edit Page  Edit People Search Core Results Web Part  Select Change Query  Property Filter: ‘contentclass’  Equals  Manual Value  spspeople

58 Note: You can change these to show other metadata properties that are defined in the search center by selecting the ‘Choose refiners’ option on the refinement web part. The managed property must have the ‘Refinable’ option selected in the search schema for it to be available in this list.

59 Add Sort Options  Edit Page  Edit People Search Core Results Web Part  Check “Show sort dropdown” Example (First Name, Last Name & Location): [{“name”:”First Name (A-Z)”,”sorts”:[{“p”:”FirstName”,”d”:0}]},{“name”:”Last Name (A- Z)”,”sorts”:[{“p”:”LastName”,”d”:0}]},{“name”:”Location”,”sorts”:[{“p”:”Location”,”d”:0 }]}] Note: Ensure that the managed property you want to sort by has the Sortable option enabled in the search schema. Search Service Application, Search Schema, Select the LastName managed property and select the Sortable: ‘Yes – active’ option (do the same for all properties you want to sort). Note you will need a full crawl for this to take effect.

60 Sort Want to add more viewable fields? Sort

61 Want More? By Default Full Name Title Department

62 Search Display Template Locate the Item_Person.html file under Display Templates/Search Make a copy of the file… Update Variable(s) Link to the File Impress Everyone!!

63 Updating Display Template From the Corporate Directory navigate to Site Settings. In the Look and Feel section chose Design Manager. In Design Manager choose Upload Design Files. Click the link at the top of the page to open the Master Page Gallery in Windows Explorer.

64 Item_Person.html Locate and make a copy.

65 Modify Display Template Now open the file in a text editor and find the title tag. Change the title to Corporate Direct People Item.

66 Add Fields { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "Add Fields

67 Upload & Apply New Display Template Click and drag the new display template file to the mapped directory After it is coping, go back to Design manager, you will see that the file should have a status of ‘Conversion Successful’ Publish a major version Go to the Corporate Directory Page and edit the page Edit the ‘Search Results’ webpart In the WebPart Properties, click Display Templates Choose, ‘Use a single template to display items Choose the ‘Corporate Direct People Item’ template Hit Save Publish the page

68 Poof Magic

69 Did You Know?

70 Coolest Profile Ever!!

71 Cool Profile #2 – Difference is? Why?

72 Silverlight Org Chart

73  Corporate Directory  Skill Sets  Organizations  Pictures!!!  Find where your key points of failures are and key in on them… don’t shy away.


75 O365 Proof

76 Show of Hands

77 @sldeere BLOG: COMPANY :

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