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Windows SharePoint Services Doc Library, List and Site Templates.

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1 Windows SharePoint Services Doc Library, List and Site Templates

2 Site Collection, Sites and Sub-sites

3 Windows SharePoint Services Benefits Easy to use Individual empowerment Team community Manager enablement Windows SharePoint Services Key Features Presence integration Versioning, Check- in/Check Out Shared calendars, discussions… Office 2003 Integration

4 WSS Interface Main Menu Bar Quick Launch Pane Swap between Personal & Shared View Modify PageAccess to all Lists Administration Site Name

5 Create and Customize Document Libraries

6 About Document Libraries Windows SharePoint Services includes 3 libraries templates by default: –Document library –Picture Library –Form Library. Custom libraries can be created Custom libraries templates are saved as.stp file and can be managed trough Manage List Templates

7 Customization Title and description Quick Launch Link Versioning and Approval Document Template (Document Libraries) Field and views You can create templates with content included Security settings not retained

8 Create and Customize List

9 About List Templates Windows SharePoint Services includes many list templates by default. List templates created by other users or software vendors can also be imported to the site collection template gallery You must have the Manage Lists right to create a list template To add or import a list template to the site collection gallery, you must have the Add Item right for the list template gallery

10 List Templates II A list template is a file that includes all of the design information about the list, such as: –The columns and fields in the list. (Title column is mandatory, can be renamed but not deleted) –Any views created for the list. –List content (optional). List templates do not include: –Security settings, such as a list of users or groups with permissions to the list from which the template was created. –Lookup field links. Although lists can contain lookup fields that reference data in another list, that other list (and its data) is not included when you save a list template. List templates are stored as files with the.stp extension.

11 Using List Templates Users can create lists based on templates available on the server or on the site collection. Custom list templates are listed on the Create page alongside the default set of list templates from the site definitions. The set of list templates on the server and the site collection are filtered based on the site language and the site definition ID that your site is based on. For example, a site based on the Meeting Workspace template has a different site definition ID from a site based on the Team Site template. If you create a Meeting Announcements custom list template from the Announcements list in a site based on a Meeting Workspace template, that template is not available from within a site based on the Team Site template.

12 Managing the List Template Gallery List templates are managed at the Site Collection level When a user creates a list template, it is automatically added to the List Template Gallery for the Site Collection. If you want to import a list template from an.stp file, you can do so from the Manage List Template Gallery page. If you want to delete a List template in the List Template Gallery you can do so from the Manage List Template Gallery page

13 Create Site Templates

14 Working with Templates Two methods: –Site definitions set of basic pages and schema from which all SharePoint sites and lists are derived. Stored on the file system of each front-end Web server as Web pages and XML files (see WSS SDK) –Custom Templates way of packaging up a set of changes to an existing site definition and making those available for new sites and lists. Every custom template is based on a site definition. Custom templates are stored in the database and made available through the central or site collection template galleries.

15 Default Site Definitions (Templates) Team Site Blank Site Document Workspace Basic Meeting Workspace Blank Meeting Workspace Decision Meeting Workspace Social Meeting Workspace Multipage Meeting Workspace

16 Create Site: Step 1 Provide Title and Description Enter the Last part of the URL Address Choose the Permission Inheritance

17 Create Site: Step 2 Select a Template

18 How to create a Site Template Customize Layout Settings Customize your site as you wish (using FP etc.) Site Settings Site Administration Save Site As Template Only Administrators can do this

19 Customizing the Look and Feel Customization under Site Settings Menu: –Add a list –Change the layout –Change the picture –Add a Web Part –Change a site's name –Apply a theme Customization with FrontPage 2003: –Add borders to pages –Insert graphics –Add components –Change site navigation

20 Maximum size for a site template The maximum size for a site template is 10MB. If you create a site larger than that you will normally get the error message "This site is too large to save as a template". Another possible effect is that you will get a time- out. This 10MB limit is hard-coded and it is not possible to change it.

21 Sharing Templates You can share a copy of the.stp template file by message, posting it to a network share or Web site, or making a copy on a disk To create a copy of a template: Navigate to the template gallery right-click the file, and then click Save As

22 Managing the Site Template Gallery Site templates are added or removed from the Site Template Gallery at the Site Collection level When you create a site template, it is automatically added to the site template gallery for the Site Collection You can import a site template from an.stp file from the Manage Site Template Gallery page

23 Managing Central Template Gallery There is a centralized store of site templates called the Central Template Gallery. This gallery is managed for your entire server by using the command-line tool, Stsadm.exe. OperationDescription addtemplateAdds a template to the central template gallery. deletetemplate Removes a template from the central template gallery. enumtemplates Lists the templates currently in the central template gallery.

24 Managing Central Template Gallery After you add or delete a template you need to restart Internet Information Services (IIS) You can restart all of IIS at once by running IISRESET, or just restart the specific Web sites in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager If you are in a server farm environment, you must restart the Web services for each front-end Web server in your server farm

25 Syntax Addtemplate syntax: stsadm.exe -o addtemplate -filename -title - description Deletetemplate syntax: stsadm.exe -o deletetemplate -title -lcid Enumtemplates syntax: stsadm.exe -o enumtemplates -lcid

26 Links 2003/technologies/sharepoint 2003/technologies/sharepoint Samples: marketing marketing

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