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Sex and power in New Zealand: women’s progress NZ Federation of Graduate Women - 20 May 08 Dr Judy McGregor EEO Commissioner.

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1 Sex and power in New Zealand: women’s progress NZ Federation of Graduate Women - 20 May 08 Dr Judy McGregor EEO Commissioner

2 The Census 2008 report Third report which has become an international benchmark About 12,000 copies over two years (copies and web) Used by the Government and two shadow reports to CEDAW Allows for “myth-busting” with facts and objective data

3 The good news….. Labour market participation Government statutory bodies High in international ratings High profile women in top constitutional jobs Impetus from CEDAW

4 The not so good news…. Women’s status and representation in: Senior management Local government (not at Commonwealth target) Police (3 in top 50 by rank) Sport management (no change in boards since 1994) Law partners (slippage to 16.81%) Science (slippage to 7.39%)

5 Recent movement Up ….. Slow upwards trend in universities National politics as a result of MMP Latest Cabinet line-up Stalled…… Judiciary Media and public relations

6 Dismal news Women in corporate boardrooms 60 of top 100 (NZSX) without women Figures for NZDX and NZAX even more dismal Only 3 of top 100 have gender equity in boardrooms

7 Governance – Women’s Participation 5.07% NZAX NZDX NZSX Crown Companies State Sector Labour Force

8 Employment – Women’s Participation 16.81% 19.19% 22.2% 25.76% 29.2% Editors Top Legal Partnerships Universities National Secretaries – Unions Judges NZ Police 14.81%

9 Politics, health and education – Women’s Participation 29.0% 33.0% 35.0% 43.38% 52.0% Mayors Local Government Members of Parliament Cabinet DHBs School BOTs 17.8%

10 Māori, Public Service, Science and Sport – Women’s Participation 23.0% 27.0% 27.47% 42.0% 59.2% Royal Society Fellows Public Service Chief Execs National Sports Boards Māori Managers Māori Board Members State Sector 7.39%

11 Trailblazers Anne Urlwin Only woman currently who has three Crown company directorships.

12 Salute to Trailblazers From left: Helen Kelly (CTU President), Carmel Fisher (Fisher Funds), Anne Urlwin (Landcare Research) and Frana Cardno (Mayor, Southland District)

13 Agenda for Change Urgent action required if NZ to remain a world leader The Government, corporate boards, and a number of public agencies urged to take action. Role for NGOs and women’s groups who are challenged to commit to women’s leadership.

14 Status of women in Universities on page 71

15 Nationwide approach New Zealand universities are trialling a nationwide women and leadership programme (NZWIL) 20 women selected by 8 universities meet twice a year in Wellington (stylish hotel!) Residential, week long course aimed at building female academic leadership

16 Purpose of programme Enhance women’s leadership within NZ’s universities Increase research management and funding strategies Build knowledge of governance and management relevant to higher education Learn with a diverse group of women (fun!)

17 Content of Programme NZWIL includes sessions on: The macro higher education environment Research development Leadership within universities Personal career development and promotion Mentoring and networking

18 Outcomes to date-general Very positive evaluations from participants and from universities Networks established by alumni-across cities, and by subject areas Research group has formed Alumni development underway Participants have formed new contacts in politics, business and public service

19 Learnings to be pursued on return “ To take pride in being a woman in academia and to encourage many more women into this role. I intend to explore the barriers preventing women for applying for positions in tertiary institutions and to try to find ways of removing these”…..

20 More learnings…. “ Develop professional development for my assistant heads of school…. “To mentor research colleagues- in a way that is rigorous but women-friendly… “I am determined to move into positions which give me access to university-wide, decision-making…..

21 And more learnings…. “ I now have a wonderful national (and international) support network to draw on… “I have the opportunity to work out what is important for me and what I need to do …. “Two lessons are the value of a women’s network and how to transform the academic work environment for women…

22 My observations Participants much more aware of tertiary environment at a strategic level Course provides time for women to work through their own ambitions Provides cross-sectoral networking of outstanding women Growth of individual and collective confidence

23 Ingredients for success High calibre international and national speakers-top programme NZVCC support and political interest Strength of alumni voice and networks Strong joint organising committee Nationwide approach removes institutional competition

24 New Zealand experiment Forty senior academic women graduated in 2007 Universities now have a pool of potential leadership talent with higher confidence Responsibility lies with institutions to deliver on the promise of female potential.


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