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Progressive Muslims Forum (UK) July 2008 Anne Watts CBE Chair.

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1 Progressive Muslims Forum (UK) July 2008 Anne Watts CBE Chair

2 About the Appointments Commission Established in 2001 in response to concerns that public appointments within the Health Service could be subject to political bias and cronyism and that a rigorous, politically independent recruitment process was required Makes appointments to NHS boards and National Health related bodies using powers delegated to it by the Secretary of State for Health Responsible for the recruitment, selection and appointment of chairs and non-executive members of these bodies Also must ensure that appraisal and training systems are in place and that there is appropriate support for those appointed Set to make 900 appointments and 700 re-appointments to health related bodies in 2008/09

3 About the Appointments Commission (cont) In October 2006 its powers were widened to provide recruitment services to boards of public bodies of other Government Departments. When working with other Departments, the Commission must tender for individual recruitment campaigns. One office based in Leeds

4 Appointments made by the Appointments Commission All individual appointments are made on merit following an open and transparent process NHS appointments are made on behalf of the Secretary of State by a Committee of the Commission and not by any single individual Most appointments fall within the remit of the Commissioner for Public Appointments and must comply with the requirements of her Code of Practice for Public Appointments

5 Remuneration levels for NHS appointees Chairs of Primary Care Trusts receive £31,059 to £41,411 per annum Chairs of NHS trusts receive £18,164 to £23,020 per annum Foundation Trusts agree their own remuneration levels

6 Remuneration for NHS appointees (cont) Non-executive members of Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts receive £7,765 per annum with an additional £5,176 per annum for Audit Committee chairs Non-executive members of NHS Trusts receive £6,005 per annum Foundations Trusts agree their own remuneration levels

7 Key Diversity Figures – Disability The Commissions target for recruiting people with disabilities is 6%. At 30th June 2008 this figure stood at approx 5% During 2007/2008 of all applications received 6.9% of candidates had declared a disability The Commission operates an Interview Access Scheme where all applications received from disabled candidates who fulfil the minimum criteria are guaranteed an interview

8 Key Diversity Figures – Gender The Commissions target is to ultimately achieve 50% women non executive board members In 2002 this figure stood at 47% At 30th June 2008 this figure stood at 35% (Chairs 30.5% and 36% Non Executives) During 2007/2008 28% of applications received were from women

9 Key Diversity Figures - Ethnicity The Commission has a target of at least 10% of appointments being black or minority ethnic (BME) candidates At 30 th June 2008 the figure stood at approx 12% (7.5% of Chairs and 12.5% of Non Executives) During 2007/2008 of all applications received 15.8% were from BME candidates Of BME appointees 41.5% are women (43.5% of Chairs and 41.5% of Non Executives) Approx 14% of all women appointees are from a BME background

10 Age profiles by percentage Age BandAll appointees Non BMEBME 66+9.8%10.8%2.2% 56-6546.7%49.4%26.6% 46-5529.5%29.0%33.2% 36-4512.9%10.4%31.9% 35 and under1.1%0.4%6.1%

11 Equality and Diversity Advisory Group Equality and Diversity Advisory Group set up Autumn 2007 Spectrum of membership The group has been working on developing a Single Equality Scheme. The new scheme, which we anticipate will be published in July, will set out how the Commission will meet its obligations under equality legislation over the next three years and what steps it will take to improve diversity in public appointments.

12 Initiatives to encourage diversity The Commission is currently working with some major companies, including BT, Microsoft, HBOS, Sainsburys and O2 to develop a commercial talent pool. The number of companies working with us is growing each month and we now have a nationwide pool of more than 100 senior executives interested in NHS non-executive appointments. The Commission has been involved in supporting an initiative with Manchester PCT aimed at increasing the field of potential BME applicants linking in with the Governments Race for Health programme. Sessions in the community, initially with 6 people but looking to expand to 12, to give them an understanding and knowledge of what board requirements are so they will be in a better position to apply. Initial findings indicate that current advertising needed to be looked at and that it is beneficial for chairs and chief executives to be seen out in their community. A full report will be produced at the end of the pilot


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