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Allow these orphans and abandoned boys to touch your hearts…...

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1 Allow these orphans and abandoned boys to touch your hearts…...

2 Inspired by the life of St
Inspired by the life of St. Jerome Emiliani , a lay person who gave up his riches for the poor to provide shelter and care to orphans and abandoned children ……..

3 The Friends of St. Jerome Emiliani Foundation Inc.
recently launched Two (2) Major Fund Raising Projects for the CASA MIANI HOUSES of the Somascan Fathers Foundation Inc. located nationwide.

4 Who are we ? The Friends of St. Jerome Emiliani is a lay organization with the purpose of helping the Somascan Fathers in their many charitable projects , first and foremost of which is providing a Home called Casa Miani for male needy children ages 7 to 16 where they are : Fed Clothe Loved Nurtured and Imbued with Christian values

5 Casa Miani Established by the Somascan Fathers Foundation Inc. Casa Miani is a Non-Profit organization duly registered (Sec.No. A ) and licensed by DSWD. is a Shelter for orphans ,dependent, abandoned and neglected children without serious ,physical , or psycho- logical handicaps. is a home which provides physical, psychological and educational care for the complete and harmonious growth of the children.

6 Goals – GOALS to give hope and purpose to male children between 7 to 16 years old ,who are abandoned, neglected , dependents and orphans. To provide a caring family environment and suitable means to promote social, moral and religious growth. To provide them with physical, psychological and educational care to prepare them for positive reintegration with their original families and/or to become responsible individuals capable of living independently and decently instead of becoming a menace to the society .


8 Galleries –*Pls Provide more pictures pls.

9 Two (2) Fund Raising Projects for 2014
The Concert Calendar of Mass Intentions

10 Concert –Where is Love ? c/o Ludy Llanesa Please place write up here :
Artists / Repertoire

11 2015 Calendar of Mass Intentions
C/o MS Thess Liwanag -

12 Where your Gifts and Donations go ?

13 You can change a life Forever ….
Contrary to the common practice of Orphanages that employ Child Sponsorship Model , Casa Miani invites you to consider the Casa Miani house as a family unit and sponsor it as whole . This will ensure that care and attention will go to every member of the Orphanage and not only to the individual child. DONATION OPTIONS Corporate Sponsorship One time Gift Monthly Donation

14 Donation Forms C/o Joji Concepcion – Form must be editable , like filling up a form and submitting to Secretariat. We can discuss other details later during the meeting

15 2014 Circle of Friends The Friends of St. Jerome Emiliani Foundation Inc. take this opportunity to thank our Circle of Friends and all who donated for the Selfless support given to the Casa Miani Projects specially : Mr, & Mrs. Giovanni Arvedi In Memory of Oscar Salvacion Ms. Aida Sison & Family Lito & Nitz Sandejas Ms. Arcelli B. Avellana Llaneza, Mercado & Laureles Family Asuncion R. Caguioa & Family Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Chua Conrado & Josefina Santiago Mrs. Maxima Entila Consolation G. Valmonte Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Dimson Dante & Nenita Pantaleon Octavio & Marilen Espiritu Dennis & Angelie Hernandez Oscar & Ginny Foundation Inc. Domingo & Mary Cho Roberto & Aurora Sicam Susan Ampil & Elsie Gaches Group Rolando & Lou Hee Sylvia Ibazeta Romy & Melanie Chan

16 Closing Remarks Whatever you do to the least of my brethren , you do it in my name …. PLEASE EXPOUND ……

17 The Casa Miani Network Provincial Curia Alabang Cebu
Order of Clerics Regular of Somasca (C.R.S.) Father Angeles Javier San Jose CRS Southeast Asia Province “Mother of Orphans” Provincial Superior Alabang St.Jerome Emiliani and Sta.Susana Parish Father Grato Germenetto,CRS Commerce Avenue ,Ayala Alabang Village Parish Priest Casa Miani San Jose and Formation House Father Menandro R.Rivera CRS 11 St. Ignanius St. San Jose Village,Alabang Father Delagate Cebu Casa Miani Arvedi –Buschini &Formation House Fr. Luigi Brenna, CRS Brgy. Cadulawan Minglanilla , Cebu Father Superior

18 PLS Provide Other Addresses thanks


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