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Thank You GOD for presenting us such a beautiful world.

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2 Thank You GOD for presenting us such a beautiful world

3 But on the other hand.. Ironically!!!

4 My friends let this not come to you as a Surprise !!... but its real Poverty Hunger Physically challenged Age beaten Social deprived Home less

5 Some times we ask others Why does God let these things happen this way ? but have we asked ourselves... What did I do to over come these problems ?

6 Break open yourself, Lets join together to make this world a true gift of GOD for everyone... Be the change that you want.. And if you are one such person, looking out for opportunities to serve then......

7 Welcome to Wings of Youth Wings of Youth(WOY) is a charitable organization established by young individuals, through which the raw youth potential is channelized towards the uplift of the status of the society. The Non Profitable Trust provides a common platform for the young aspirants to contribute their potential to address the problems in areas of education, Healthcare, Rural uplift and serving the needy.

8 Focus Areas of WOY Education Making the quality education to reach the poor. Healthcare Improving the basic healthcare for poor and needy Support for basic life needs Providing helping hands to envision the lives of Orphans, Physically challenged, Mentally retarded and Age beaten elders. Rural Uplift Implementing innovative strategies for sustainable development in villages.

9 WOY – Current Projects Improving the standards of Gov. schools : - improving the basic infrastructure - providing innovative ideas for the teachers to develop their teaching skills - enabling the activity based learning through teaching aids - developing the social responsibility among the children Providing support to orphanages : - donating funds and materials to orphanages, old age homes and mentally retarded children schools

10 How you can serve through WOY ? Volunteer for WOY programs like teaching children and aiding teachers etc Donate funds, food, books, cloths etc for WOY projects Help WOY to identify the areas of improvements & people in need. Invite your friends to WOY Any other kind of support feasible by you

11 " If you want happiness for an hour – Take a nap If you want happiness for a day – Go fishing If you want happiness for a year – Inherit a fortune If you want happiness for a life time – Help someone else" We are eager to hear from you… Share your ideas and thoughts to us write to us at

12 Thank you for your patience to know about us. Looking forward for your valuable suggestions. Feel free to ask any queries which will be responded at the earliest. Wings of Youth Reg.No: 2070/2008, No:19/22, Avvaiyar Street, Palavanthangal, Chennai – 600114. Email: contact# : 09710903833

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