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If you meet the needs of the children today, they will replace you well tomorrow.

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1 If you meet the needs of the children today, they will replace you well tomorrow.

2 Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc

3 Since October 1990, John Miller has operated a non- denominational Church and orphanage for children in need of homes and shelter in Gonaives, Haiti. This was followed in 2003 by the creation of Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc. It was a major expansion of the ministry to include a school, food distribution and a mobile medical unit.

4 John Miller on the early days of Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc.: We have a vision for their future. It seems like a lot of children are running across the streets without going to school because most of their parents are not able to help them. Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc. will build a school and orphanage to get them out of the situation they are in now.

5 The Needs Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc., is currently seeking funds to rebuild their orphanage in Haiti, school and offices and a conference room that will serve as our weekly and monthly meeting places.

6 Volunteers and money are needed to help us construct these buildings and to work on other projects.

7 We maintain and expect the highest standards of excellent in our provision of childcare, shelter and all other aspects of our organization

8 Before September 2008 Loving Hands for the Needy Provided care for 65 children at their orphanage. Provided an education to almost 1500 children at their school.

9 Provided 400 adults with dry food. Operated a mobile clinic. Distributed food to the needy as it was available to them.

10 Haiti is a very poor country and the work that Loving Hands for the Needy does is sorely needed as long term improvement is greatly hampered by the fact every year Haiti is swept by numerous hurricanes and other such natural disasters. 2008 Hurricane Tracking Map

11 On September 5, 2008 Hurricane Hanna Struck Large parts of the city of 300,000 were flooded. At least 529 people were killed. Gonaives, known as Haiti's City of Independence because it was there that Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared Haiti independent from France on January 1,1804, had been dealt a severe blow,

12 Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc., shares love and mercy to those in great need and where help is most needed in the city of Gonaives, Haiti. (It helps) with clothes for those who are naked and feeds those who are hungry and helps with the recovery of those who are homeless in time of hurricanes. -- John Miller All this woman has left after the Hurricane


14 Standing water was everywhere. For days on end.

15 Very few structures were spared by the storm

16 Boats were often the only way to move around the city in the days following the hurricane.

17 And there was the dead. Over five hundred were killed as the bodies continued to be found. Sadly many of those killed were children

18 The Ministry Was Affected as Well. Buildings were left damaged and abandoned. Abandoned BuildingAbandoned Missionary Home

19 Other Buildings Were Damaged, But Still Able to be Used. Classrooms and living quarters John Miller House

20 The aftermath of the storm brings more children without families who find a new home at Loving Hands’ orphanage until other arrangements can be made for them.

21 But The Ministry Is on the Path to Recovery Recently Built New Food Distribution Center, Kitchen and Food Warehouse Building.

22 Dining and Food Preparation in the New Building

23 And the Religious Work has Gone on as Well. May 1 – 2, 2009 Bible Conference


25 The Conference was very well attended with people from all age groups taking part. 400 people where taking part of this Bible conference Loving Hands for the Needy needs your prayers and supports to continue this work.

26 Plans for the Future I need your prayer and help to Build an emergency shelter and an orphanage home for orphans children in Gonaives

27 Doctrinal Statement: Belief in God We believe the bible is the word of God, we believe in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus-Christ for all of that Loving Hands for the Needy represent and aspire to become. our mission is to help needy children and handicapped persons to find their way of life, build them a school, shelter, churches and other facilities to help them feel happy like they were at home. Nurture them and feed them God's word for eternal life and give them a career. To teach them to be responsible for their own life as in the future they will replace us.

28 Contact Information Loving Hands for the Needy Inc Address P.O Box 243456 Boynton Beach FL 33424, -or- 5277 cedar Lake Road Apt 723, Boynton Beach, FL 33437 Contact: John Miller Phone: (561) 305-7560 Fax: (954) 337-2760

29 Photograph Credits John Miller Email: National Hurricane Center If you want to make a donation please call Evangelist Mick Johnson at: 919-824-1002 Or email:

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