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CHIPPER FUNERALS A Friend of the Family since 1889 The Role of the Funeral Director Presented by Simon Hughes.

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1 CHIPPER FUNERALS A Friend of the Family since 1889 The Role of the Funeral Director Presented by Simon Hughes

2 Things to consider;  Price  Location  AFDA Member  Religious Beliefs / Customs  Male / Female Attendants  History / Background

3 The Role of the Funeral Director; A funeral director plays a key role in arranging a funeral and ensuring everything goes according to plan on the day of the funeral. Here is a brief guide to the role of a funeral director, so you know what services and support to expect once you have chosen your funeral director:

4 The Role of the Funeral Director; 1 – A funeral director can tailor a funeral service to meet the family’s wishes and to comply with the law. This includes arranging a date and time for the funeral, and liaising with the church, cemetery or crematorium and the person who will be conducting the service to make sure the service will go exactly as you wish.

5 The Role of the Funeral Director; 2 – The funeral director is responsible for transferring the body from the place of death, or where the body has been taken, to their premises, or providing practical assistance to allow the body to remain at home before the funeral, if this is what you want.

6 The Role of the Funeral Director; 3 – A funeral director can also provide facilities for the viewing of the body prior to the funeral, and deal with all the necessary paperwork to allow burial or cremation to take place.

7 The Role of the Funeral Director; 4 – When it comes to the funeral service, the funeral director will provide the necessary vehicles and staff to conduct the funeral with dignity and professionalism, place death notices in local newspapers, arrange special musical requests, and order floral tributes on your behalf.

8 The Role of the Funeral Director;  To guide the family through the funeral process enabling them to say goodbye to their loved one in the most appropriate way for them.  To make the event of the funeral happen in a calm and reassuring way.

9 The Funeral Arrangement; Weekday / Weekend Residence / Branch Personal Details Personal Wishes Cremation or Burial Church / Chapel Minister / Celebrant Options Viewings Legalities Organ Donations Mortuary Preparations Repatriations Identifications Autopsy Embalming

10 Completing Funeral Arrangements Completing funeral arrangements involves recording registration information for the Registrar of Birth Death and Marriages ( This is required by law), and deciding on funeral details.

11 Registration Information To complete the death registration, the Funeral Director will need to ask you to provide the following information about the deceased person. You may find it helpful to have their birth certificate and marriage certificate available. Full name, address and occupation – including occupation prior to retirement. Date and Place of Birth. The number of years the deceased resided in Australia if born overseas. Marital status.

12 Registration Information Full name of spouse(s) or partners, and the dates and places of all marriages. The full names and dates of birth of all children, including those legally adopted, stillborn or deceased. Their father’s full name and, if known his occupation. Their mother’s full name, maiden surname and, if known, her occupation. If the deceased is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island Origin.

13 Type of Funeral Service Where do you want the Funeral Service held Funeral Home, Church, Cemetery or Beach When would like the Service Burial, Cremation or Mausoleum What vehicles are required Clergy or Celebrant to conduct Service

14 Church Service Which Church Funeral director to liaise with Church / Clergy Is Church Available and what time is most suitable, how long is required for service Prayers or Funeral Mass, Rosary Family to discuss with clergy regarding readings and Service format Orders of Service

15 Funeral Offerings This is only a guide to what type of offering is made to the Church and Clergy Generally we make a offering on behalf of the family to the Clergy of about $250 If having a Church service we ask the family if they would like to make an offering to the Church If the Deceased was a parishioner, the Clergy may mention no offering to the Church.

16 Eulogies / Power Point Presentation The Eulogy is normally done during the service by the Family, Friend and some times by the minister. If the Eulogy is to be said during a Church service this must be discussed with the minister first. Also if a PowerPoint presentation is to be shown this also must be discussed with the minister

17 Music If having at a Church Service, the choice of music should be discussed with the minister or the Music Director of the Church. Music in the Church should be suitable music approved by the Church, preference to Christian Music tones. Music at the Crematorium and Graveside can be little more relaxed however not offensive.

18 Booklets / Order of Services Order of Services should not be printed before the Priest has seen them or has approved them. Each Priest may have a different way of setting out the Funeral service. Many families these days do their own booklets rather than get them done by a printer. The Funeral Director can help or the Church may print them.

19 Refreshments or Wake Some Churches offer their Parish Hall for Catering. The Cemetery will hire their Condolence Lounge for Catering.

20 Legal Requirements Authorising Funeral Director to do Funeral. Payment of Funeral Expenses. Signing of Documentation Cemetery Forms. Permit To Cremate Registration of Death.

21 After The Funeral Follow up Grief Support Ashes / Monumental Death Certificate Memorials

22 Pre-arrange Gives peace of mind and eases the burden on the family. Opportunity for the wishes of the deceased to be formalised. Pre-arrange is not prepaid.

23 Prepaid Funerals Gives peace of mind and eases the burden on the family. Fixed price agreed at the time of the contract. Method of payment; Prepaid Contract and Funeral Bond

24 CHIPPER FUNERALS Celebrating Lives

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