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 Structural Functional  Views society as a machine whose parts must be working together as a whole.  Social Conflict  Views society as a constant.

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4  Structural Functional  Views society as a machine whose parts must be working together as a whole.  Social Conflict  Views society as a constant struggle for power and resources.  Symbolic Interaction  Views society as the sum of all personal interaction based on the interpretation of meaning.


6 How the parts work together: -Servers need chefs to make the food. Without the food, customers would not be satisfied, they wouldn’t leave a tip and they might not come back. This would damage not only the employees but a business as a whole. - Owners need the customers to support the business. Without the customer, there would be no restaurant at all. - Owners need the managers. Managers are the voice of the owners. Without managers, the owners would have a hard time controlling every aspect of their business. -Everyone interacts and works together to perform the tasks they need to. If one part is missing, the restaurant won’t work as smoothly. If one waitress calls out, each employee must work harder that day to be just as successful as they day before. -Waitresses need each other. When one is busy, hopefully another can help out. It makes tasks get done faster and it creates a friendlier environment.

7 How do each work as a whole? Each person works to provide the best food, environment and service they can. The goal of the restaurant is to make as much money as they can and to obtain as many customers as they can. To do this, all employees must work together. Our restaurant’s goal is to provide a friendly environment that is suitable for all ages while making sure we present a family oriented atmosphere. Most of our employees are family members so we try to welcome as many families as we can. Most customers turn into new friends for the employees and owners. Because of this easy going environment, one can bring any company to the restaurant such as a girlfriend, friend, family member(s), and potential significant other.

8 Latent: -Everyone meets new people. -One may obtain new friends. I am friends with everyone on the staff. It helps a lot during the year when most of my best friends are away at school. -Waitresses and other employees can learn to multitask, patience, and other qualities that will help with future occupation. I am a nursing major. I thought it would be helpful to learn how to multitask and interact with all kinds of people. (Even the meaner ones.) Dysfunctions: -Having made new friends and being so close to each other, drama can occur between the employees. -Employees and business may not get the profit they want, causing the business to go down. This happened to a friend of mine. Ricky’s Candy in Princeton was forced to close down after not receiving enough profit. A friend of mine arrived to work to find out that she had no job.

9 How do these structures adapt? All employees come to understand the way the restaurant works including the menu and rules. Customers can ask any questions they want and employees can answer. Spending so much time together may create bonds and friendships. One of my best friends is a waitress as Brother’s with me. Employees after some time understand what is expected of them. Older employees don’t get in trouble as much as newer employees do because they know what is expected of them. Most of the time, the employees that have been hired within the last couple of months are the ones making mistakes, therefore getting into trouble.

10 Views society as a constant struggle for power and resources. What is the Ultimate Goal? The restaurant as a whole is in constant competition with other neighboring restaurants. Employees want to make as much money as possible while providing good service for customers. What are the power resources that help? - good management -supervisors keep things in an orderly manner -tasteful food -without good food, customers won’t return -friendly atmosphere -if customers like the environment, they will come back, bringing other customers (family and friends) -positive attitudes -good service -with good service and attitudes, waitresses will get better tips and obtain regular customers

11 Who has these power resources? The restaurant should have good management, a friendly environment and tasteful food. The servers should have friendly attitudes and good service. Having these qualities helps obtain the goals wanted. The better servers at Brother’s end up making the most that night. Ones who socialize with the customer and give them good service get the bigger tip. Who wants these power resources? The customer wants these so they can enjoy their meal and time at the business. The owners want these resources so their businesses prosper. If the customer is happy with their food and their server, they will come back.

12 HOW: Some servers might take bigger tables than others, resulting in higher tips at the end of the night. Businesses might increase better workers’ wage to keep them employed at their store. WHERE: Every business is struggling for these resources. Everyone wants profit in today’s economy. Fighting about the resources: WHY: People need more money today so servers might be selfish and take more tables. The economy in today’s society isn’t doing well. The rate of employment has sky-rocketed to an all time high. Since there is an increase in workers getting laid off, business must rid themselves of the lazy workers, and keep the better ones. There is a girl at my work who constantly calls out, causing schedule conflicts. This worker will most likely be fired soon.

13 Who is winning? The more aggressive waitress will obtain the most tables, therefore allowing him or her the chance for more tips. There is a boy at my work who knows a lot of people. He takes most of the tables because knowing his customers will allow him to get a better tip. *application available The waitress that looks nicer and performs better service will obtain the most tips. The business that performs the best will survive the longest and be the most profitable.

14 Views society as the sum of all personal interaction based on the interpretation of meaning. Symbols involved and what do they mean? -smile -This can decipher whether or not a server is friendly or not. Initial welcome could make or break one’s tip. -makeup -Prettier or handsome servers tend to make more than others who don’t take time to look nice. -style of clothing -If allowed, low cut shirts or shorts may attract males, increasing the amount of tip they leave. (bar scenes) -tv channel on-This might give off the impression whether or not the business is family friendly. A restaurant that has sports on might attract different customers than a restaurant with MTV. -pictures on wall -uniform -People are treated differently when they have a uniform on. Expected more out of them, treated as a servant.

15 Does everyone agree on the meanings? One might believe that a waitress with a lot of makeup looks “slutty” while another person might think she looks pretty and takes pride in her appearance. I could think a waitress is wearing too much make up and a male customer can think she is gorgeous. Just because a server isn’t smiling doesn’t mean their not nice. They might have had a bad day, or stressing out about something else that doesn’t involve work. I personally have had those days where I am stressed out and have to go to work. It doesn’t mean that I’m an angry person, it just means that I’ve had a bad day. Customers might agree that a uniform symbolize unlimited service. A uniform means that this employee will do anything they can for a customer, even if they aren’t their server. Waiters might disagree. *application available

16 How people see these symbols effect the way they interact with each other. Customers who think a waitress who has a lot of make up on is attractive. This might make them want to flirt with her. They might ask for her phone number, give her a good tip, ask her personal questions about herself. Other customers who believe this girl looks like a “slut” might be rude or unkind to the server. If a server isn’t smiling, other might stay away from them because they think they’re in a bad mood. Customers might not be as nice.

17 Interactions changing with time: I personally don’t think these views and judgmental attitudes will change. Men will always be attracted to the girls with low cut shirts or a lot of make up on. People who aren’t friendly or don’t look happy will always get the lower tips. Even a simple symbol such as smiling can effect one’s success greatly.

18 One could do many things to get the most out of the situation and conflicts that occur within a business. 1.One of the conflicts that appeared in a restaurant were that some of the more aggressive servers might take more tables or bigger tables, therefore making it an unfair advantage to obtaining the most tips that night. To fix this, a manager can create a list of tables that belong to each server. Each server will have an equal amount of tables and whoever sits there belongs to that waiter, no questions asked. 2. The competition for the better shifts still exist in every business. My schedule for work is very one sided. The employees that have worked there longer get the better shifts whereas other employees like me have to work every weekend night. A manager can make sure that the more wanted shifts are rotated among employees so that not the same workers get the best shifts.

19 3.On busy nights, the employees tend to get annoyed with each other. Each is trying to get work done but not being helped. In my restaurant, we the waitresses have to clean, bus, and serve all of our tables. The biggest reason why some of us wouldn’t get along because there are servers who don’t like to help others. Hiring a bus boy, I believe, would lessen a lot of the tension between employees. Having extra help would not only improve the co-worker’s relationships, but also create a faster and cleaner service, improving the business as a whole. 4.The symbol of a server’s uniform has a great impact on how they are treated. Some workers might feel as though they can’t be themselves. A way to fix this is to allow servers to have name tags. Now a customer can’t say “hey you! I need this!” At least now they can acknowledge that a server has a name and this employee doesn’t feel so invisible.

20 5. Another conflict was that some servers might not make as much, even when there are sections. One waitress might get a more popular section, while another might get the less visited tables. On Friday nights, the tables by the wall are the most popular. The servers that have these sections make the most while the servers with the tables in the middle of the restaurant don’t make as much. To improve on this, a manager can make waitress share their tips. At the end of the night, all servers could put their tips together and split them evenly.


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