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2 What are question tags? Question tags are short questions at the end of a sentence, either requesting information (when the voice goes up) or inviting agreement (when the voice goes down). Positive tags are normally used with negative sentences, and negative tags with positive sentences: You don’t live here, do you? John enjoyed the meal, didn’t he?

3 As well as do and did (with present and past simple), other auxiliary verbs are used in question tags: He isn’t very friendly, is he? I can park here, can’t I? You’ve eaten all the cake, haven’t you? Be careful with have and have got: She has a nice car, doesn’t she? She has got a nice car, hasn’t she?

4 The question tag after an imperative is will you, and after Let’s it is shall we:
Don’t forget to ring, will you? Let’s pay the bill, shall we? Be careful with: She’d rather stay at home, wouldn’t she? You’d better have a rest, hadn’t you? I am late, aren’t I?

5 Now let’s do some practice, shall we?

6 isn’t it It’s a lovely day, ______________? Tom drives very fast, ______________? You haven’t got my book in your bag, ______________? He won’t mind helping, ______________? She wrote the poem herself, ______________? That was exciting, ______________? We aren’t there yet, ______________? You couldn’t lend me £5, ______________? Sarah isn’t still waiting, ______________? You don’t like him, ______________? We can stay at Fred’s house, ______________? doesn’t he have you will he didn’t she wasn’t it are we could you is she do you can’t we

7 I don’t think he’s ever been there, ______________?
He’d rather go to the theatre, ______________? Get a loaf of bread for me, ______________? They’d better attend the meeting, ______________? I’m right, ______________? Let’s go for a swim, ______________? Open the window, ______________? You’d rather have a salad, ______________? Let’s play football, ______________? They hadn’t been there before, ______________? She had to complain to the manager, ______________? has he wouldn’t he will you hadn’t they aren’t I shall we will you wouldn’t you shall we had they didn’t she

8 Good job! That’s all folks!

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