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WSU Graduate School Introduction Bill Andrefsky, Dean

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1 WSU Graduate School Introduction Bill Andrefsky, Dean
4/10/2017 WSU Graduate School Introduction Bill Andrefsky, Dean Template C Plain-crimson-bright

2 WSU Graduate School 324 French Administration
Dr. William Andrefsky, Dean Dr. Lori Carris, Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Recruitment Dr. Pat Sturko, Associate Dean, Student Services, and Program Review and Assessment Dr. Raymond Herrera, Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Director of McNair Program

3 Graduate School Mission: Service, Oversight, Advocacy
4/10/2017 Graduate School Mission: Service, Oversight, Advocacy Support graduate programs in recruiting and admitting graduate students Assist graduate students in navigating their degree (meeting milestones, submitting paperwork, advising and counseling) Provide support, advice and resources to faculty and departments regarding their graduate programs and students Advocate for graduate students and the benefits and services they need to be successful Template C Plain-crimson-bright

4 Graduate School Mission (continued)
4/10/2017 Graduate School Mission (continued) Provide oversight for graduate assistantship appointments and related tuition waivers Assist in the coordination of the graduate program/course approval process through Faculty Senate Provide oversight for policies, standards for graduate education, and program assessment Serve as an institutional resource in support of the WSU’s mission Template C Plain-crimson-bright

5 Graduate School Organizational Chart
Dean Graduate School Administrative Group Fiscal Office IT Office Marketing and Communications Human Resources Associate Dean of Graduate Student Services and Program Assessment and Review Dr. Patricia Sturko Director of Admissions, Enrollment and Programs Credentials Group Operations Group Programs and Graduation Group Assessment and Program Review Coordinator Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Recruitment Dr. Lori Carris Interdisciplinary Programs NSF AGEP Program Faculty Senate Student Appeals Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Director of McNair Program Graduate School Organizational Chart

6 Dean Finance ITS Communications Administration Operations
Budget and Strategic Planning Communication and Coordination Policy and Procedures Graduate School Commitments International/Domestic Agreements Special Programs Development Finance ITS Communications

7 Associate Dean Carris Student issues Molecular Plant Sciences
4/10/2017 Associate Dean Carris Student Affairs Programs Student issues Student Recruitment Graduate Fairs Recruitment Weekend Research Assistantships for Diverse Scholars McNair Scholars Summer Doctoral Fellow Program AGEP-mentorship Molecular Plant Sciences Material Science and Engineering Individual Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Graduate Studies Committee (Faculty Senate) Template C Plain-crimson-bright

8 Associate Dean Sturko Graduate Admissions Program Reviews
4/10/2017 Associate Dean Sturko Program Review and Assessment Graduate Student Services Graduate Admissions Enrollment Services Program Services Program of study Student committees Preliminary and final exam scheduling Graduation clearance Diplomas Program Reviews Graduate Student Survey Program Assessment Assessment Workshops Accreditation Template C Plain-crimson-bright

9 Graduate Programs at WSU
4/10/2017 Graduate Programs at WSU 67 Master's Programs 46 Doctoral Programs 23 Certificate Programs Successful applicants are admitted to the Graduate School as well as to the graduate program to which they have applied. Practitioner scholar (EdD) Doctor of Nursing Practice Thesis—research oriented Non-thesis—project (application) oriented PhD—Higher Education/ Gov’t Labs/other positions that require a research degree Template C Plain-crimson-bright

10 Graduate Program Administration
4/10/2017 Graduate Program Administration All graduate programs should have bylaws Bylaws are developed and approved by the program faculty and state how the program is administered and who can serve as graduate faculty in the program Program-approved bylaws are submitted to the Graduate School for review, and approved through the Faculty Senate process Bylaws provide guidance in the approval of student committees Template C Plain-crimson-bright

11 Graduate Assistantships
4/10/2017 Graduate Assistantships Appointments are processed through the Graduate School Graduate students are required to work an average of 20 hours/week while on appointment Tuition waivers for GAs are provided by the Graduate School Domestic students must establish state residency in the first year of their assistantship (non-resident waiver provided only in year 1) Medical and dental health benefits are provided by WSU Faculty should work with their departmental staff to process paperwork for assistantships Domestic student: estimated $41,363.00 Salary: $13,653.00 Health Insurance: $1,816.00 Resident Tuition Waiver (estimated): $11,388.00 Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (estimated): $14,506.00 Student pays $1,100 in fees per semester (plus books, living expenses, incidentals) Template C Plain-crimson-bright

12 Diverse Scholars Program (RADS)
4/10/2017 Diverse Scholars Program (RADS) Recruitment Assistantship open to all Units Visitation weekend Competitive research assistantships (Graduate School provides first year; program provides minimum of two years) Template C Plain-crimson-bright

13 New Graduate School Scholarships for your Graduate Students
The Richard R. and Constance M. Albrecht Scholarship (high achieving PhD students) This is a $1,500 award. (6 to 7 awards each year)  Ann Chittenden Holland Master’s Thesis Award for Graduate Student Excellence (STEM) This is a $1,000 award. (1 award each year)  The Charles Allen Master’s Thesis Award (A,H,SS) Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award This is a $1,000 award (1or 2 each year)

14 New Graduate School Scholarships for your Graduate Students cont.
Arnold and Julia Greenwell Memorial Scholarship for Social Sciences and Humanities This is a $1,000 award. (3 to 5 awards each year) Anne and Russ Fuller Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Research/Scholarship This is a $4,000 award per year up to two years. (3 to 5 awards each year) The Graduate School Recruitment Scholarship for STEM Disciplines This is a $2,000 award. (15 to 20 awards each year) ARCS Foundation Fellowships (approved programs in STEM) $7500 yr1, $5000 yr2 and yr3

15 Leveraging Grant Proposals with Graduate Student Support
Focus on Direct Graduate Student Opportunities, Give priority to leveraging training grants, fellowships, scholarships, graduate student internships Leveraging Grant Proposals with Graduate Student Support Requires a college/unit partnership Emphasize recruitment and retention of top students and URM given WSU the new WSU Strategic Plan

16 Working with Your Graduate Students
4/10/2017 Working with Your Graduate Students Set clear expectations Find preferred ways of working and communicating Intellectual property and publication Be aware of Graduate School policies and deadlines Contact us if you have any questions or concerns! Template C Plain-crimson-bright

17 Resources for Graduate Students
4/10/2017 Resources for Graduate Students Graduate and Professional Writing Center Counseling and Testing Services Access Center (Accommodations) WSU Libraries (WSU Plagiarism Information Site) GPSA (Travel and Registration Grants) Graduate School Scholarships and Fellowships Your Department Graduate School ( Template C Plain-crimson-bright

18 Thank You and Welcome to WSU! Questions?
4/10/2017 Thank You and Welcome to WSU! Questions? Template C Plain-crimson-bright

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