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Present Simple He watches TV every day..

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1 Present Simple He watches TV every day.

2 Present Simple Use Signal words Affirmative sentences
Negative sentences Questions

3 USE Reapeted actions: My friend often draws nice pictures.
Things in general: The sun rises in the east. Back

4 Signal words Every day Often Always Never Sometimes Usually
Three times a week Back

5 Affirmative sentences
Infinitive ( 3rd person singular: infinitive + -(e)s, po ss, ch, sh, x, o + -es priebalsė + y = -ies I read. You wash. We fly. They play. She reads He washes Tom flies It plays Exercises Back

6 Affirmative sentences Open the brackets!
Every morning Mr Bean (wake up) at 7 oclock. We usually (have) shower in the morning. He (study) English every day. She often (watch) TV. Wakes up Wake up Help Back

7 1.Affirmative wakes up Correct! Exercises

8 2.Affirmative wake up WRONG! Try again!

9 Affirmative have CORRECT

10 Affirmative has WRONG! TRY AGAIN!

11 Affirmative studies CORRECT!

12 Affirmative studys WRONG! TRY AGAIN!

13 Affirmative study WRONG! TRY AGAIN!

14 Affirmative watches CORRECT!

15 Affirmative watch WRONG! TRY AGAIN!

16 Negative I / you / we/ they don’t read. He/ she / it doesn’t read
I don’t play. You don’t watch. She doesn’t play. He doesn’t watch. We don’t fly. They don’t study. Tom doesn’t fly. It doesn’t study. Back

17 Negative sentences Open the brackets!
She ……….(not / to eat) apples every day. They ……….(not / to study) English in the evening. This dog ………..(not/ to bark) in the morning. You ………(not/ to go) to school on Sunday.

18 NEGATIVE Doesn’t eat Don’t study Doesn’t bark Don’t go CORRECT!

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