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Unit 4 A Garden Of Poems --Language points & Grammar.

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1 Unit 4 A Garden Of Poems --Language points & Grammar

2 Part I Verb phrases  Presentation--- Translate the following sentences

3 1.Poetry also calls up all the colors, feelings, experiences and curious images of a dream world.
2. Poems by Dufu, Li Bai and Wang Wei among others stand out in the halls of glory. 3. Shakespeare’s sonnets, however, belong to the best English Poetry. 4. They style and atmosphere in their poems have often led to comparisons with poets such as Du Fu and Li Bai. 5. The volunteers contributed their own time to the project. 6. The flames lit up the sky.

4 Study & Practice

5 contributed to 1.The little boy ____________ all his pocket money____ the charity collection. 2) Alcohol contributes to 100,000 deaths a year in the US. “促使某事发生…” 3) Good Communication contributes to better understanding “有助于…” 4) She loves writing poems and often contributes to magazines. “向 (报纸杂志等) 投稿”

6 1) The fresh air in the countryside contributed a lot to his health.
1. 乡村新鲜的空气对他的健康很有利。 2. 吸烟会导致肺癌吗/ 3. 他已向读者杂志投了稿。 1) The fresh air in the countryside contributed a lot to his health. 2) Does smoking contribute to lung cancer? 3) He has contributed to the magazine Readers. contributor n. contribution n. ----make great contributions to…

7 stands out 2.Yao ming always ________ ______
in a crowd because he is very tall. stand out—be easily seen or noticed “显眼,突出,引人注意” 1) 名单上他的名字很显眼。 In the list his name stands out particularly.

8 2) Li Yunchun finally stood out among/ from other girls in the 2005 Super Girl Contest.
stand out– be much better than… “远远超过…” 常与 among 或from 搭配, 有时可与 as 搭配。 e.g. Hawking stands out as the greatest scientist of the century. She stood out among other contestants because of her wit. That day still stands out as the greatest day in my life. 她的机智使她从众选手中脱颖而出。 那天依然是我有生以来最重要的一天。 outstanding adj.

9 “out”phrases ??? e.g. pick out, make out, work out,
set out, break out, send out give out, ???

10 3. The trip ______ _____ happy memories of my youth.
called up 3. The trip ______ _____ happy memories of my youth. 这次旅行勾起了我对青年时代的幸福回忆。 call up-bring sth back to one’s mind; recall sth. “(某物)唤起…; 使回忆.. 1) 音乐可以唤起人们的某些情感和经历。 2) 这张旧照片让我回忆起我的童年。 1) Music can call up people’s feeling and experiences. 2) The old photo called up the memory of my childhood.

11 “call”phrases ??? e.g. call up, call in, call for,
call off, call on, call at, ??? 27. As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village ______ scenes of my childhood.(2006 湖北)  A. called up   B. called for   C. called on   D. called in

12 led to 4.His carelessness _____ ______a serious accident.
lead to … 通向( 某地), 导致 … The path leads to the ancient castle. 1) 这条小路一直通向古城堡。 2) 人类的贪婪常常导致战争。 The greed of human beings can lead to wars. 同义词/词组:“引起,促成,造成,导致” cause result in contribute to ** leading adj. leader n. leadership n. lead n.

13 Enjoy the song and guess the name of the song.

14 ____________________
You light up my life ____________________ So many nights, I'd sit by my window, Waiting for someone to sing me his song. So many dreams, I kept deep inside me, Alone in the dark, but now you've come along. And you light up my life, You give me hope, to carry on. You light up my days And fill my nights with song. Rollin' at sea, adrift on the waters Could it be finally, I'm turning for home Finally a chance to say, "Hey, I Love You" Never again to be all alone. And you light up my life, You give me hope, to carry on. You light up my days And fill my nights with song. You, You light up my life You give me hope to carry on You light up my days And fill my nights with song It can't be wrong, when it feels so right 'Cause you, you light up my life.

15 lit 5.It rained heavily and the flashes of lightening _____ _____ the sky. up light up sth 照亮,使…放光彩;点上(烟)开始吸 1)He lit up a pipe and then was lost in thought. 2) A smile of triumph lit up her face. 3) Her encouragement lit up our way forward. ( face/ eyes ) light up with ….(脸,眼睛等)放光彩,容光焕发 1) Her eyes lit up with joy. His face lit up with happiness.

16 “up”phrases e.g. call up, look up, pick up , take up, bring up, break up, send up, set up, make up, show up, turn up, keep up ???

17 ??? “up” phrases 1.For all these years I have been working for others.I‘m hoping I’ll_____my own business someday.(江西) A.turn up    B.fix up    C.set up    D.make up 2. We‘re trying to ring you back, Bryan, but we think we ________ your number incorrectly.   A. looked up B. took down C. worked out D. brought about(浙江) 34. After he retired from office, Rogers ____ painting for a while, but soon lost interest.(山东) A. took up  B. saved up   C. kept up    D. drew up

18 belong to **belongings…
6.This big house used to _________ _______my grandfather, but now it has become a library . belong to … “属于, 是 …一员“ ; 无被动,无进行 1) 她是高尔夫俱乐部会员。 2) 俱乐部中三分之一的成员来自富裕阶层。 3)这伞是谁的? **belongings…

19 “to(prep)” phrases e.g. contribute to, lead to, look forward to, pay attention to, stick to, object to, get down to… ??? 26.Isn‘t it time you got down to_____ the papers? (重庆)  A.mark marked C.being marked  D.marking

20 Part 2 NOUNS  1. Introduction vs instruction 2.shade vs shadow

21 Part 3 Other phrases 

22 1) as mad as a door 2) play with sounds, words & grammar
3) a dream world 4) follow special patterns of rhythm and rhyme 5) admire one’s works 6) die at a very young age 7) translate …into 8) in the absence of of …/ in the presence of.. 9) send for help 10) receive invitations to give lectures 11) get through the day/ dark times 12) give sb. a strange feeling 13) by the light of a candle 14) give voice to the heart 15) have a hand at … 16) break with the traditional forms of poetry

23 Consolidation: 1. Ex2 p103 2. Writing a short passage using phrases you’v learned

24 Grammar ---- p.p. used as Adverbial

25 ??? 学生在学习非谓语动词时的困惑: 谓语和非谓语 非谓语动词中各个变式及其所表示的含义 非谓语动词的各种功能(定语,状语,补语)

26 Past Participle 过去分词 adverbial
“被动” “完成” done Review and presentation 1. He was very excited. excited. Past Participle 过去分词 2. You should make your voice heard. heard. 3.The castle, burnt down in 1947, will be rebuilt. burnt 语法功能 predicative complement attributive 4. We lived in the house built by my father adverbial built 5.Left alone at home, Sam did not feel afraid at all. .Left

27 ??? 识别过去分词作状语 1. Asked what had happened, he told us about it. 2. Once translated into Chinese, the book became very popular among Chinese teenagers. 3. The lady returned home, followed by two policemen. Ex 2 p Ex 1 p30 ( Ex3 p105)

28 ??? 过去分词作状语与句子 1. Ex 1p104 2. Ex 2 p105 (首先使用连词连接句子,然后用分词改写句子)

29 1. Don’t sit there _____ nothing. Come and help me with this table
A. do   B. to do   C. doing   D. and doing 2.The Chinese are proud of the 29th Olympic Games _____  in Beijing in (  四川)   A.hold  B.holding  C.held be held 3. Whenever he was asked why he was late for class, he would answer carelessly, always ______ the same thing. A. saying B. said C. to say D. having said (江苏) 4. When ______ different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities. A. compared  B. being compared  C.comparing D.having compared (浙江) 5. Five people won the “China‘s Green Figure”award, a title ____to ordinary people their contributions to environmental protection.(山东) A.being given   B. is given   C. given   D. was given

30 6. There are hundreds of visitors ___ in front of the Art Gallery to have a look at Van Gogh’s paintings.(上海) A. waited B. to wait     C. waiting D. wait 7. ___ the employees' working efficiency, the supervisor will allow them to have a coffee break.上海 A. Improving  B. To improve C. Having improved   D. Improved 8. In the dream Peter saw himself ___ by a fierce wolf, and he woke suddenly with a start.上海 chased B. to be chased C. be chasedD. having been chased 9.____and I’ll get the work finished.(重庆) A.Have one more hour  B.One more hour   C.Given one more hour  D.If I have one more hour 10.I was wondering if we could go shkitng on the weedend. ―_____good.(湖北) A.Sound B.Sounded C.Sounding D.Sounds 11. There have been several new events ________ to the program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.(北京) A. add B. to add C. adding D. added

31 12. The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket_____ the desert
A.covering     B.covered     C.cover cover 13.Faced with a bill for $ 10,000,________.(陕西) A. John has taken an extra job B. the boss has given john an extra job C. an extra job has been taken D. an extra job has been given to John 14. He hurried to the booking office only_________that all the tickets had been sold out.(陕西) tell be told C.telling              D.told 15.Mary,  ____ here-everybody else, stay where you are.(全国)A.come       B.comes      come           D.coming 16. ____and happy, Tony stood up and accepted the prize A.Surprising    B.Surprised C.Being surprised   D.To be surprising (全国)

32 Thank you!

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