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Hosted by Brad Helicher Attunity-RepliWeb Account Manager Tel: +1-954-946-2274, ext. 1105 RepliWeb Deploy TFS Connector Supporting.

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1 Hosted by Brad Helicher Attunity-RepliWeb Account Manager Tel: +1-954-946-2274, ext. 1105 RepliWeb Deploy TFS Connector Supporting … RepliWeb Deployment Manager (R-1) RepliWeb for SharePoint (ROSS)

2 Attunity (RepliWeb Division) Company Profile Leader in Software Solutions for Deployment Automation Secure File Transfer/Interchange Content & Applications Deployment SharePoint® replication SharePoint® Install base of over 2,000 customers, including ~40% of the Forbes 100 Founded in 2000; offices in U.S., U.K., and Israel Core technology developed over course of 19 years Provide worldwide support Confidential - © 2010 RepliWeb, Inc.

3 Data Integration Solutions 3 Confidential - © 2011 RepliWeb, Inc. Deployment management for Apps, Web & SharePoint B2B Secure File Exchange (A2A, Host & Ad Hoc) Any-to-Any replication of structured and unstructured data Connecting Enterprise Data Structures & Business Applications Real-Time Data Integration Enterprise Replication Application Release Automation Managed File Transfer

4 4 ROSS is a purpose-built software solution that enables multi-stage deployments and multi-farm replication within SharePoint. RepliWeb ROSS for SharePoint Streamline Deployment of Solutions, Contents, Artifacts across SharePoint environments. Confidential - © 2011 RepliWeb, Inc.

5 RepliWeb Deployment (R-1) Built to address: Content mirroring Code Deployment Application Lifecycle IIS Web Server infrastructure Multi-platform solution Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2 32- and 64-bit architectures Linux & Unix Typical Installations: Enterprise Share / Dedicated Hosting Global Datacenter Content / Code Maintenance eCommerce and Commerce Portals Confidential - © 2011 RepliWeb, Inc. 5

6 6 Confidential - © 2010 RepliWeb, Inc. Why Connect to TFS? Native Limitations – the “DevOps Gap” Exposed Role segregation blurred Releases slowed by manual efforts Lack of reporting, traceability, compliance Benefits of RepliWeb TFS Connector: Maintain role segregation and controls Accelerate Release of Builds to Testing Tier Maintain reporting (compliance) & visibility Processes remain standardized, reproducible across entire Lifecycle

7 TFS Connector: the Concept Seamlessly execute release of Builds directly from TFS to Test, UAT, & Prod environments Transparent to end-users working in TFS Developer queues a new Build; RepliWeb TFS Build Process executes API call, passing parameters to pre-defined RepliWeb Job Template; RepliWeb then completes Code Deployment. Confidential - © 2012 RepliWeb, Inc.

8 Console: GUI, CLI, API, Web-UI (all license free) – must be installed on build server RepliWeb TFS Events Subscription (enables Build Quality) TFS Build Distributor (required; enables RepliWeb Build Process) TFS Connector Components & Licensing Confidential - © 2010 RepliWeb, Inc. Test / StagingTFS DevelopmentProduction Farm(s) R-1 / ROSS Center: job templates defined/stored (configs, scheduling, & reporting) TFS Connector is licensed per Build Server and Developer capacity * * TFS enabled license required on R-1/ROSS ‘Center’ ROSS R-1 Dev Ops TFS Dev Cluster

9 TFS Connector: Additional Features Reporting: Pro-Active & Conditional Exits (Success/Failure/Abort) Detailed reports sent to TFS, email address(es), event-log, or MS MOM Generate list of all files/elements transferred Rollback: Reverse deployment errors to last known good instance When enabled, the edge will automatically archive any changes before modifying/deleting by R-1/ROSS Previews & Approvals: Safety mechanism allow for Quality Change Control Deltas Only: R-1/ROSS move differences only, allowing for efficient replication Job chaining: strategically manage sequential deployments Pre- and Post-Replication User Exits: executes user specified command or batch file on center and/or edge with parameters allowed Confidential - © 2010 RepliWeb, Inc.

10 Use Case: (pending) Problem: Team struggled to promote site updates across SharePoint Farms; manual processes consumed IT resources and slowed release cycles. Solution: By implementing ROSS, Baptist Health has: Accelerated Release Cycles (reduced from hours down to minutes) Freed up IT Resources (20-40 hours saved per week) Increased responsiveness to Business Users (greater user satisfaction) “With the manual processes of the past, it would take a week or more to move a simple form from staging to production. With ROSS, we can accomplish this same task within minutes.” Yuri Roldan, Manager of Integration Services, Baptist Health Confidential - © 2010 RepliWeb, Inc.

11 On to the TFS Connector Demo… Any Questions? Confidential - © 2010 RepliWeb, Inc.

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