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Mark Freeman Senior Solutions Architect, AIG Corporate Systems.

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1 Mark Freeman Senior Solutions Architect, AIG Corporate Systems

2 Mark Freeman Senior Solutions Architect, AIG Corporate Systems Twitter: LinkedIn: - Areas of Interest: SharePoint 2010 Architecture & Development GIS/Geo-location Technologies Windows Phone 7 Development

3 SharePoint 2010 & Governance Enforcing SharePoint Governance Enterprise Challenges & Solutions ArcGIS for SharePoint 2010 ArcGIS for Windows Phone 7 ESRI Dev Meetup Lightning Talk

4 What is Governance? A set of policies, roles and processes that guide and control how organizations and IT teams achieve business goals, including: - Information Architecture (How do we grow IT effectively?) - Classification of content (What is it, where is it, and how long does it live?) - Customization (How do we allow flexibility while maintaining standards?) - Branding (How do we ensure a consistent user experience?) - Enforcing goals/principals (How do we ensure alignment of Business goals?) ESRI Dev Meetup Lightning Talk Governance is the single most important planning element for SharePoint, but is often the single most lacking planning exercise when implementing the product.

5 Site administrators must be constrained to a specific set of presentation layouts (to enforce visual consistency across departments), but each department needs the ability to implement specialized content and services specific to their needs. A global schema and metadata framework must be enforced for all content while allowing for department level customization subscriptions to meet specific IT tagging needs. Regardless of division perspective, users must tag content using consistent business terms that are meaningful to all users (so that information can be easily discovered) Oh, and by the way, this needs to be done with the free edition of SharePoint (to avoid $$$ for enterprise licenses).. ESRI Dev Meetup Lightning Talk

6 Site templates & associated feature sets provide a baseline of functionality and layout. Features are used to decorate the site with additional functionality, as needed. A hierarchical Content Type framework feature provides for the enforcement of a global schema and metadata tagging framework. Another custom feature deploys a globally managed term set that is consumed by all departments for tagging content in a consistent manner. ESRI Dev Meetup Lightning Talk



9 The organization saved approximately $1.4 million in license fees for the first year with projected savings over the three year deployment phase estimated at $2.9 million The organization is expanding the geo-tagging of content to better classify data and to offer additional business perspective and improve business decisions and profitability. ESRI Dev Meetup Lightning Talk

10 The ESRI Map Web Part integrates Microsoft Silverlight with the Web Part framework to provide an interactive, customizable, and easy-to-use mapping component for deployment on an existing Microsoft SharePoint site using ArcGIS Online or Bing Maps base maps.

11 ESRI Dev Meetup Lightning Talk ArcGIS for Windows Phone extends the reach of GIS from the office to the mobile web. It includes an application for use on Windows Phone devices and an API that enables developers to create engaging consumer and business applications on a Windows Phone. The API is built on the Windows Phone Application Platform which includes existing Microsoft tools and technologies such as Visual Studio, Expression Blend, Silverlight, and the XNA Framework. Developers already familiar with those technologies and their related tools will be able to create new applications for Windows Phone without a steep learning curve.

12 ESRI Dev Meetup Lightning Talk ArcGIS Resource Center ArcGIS Forums ArcGIS Training ESRI Dev Meetup

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