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Solutions Infotech International is pioneer in delivering integrated payment solutions.

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1 Solutions Infotech International is pioneer in delivering integrated payment solutions

2 EPN Build high secure payment networks with EPN

3 EPN Topology

4 EPN Safe EPN Adro Management EPN Rent EPN Triple Access EPN Academy EPN Power points

5  Migrate access payment terminals from dial-up to IP  Diverse interfaces of IP, SSL, and dial-up  IP/Ethernet trunk links to banking switches  Accurate design patterns and functions for Quality of Service (QoS)  In-depth security at separate levels of payment network  Excellent scalability (from a few to hundreds of thousands of POS terminals)  ISO 8583 integrity  PCI-DSS compliancy  Comprehensive payment network management and monitoring with Adro  EPN support and training EPN Highlights

6 IPS Comprehensive banking switch with IPS

7  Acquiring and issuing  Unix based technology  Oracle data Base  Modular design  Multi-country, multi-bank, multi-currency, multi-payment schemes, multi- Language, multi-management rules  HSM support  Fully customizable  PA-DSS compliant  Full feature back-office (Reporting, Monitoring, Management) IPS Highlights

8 IPS BO Ultimate visibility of switch operations with IPS back office

9  Real time monitoring and reporting  Transactions  Terminals  Merchants  Bank switches  Faults  Switch interfaces  Server and Database hardware monitoring  Charts  User management  Customizable user access level  Group based user management  Disaster management  File management  File generating  File processing  Reconciliation management IPS BO Highlights

10 Ingestate Remotely control POS terminals with Ingestate

11  Remotely adding new applications  Remote terminal configuration based on merchant’s environment  Remote software and firmware upgrade  Flexible, remote key injection to ensure security  Wide range of terminal compatibility in Ingenico product line  Asset management and control  User friendly e-portal delivering full visibility of terminal hardware  Global geographical coverage with a single tool  Wide range of server connectivity including PSTN, GPRS, and IP Ingestate Highlights

12 WebTMS User friendly and web based TMS with WebTMS

13  Multi language support  Real time monitoring on TMS server  Providing lots of reports and customized reports  Scheduling for report generation and sending via SMS and  Modular user access level management  Tree view of terminals  User friendly Parameter download interface WebTMS Highlights

14 PCBS Comprehensive core banking with PCBS

15  Retail banking  Corporate banking  Universal banking  Private wealth management  Islamic banking  Microfinance and community banking PCBS Highlights

16 POS Application Over ten years of experience in POS application development based on TELIUM2 and other technologies

17  PA-DSS compliant  Standard life cycle process  Rapid development  Propriety SDK  Secure development (programmer protected)  Secure download (Application Signing)  Advanced support  ISO8583, APACS  Multi language applications POS Application Highlights

18 FMS Fraud management system with FMS

19  Fraud detection and prevention features  Customized policies support  Customized action support  Multiple platform support for third parties  Automatic report generation  Smart mode which analyses and generates new policies FMS Highlights

20 IPG Card not present with IPG

21  Flexible online payment gateway  Secure based on latest WEB technologies  Instant acquirer settlement and announcement with and SMS  Easy to integration  User friendly IPG Highlights

22 PG A proxy between various sources of transaction and local switch

23  Internet Payment Gateways  Mobile Payment Gateways  Payment Switches  Other payment service providers PG Highlights

24 IPM PSP management made easy with IPM

25  Merchant management  Terminal management  Accounts management  Logistics  POS, Internet and mobile merchants  Connection to third parties (Switch, IPG, USSD, TMS)  Merchants contract management  PM management  Branch management  Support  POS personalization  Periodic support management  Fully Customizable IPM Highlights

26 Transportap Global End-to-End Transport Payment and Ticketing Solution

27  Support of all contactless card types and NFC  Can be used with already installed cards  Taxi meter option with GPS and Trip data  Full feature device management  Android terminals  User friendly interface  Offline and rapid payment  Multi language  Highly customizable  Optional Mag stripe and Smart card acceptance for payment  High secure solution with key management  SAM module usage optional  Web based admin panel  Automatic settlement Transportap Highlights

28 E-voucher Secure, fast and reliable e-voucher service on available POS

29  Backend dedicated Unix-based server  Web-based back-office  Oracle DB  Highly customizable  Different methods of voucher sale (single, multiple, whole seller, online, offline)  Hardware independence  Payment application independence  Secure voucher transmission through network  HSM based design  Dynamic menus  Full parametric  Multi bank support  Multi language  Banking Key Management support E-voucher Highlights

30 ISG Backend solution for Top-Up payments

31 Linux Based PHP-MySQL technology Protocol translation for multiple Telecoms Web-based real time monitoring and reporting interface Account management for multiple services Merchant management for multiple users ISG Highlights

32 USSD Framework Easy to use for development of new applications

33  Mobile Operator Interface  Menu Handler  Payment Switch Interface  SMS  Reporting  Monitoring  Top-Up  Card Tokenizer  Log Management  Customized modules USSD Framework Highlights

34 Payment Security A-to-Z security consultancy and implantation in payment industry

35  PCI-DSS implementation and consulting  PA-DSS implementation and consulting  Vulnerability analysis  Security forensic analysis  Payment security  Network security  Application security  Database security  Information security management system (ISMS)  Training sessions  PCI-DSS  CPISI  PA-DSS  ISMS Payment Security Highlights

36 ECR Electronic Cash Register makes your business run easier

37  Touch screen monitor (optional)  Customer monitor (optional) VDF or LCD  58 mm thermal printer  Barcode reader  Cash register  Payment POS  Intel architecture  Min 2GB RAM  CPU dual core  Ethernet, USB, Serial, LPT, PS/2, Audio ports ECR Highlights

38 Loyalty Discover loyal buying behavior with Loyalty

39  Centralized loyalty system  Can be used in any business (PSP, Transport, AirTravel, …)  Customizable rules for pointing and rewarding  Web-based console for system admin, merchants and customers  Different mobile applications for merchants and customers  REST architecture  Supporting all card type (MagStripe, Smart, Contactless, NFC)  USSD service support  Web service connection to 3 rd party systems Loyalty Highlights

40 E-Ticketing Ticket management never been faster and easier before Infotech’s E-Ticketing solution

41 Supporting all type of tickets (One-Time, Rechargeable, Quantity or amount based) Providing various channels (Internet, USSD, POS network, 3G, SMS) Java Technology Oracle DB Supporting NFC, Barcodes and Contactless cards Famoco FX-100 is key to ticketing business Multi language Web-based application with full support of all famous browsers E-Ticketing Highlights

42 The End

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